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Hi Everyone, I am a sexy, artistic 38 year old...

Hi Everyone,

I am a sexy, artistic 38 year old seeking a change. I'd been athletic most of my life but in recent years decided to swap the gym for a life of wining and dining. Due to this, nothing looks as it did five years ago. I'm geared up and ready for a mental, spiritual and physical metamorphosis. To assist with this, I've chosen Dr. Duran.

A few months back, I had a friend snap the dreaded body shot photos (still can't believe I look like that from the back), utilized Google Translate to get my wish across in spanish and sent the email to hilarioplasticsurg@gmail.com. I'm still praying nobody sees those pictures but her. Talk about blackmail! Anyway...two days later I received a quote along with specific pre-surgery instructions. I later called her office to schedule and booked my flight.

This journey even at its beginning stages are enlightening. Starting with finding out how easy it is to get others to follow me by just saying to them, I'm willing to try it. All of a sudden most people I've told want a little nip-tuck. Its cool but I'm not an expert. Do your research! The other thing that I've discovered is how so many of the people around me think American dominate and are better at everything. Better than any other human being on this earth. Get over yourselves! I'm going to the DR. Not primarily because of price but results, reviews, and mainly experience. Some complain that Duran does a ton of surgeries per day. Would they prefer none per day? Just do me first. Lol!

Anyway..I invite you to come along on my journey. Its 4am. I'm going to sleep!
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