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Hello, I am 37 years old and I gave birth to one...

Hello, I am 37 years old and I gave birth to one child and adopted two babies. I am 5'6 and 167 pounds. I had a tummy tuck and my implants changed and 500 cc's to my butt in April 2012. I had body liposuction and BBL in March 2013, with Dr. Campos. I received 1350 cc's in each cheek. I thought that would be my last surgery but he left behind a lot of back and arm fat. Also, I'm lacking in projection. After I brought the back fat, that he left behind, to his attention. He quoted me $5500, saying I needed a back lift. After I refused the back lift, he stopped responding to my emails. I've gotten 5 other quotes and no other doctor said that I needed a back lift, so I decided to find another doctor. I decided to go with Dr. Yily. She is very aggressive with her liposuction and that's what I need. I don't have much fat left, because the doctors like pure, untouched fat. The rest is no good. 2 other doctors told me it's like scar tissue. They said the most I could get is 900 cc's each cheek. So considering this is my last time (because of no more good fat), I want the best doctor. I want some projection. My butt still looks flat to me. I have killer curves now, but they were good before. Right now, I have a lot of arm and back fat so I can't wear certain, most shirts. Because my bra squeezes it, so it shows more. My current measurements are, 36DDD (not on purpose, my doctor ordered high profile instead of smooth round & I went up 2 cup sizes). 28-45. I never had liposuction on my stomach. My doctor said they don't do that when you get a tummy tuck, it weakens the sewn muscles. Dr. Campos didn't lipo that area either. He said it was flat enough. My wish measurements are 36DDD (stuck with the boobs, they are FDA approved and good for 30 years). 25-46. I'm hoping Dr. Yily gets all the fat that Dr. Campos left behind. I had to go into stalker mode to get her to respond. I woke up every morning and emailed her every hour, starting at 2am. Lol. I don't have any wish pictures, I just want a big ass, with no back fat! She can use her own vision. Just make it big! Lol. I will be looking for a surgery buddy. This is my third time having surgery alone. I'm a trooper! I plan on arriving a day before surgery. So March 17th.

Thanks :)

Thank you ladies for all of the positive comments. I'm so excited for my final (I always say that! Lol) journey to begin.

Waking up during surgery.

I have had 5 surgeries so far in my lifetime and I have woken up during surgery, every single time. I've had 3 surgeries here in the states and 2 in Mexico. The way my Ex ( anesthesiologist ) explained it to me, is that you want to wake up. Lol, he said they give you just enough to keep you comfortable and to take away the pain. It's a lot easier to give you more medication if you wake up during surgery, then it is to reverse a overdose. Long as I don't feel any pain, I'm fine. Now the worst pain I have felt, is when the Dentist don't totally numb you and hits a nerve! Now that's pain! Lol.

Post op pictures! Dr. Cabral

Excellent doctor, not one complaint.

More pictures.

Post op with Dr. Cabral.

Post op.

I went up two sizes. Current measurements are. 36DDD, 27, 47.

I had Dr. Cabral, NOT Dr. Yily.

1 week before my departure I called Dr. Yilys office to say that I never got any instructions. They said because my surgery was canceled because they never received a deposit. I said because I was told to send flight conformation because Yily was having account issues. They said well your previous surgery date is booked (March 18th.) They only thing opened is the following Saturday. I was like Saturday? She does surgery on Saturday? I said so I will be I. The DR for one week doing nothing?? Everything is already paid for. So I contacted Dr. Cabral on Whatsup & explained the situation. He honored her quote, and gave me the office number to schedule me for March 19th. No problem scheduling my appointment on such short notice. Excellent experience with Dr. Cabral and his staff. He's very polite, he walks into the room and speak to everyone. He's just a great guy. So good until I scheduled my next appointment before I left.


Surgery weight was 178. They weigh you AND check your height! If your BMI is over 35, you're going home.... They don't care if it's on a half of point. Current weight is 185. Height is 5'6. A week after surgery, I was 205, full of fluid.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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