Dominican Republic? Small Waist? Curves? BBL? Ok - Dominican Republic, DO

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I typed my life away simply to make this journey a...

I typed my life away simply to make this journey a very detailed one and I didn't save it, smart. Let me start again, at a towering height of 5'9 it's impossible to hide or "blend in" With no ass, and a voluptuous muffin top, the only change I can make to feel better about myself is stepping into a plane and going under the knife. Let's be real! I can squat my life away, and it's not really going to do anything. This girl just wants curves, and pretty clothes. Yup, I want this surgery to buy more clothes. No shame. I'm tired of feeling uncomfortable every step I take. I do plan to make this journey a very detailed one so expect pictures from the front, back, left and sideways. This process will be slow but in the meantime, I know so far that I do plan to go with Dr. Cabral. That man knows how to make curves! Spare me the horror stories, I've done some research. I want to stay positive with good vibes simply because this is a step in the right direction but it is also a scary one, any support is greatly appreciated. In the meantime I would love to receive any feedback, tips, or commentary! Thank you.

I made the move (Messaged Dr.Cabral)

After taking a brief photo shoot in the bathroom lol, I finally made the first step in this whole process and that's contacting Dr. Cabral. I understand he's a busy man so I'm in no rush, it's the small steps that count ????

He replied the same day, not bad.

Forgot to answer one of my questions though ????
Dr. Cabral

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