TT and BBL with Yily 2014

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Hey Realself members. I have been a member and...

Hey Realself members. I have been a member and stalking this site for 2 years now. Finally decide im going to Dr. Baez in May for aggressive lipo to my abdomen, flanks and full back, a tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift.

I've decided to go to Baez because she responds back. I cant seem to get a response from any one else.

So...... Dra. Yily Finally responded :)

Dra. Yily finally responded back to me. She quoted me at $4500 for everything vs Dra. Baez at $3700 for the same procedures.

After talking to Dra. Yily, I decided to go with her. She costs a little more but from her reviews, i think she can give me more of what I really want (tiny flat belly and nice round booty ;) ).

I love Dra.Baez and how she responds so quickly, but im scared i wont be happy. I havent seen too many girls who have been to her that have had huge-booty results. They have more of a natural look.

I could settle for a natural bum.. but i really dont want to LOL. So Im going with Dr. Yily .

The Brazilian butt lift is like an art.... theres no standard way of doing things. Every doctor has their own style and technique. :)

Me now... yucky, dont stare too long.

I like when people update more pictures of themselves and not just wish pics. Sooooo... here's me. But dont stare too long, they're pretty gross LOL the spongebob booty will be gone soon!

My stats are:

H: 5'2"
W: 150lbs

very saggy 34DD (very saggy)
(some effed up measurements)

More photos

Just putting up more photos... Dra. Yily said She is only going to Lipo my full abdomen, full back, My flanks, and armpits. Wouldnt my arms look Unproportional? :/ And my thighs. She didnt say I needed to lose any weight at all.... im still waiting on a reponse from her. What do you girls think?

Incase anybody is wondering how I got so saggy and stretched out,

I had gestational Diabetes with my first pregnancy and went from 145 to 250 in 9 months.

Theeeen I lost all that weight from 250 to 135 in a year with the gym and dieting...

Theeeeen I got pregnant again and went from 135 to 230 in 9 months.

I lost some weight and 1 year later (baby is 1) I am 160, with about 0 muscle :( :( :(

so yeah...

Fun with My plastic Surgery App ;)

my before and after wishes made with my plastic surgery App LOL

Im 7 weeks always from surgery and I dont know what to buy and what to get or where to stay!!! Help :( please!

Forgot the Pictures :)

hope fully Ill get to see my Nani after this surgery... its been 3 years since Iast seen it LOL

Passport and Flight

So I am leaving for surgery in 28 days :) Time is flying. I booked my flight and will be leaving March 2,2014. I have surgery March 3,2014.

I booked my flight for $460.
Im traveling with my boyfriend so his flight was also $460.

im also getting our passports expedited for $200 a piece.

So far, my sx has cost me $1320. :)

Tomorrow i need to reserve my stay at the RH! FUN! :) LOL

Wish Pics

just feeling like posting wish pics :)

Anybody seen any of Yilys recent work?

I have not Yily s recent work. I have only seen her work from about a year ago. I was just wondering if anybody has seen any of them and if you could provide the link. I think she is a talented Doctor from what I have seen in the reviews from a year ago but what happened? LOL did she like fall off? Is there a reason no one has been going to her?

Now I have also seen more of Dra. Baez work. She seems to be more of the "iT" person to go to now. She was the doctor I had originally wanted to go to but compared to Yily, I felt yilys results were more dramatic and that is what I wanted.

Im so confused. I love the results I have seen Dra. Yilys gave her patients but those are from reviews from about a year to two years ago. What happened in this past year. I know she had a baby, but did she not make a come back? And D. Baez, she looks like she is getting alot more experience, more reviews...just better and better.

HEEEEEELP! :( nobody really comments but .....anybody have any opinions?

Shopping List

I forgot to mention, after stalking this site for a while, I put together a small shopping list.
Im packing already :) LOL

Im traveling light, I only want to bring things I know I will need.
I also am only staying for 8 days.

I packed so far;;;
10 tanks ($2 each at forever21)
7 maxi dresses (random $15-20)
Pack of Kotex for padding ($4)
Wipes ($2)
Squeem ($50)
Vitamins B complex, Folic Acid, vitamin C, Multi-vit, Ducolax ($20)
Traveling Shampoo & Conditioner ($2)
Hand sanitizer ($2)

I am pricing things because at the end, I want to see the total cost of EVERYTHING. BTW, if there is things that you think I would need, please let me know. :)

Lab Results In

I got my lab results back. Good news. My hemoglobin was up at 13. Bad news... i was diagnosed with von Willebrand disease ????.
Surgery will be tricky. Its a bleeding disorder. My hemotologist said it is possible to have the surgery safely but it is not recommended. I only have type one, and if I continue life with no surgery there is no need to worry about the disease.

In order to have surgery I will need to take this medication called DDAVP before the surgery and during. I emailed Dra. Yily and she said she can still work with it.

Something tells me, Im not gonna have good results..... if any :(

This is all so tough for me because My flight is booked (for two) which is not refundable. and I dont really want to live with this saggy tummy for much longer.

only 17 more days until surgery... My heart is still in for it 100%. i want this for me.

Wish Pictures!!!!! 17 more days to go!

only 17 more days to go.

Things left to do:

Waiting for passport.
Need to get DDAVP med.
book Recovery house ....

16 more days!

Counting down :) no backing away!!!

Took some measurements today to double check.


expediting my passport today
and booking recovery house :)

research , research, research.

Im wishing for

12 more days!

I dont wanna bring my husband but he wants to go x( . he wants to make sure that yily makes everything how he likes it but i really dont want him to go! Im staying in a RH. I want to hang with the girls FML LOL ...

Anyways... starting to realize that alot of girls are going around the time I need surgery. How is yily going to do all of us in the same day. So far, I have read about 3 different girls going on March 3 LOL Yily is on Fiyah! ????

Still deciding on a recovery house. Thinking on going to Upscale since Yily recommended it :) (still dont want the boothang going with me but he already booked his own flight lol)


Dear Yily,

please add 3+ inches to my asstox and take away 5+ inches from my gutt! hehe ....

add yily on instagram! :)

11 days to go!

Less than 2 weeks. i Still have not decided on where to stay. I am thinking maybe a hotel since I will be traveling with my husband... he can help me do a lot of things. Its cheaper.

What do you ladies think ? and most hotels in DR, have medical assistants available.

11 more days!

9 more days !

9 more days until surgery :) feeling so unprepared but IDC! Trying not to think about it.
Am the sa part is, I think I am takng this a little too far. I have gained 10lbs!

Im up to 160. a part of me really doesn't mind because I feel better on the thicker side. I have never been thin so thick feels ok.

one more week :)

ouie!!! i been holding back on shopping, cant wait to show off my new tummy!!

4 more days :)

Upscale was packed so I booked with Dominga. Shes sweet and answers everything. Private room for me and the boo thang. only 675 all included for me and him with 3 free massages! ;) BOMB.COM!

4 more days ! Wooooplah

2 days left before I head to DR.

Got my passport today! Wooohooo! I leave for DR on Sunday.

My Hematologist would no prescribe the DDAVP to me. I need it for surgery. At first he said he would prescribe it to me but when I went to my appointment, he said he doesnt really feel comfortable and wont do it because I am having it out of the country. He thinks its not as safe and i shouldnt do it in the DR. :(

I emailed Dra. Yily to hear what she wants to do. She works with a hematologist who should be able to prescribe the same medication but I wonder what she has in mind. I havent heard back from her yet,

Whatever it is, I cant cancel. My $900 flight is no refundable. and I already put down a deposit for surgery, recovery house etc. :/ (huge sigh) Excited but more nervous now.

FML !!

Surgery in 2 days and I just got my period -______- What the haaaay!

leaving tonight :) for surgery with Dra. Yily.

Got my passport. Kids are with their grandmas. House is squeaky clean.

Im traveling with loads of USD. hope that wont be a problem. Im traveling lite.
poise pads
water pills
measuring tape

Final measurements
39 bust
33 waist
40 lower tummy/high hips
41 hips/booty

here waiting ...

its 9:17 and surgery hasn't started yet. We did blood work and are now waiting to do our EKG and chest X-ray. there are about 7 girls.

1 day post op

Dominga and Virgina are my lifeline. Everything they do, they do better than the nurse. More gentle , more wise, more motherly. I feel like a total baby here lol and they call me baby!!!! lmao love them!

yily is so beautiful. Tall lol and beautiful and her ass is huge! lol she asked me how i want my booty i said "just like yours" .
shes straight to the point and wonderful. She gives you the opportunity to ask all the questions you need to but she does very fast when marking you.

surgery! i woke up half wat through and was shaking because I was so cold. I was crazy! they had to tie my arms and everything. The first night was horrible, I couldnt decide if I want to jump out the window or push myself down the stairs lol I was in so much pain. But im a huge baby...

I got a tummy tuck and bbl. My waist is so small, when i put my Maxi dress on, the waist is loose and the hip area is too tight.

I love it. but my scar is nasty. Its only one day out. Everything on me looks nothing like what everyone posts up.

Not there Timmy's or booty. My tummy looks so weird and I cant stand up straight at all. Yily was so proud of her work she spent a good 10 mins taking pictures of me lol.

I didnt show her a wish pic. I told her make my butt like yours. You know exactly what your booty looks like lol.

the nurses at the hospital are terrible. I got in their nerves. I dont understand why tho, they were just in a huge room all sleeping at night . you could here them snoring. I would of snapped pics but my phone died and i left the charger at the recovery house... I have so much junk to talk about them but i wont. And i am a pretty sweet girl.

All the men nurses and drivers and doctors are sweethearts. I was really shy working with them but they are so good, they are strong but gentle.
I was shy cauSe i staaaaaaank.

here are some pics. very nasty, not filtered and raw. I took them really quick since i cant stand. For anyone wondering, I been laying on my back ... dr yily said my tummy is too tight... she want me like that till friday.

Dont be so scared.

Everything here is old fashion. very old fashion. it made me nervous at first. yily works so fast and efficient that a person (me!!!) who has von willebrand disease (a clotting and bleeding disorder) did not need one single extra step after surgery. i didnt need a blood transfusion. i didnt need extra care after surgery. She makes sure ALL your labs are right. if one little thing is off, she WILL postpone your surgery. And if she thinks something wont be perfect or she won't be able to preform on you, she will tell you upfront, she cant do it. Alot of girls were disappointed yesterday, but she really won't risk anything. Take all your vitamins! Double up if you have too.

2 days post op

Every day it gets easier. Its hard to move around because i am so sore, but i can see everything coming together. I try walking every hour. i move very slow. slower than and old person. And i keep draining myself and massaging myself to help with drainage. My husband helps me alot! its kind of embarrassing.

During the day, i have a schedule that Virginia and my husband has put together.

bathroom / drainage
bathroom / drainage

I've also started sleeping on my side. Its very painful but I am so happy, i kind of dont mind. I was so unhappy with myself that just knowing everything is a little better , makes it worth it.

if anybody gas any questions or wants pictures of anything let me know. i have a lot of spare time lol

picture of my tummy

booty pics

3 day post op

im so swollen, i look nasty! Yily wont let anyone button up there faja now because some girls were getting faja burns and said they were burns from yily. So she is being extra careful. but i am so swollen its crazy! my butt still looks the same as yesterday. I cant stand straight so i dont know how much projection she gave me.

sleeping is terrible. I cant get comfortable. I dont want to mess up my booty and my tummy is sooooo tight. There are girls here that had surgery a day after me and they are walking alittle straighter then I am. I hope on Friday we can button this thing up and I can stand a little straighter. I dont look good now but I know its because Im super swollen.

4 day post op

going to get my faja closed and my wounds clean. I also get my first massage today! yay! my tummy is so swollen.

Day 5!

Feeling so much better. I got my first massage last night. I feel so much better. The closed my faja, I slept ALOT better. I had to rotate alot but i was able to try other positions and avoid sleeping on my back. i am in love with this faja, it feels like a 2nd back bone. I dont want to take it off. Im up walking, Still hunched over and need to take breaks but I am much faster and more comfortable.

I found out yesterday that all this time my drain wasnt draining properly. I was draining air. sounds odd but its true. My drain will keep getting full but have alot of air in it. I thought it was normal until yesterday, Virgina was like, "you drain different, you have alot of gases" so she started pushing on my belly and the bubbles and gases came out. Now i drain normal and more fluid is coming out. I feel so much better.

my booty cramps so much i cant lay or sit on it more than a few minutes. its started to show more now that i can actually close my faja and make the swelling go down on my back and waist.

btw, my back has 0 fat in it. my arm it have like 20% left. Yilu did a great job with lipo. So far i am happy with my results. i cant really see my tiny waist and big booty but i know it will get better. I see a difference everyday.

I look forward to Summer lol


and yes i change my shirts lol i just brought alot of plain ones


I knew there was a reason why i loved my husband :P lol

pictures didnt load -_-

or did it? :/

For the ladies

obviously im bored .and desperate. my blog is a little lame but here's another position im try. feels awsome as well for those who had bbl nm tt and is FURTHER ALONG.

Dont try these on your own ... you'll need some help getting up.

after massage :)

i can stand a little straighter .

Worst day Ever.

I dont even know where to begin. Virginia hasn't been in the house. She usually is the one to make sure we take our meds and clean our drains and monitor our wounds. Well she has been MIA since Friday afternoon. I asked her sisters where she was and they both act like cant understand. i just dont want to push them about it. So I went about my day. Everything was great until 2pm. my legs started hurting, and turning purple-ish. I was so swollen, i look at my drain and it was completely empty. no sign of drainage. So the husband started taking the drain apart. We tried stringing it like Virgina does when this happens. Nothing was coming. But we kept trying.... out of no where we see a blood clot trying to make its way out. We kept stringing but it was stuck. i pull my drain out a little to see how long it was maybe i we could cut the drain and remove the clot. As i pulled little by little.... the clot continued. 3 inches out i stopped. Mu legs we hurting and so shiny and tight. My tummy started swelling and so did my hands. so swollen, i could barely make a fist. Im miss Dandy and everything is alway great according to me. You can tell by my blog i would say, i try not to complain unless its crazy. So at this point I tell husband to go get Dominga. Dominga comes up and says, cut the drain and try to pull it out. So I started try to get a grip of the clot. it kept slipping eventually going back deeper in the tube And back inside me.

"D" (we are gonna call her D) . D goes, "its normal" and smiles. At that point Im like , this is not normal , i just looked at her and my face turned red like a baby, i wanted to cry, I knew she didnt know what to do and we could barely communicate. So I just say there with a knot in my throat and she left the room.

So the husband says "ok, lets try to fix it, obviously the huge clot is blocking it. So i pull-ups drain out of me even more. until i seen a good 6 inches if the clot. I slit the tube just enough to grab the clot , with my bar hands i pulled it out. The husband was crying LMAO.

It was a good foot -foot and a half. I have pictures ;). So we are like yay. So we Started trying to drain it and go about our day. and thats when i saw another blot clot!!'

i cried. I had already took my drain out by 6+ inches. My legs and hands hurt. I told Husband to go get D and tell her to call doctor or V.

15 mins later , she knocks on the door, tells us that lunch is ready and V is not home.

ok so i dont know what to do. Im stiff. and shiny and purpleish and my husband (the man) is crying LMAO. Hes like i dont want you to die. It was dramatic. LOL

so i was like .... Im a certified MA. (but i only do paperwork in the front , i have very little experience in the back like the back MAs) So i started pulling my drain out. The blood clot was so thick it was bulging out the little drain holes. It hurt!!! As soon as i took it out i started squeezing my drain site and massaging my belly trying to get the swelling down. Nope. Nothing was coming out. i panicked. Now im bloated and have no drain at all and i did this with our professional supervision. I was in deep Chips. I proper my legs up on all my pillows and took a breath.,, (btw, while i was doing all this i was sitting falling, laying all on my booty, i forgot about that). The swelling was going away. Then i remembered..., the girl accross the hall is a NURSE in the states. I go see her and tell her the story and asked if everything going to be ok. She says , yes, you should be ok.

Now that i am all calm and less swollen i was thinking...What kind of recovery house is this. This is not a recovery house. This is a bedroom!!!! where did V go? I still dont know.

its a nice place but where was help when i needed help. it even some comforting. I woke up in a completely different place i feel like.

So idk if this is what happens. or this is temporary but make sure if you do decide to book here that there will be someone who can help you.

This place is great on meals. Their food taste good. But be prepared to have breakfast at 9am-lunch at 3pm and dinner at 9pm.

And since i was all bloody and nasty i asked to do laundry , because laundry was included in my deal. That was important... She showed me my bathroom and some hand soap LOL (i can laugh now) . We only packed a few things because we thought there was going to be laundry. So the poor husband was hand washing all our clothes LOL it was cute.
So double check that too.

ok. So D hasn't even checked if i was alive or dead, but its ok. I still love her :) .... i miss V tho. I cleaned my drain site , hubby cleaned the room and mess up and I layed down. Now worried about my booty. Its already minimum but i loved it :( i hope its ok.

out of no where the massage ladies come in around 7. They come in and does massage. Thank god it was free because since i didnt have my drain I guess she just rubbed my Creme on me and we were done lol. I still love them too. Still gave them their 500 pesos each.

The around 9. Dinner is ready :D . make your own burger night. Husband makes me my burger and brings to room because im trying to elevate my legs. Then I have to pee.

...., drum roll please!.... i run into the footstand at the end of the bed because i could not feel my feet , and i hear a pop.... i take out my garment and all i am thinking about is i hope im not all ripped apart. Yay , Im not , but i have a huge dent the size of a baseball in my tummy. A DENT.. Like the kind you get when you get into a car crash...

I cried LMAO. I give up. God wants me to me be happy with myself because he took my flat belly away LOL.

Now im concerned i did internal damage so here we go accross the hall because nobody else to ask...
I show the other girl, the nurse, who was also in bed after a tummy tuck, my tummy. She goes OMG What happened! .... She say i should be ok because i had no other pain, it felt hot and burning. She said ice it...

i dont have any emergency numbers. I dont speak spanish , I dont know what to do. I just said, if i dont fie tonight , i am going to my doctor appointment bright and early tomorrow .

So Im laying here. Waiting. Burning LOL. Typing ... look at old pictures before this. Taking peeps at my bank account LOL.

Anyways... lesson is. Research, Research, Research. Have a buddy. Stay some where with medical professionals. Know who to contact incase of an emergency. Stay somewhere that there is someone who can understand you 100% in case of emergency....

and ask questions. before things go wrong. AsK everything. I still say i had a good experience but im just disappointed. I loved this place so much. One part of the team goes missing and everything changes.

Ill update about my belly tomorrow . Enjoy my pictures ;) and sorry for the long story. I felt like complaining ...

Good Morning !

I didnt sleep. I was so swollen, my garmet was super tight, i gradually over time untighten it to see if It would help, It didnt. Im so swollen you cant see my waist. And my tummy is all messed up. I found new stretch marks behind my knees and the corner of armpits. I cant even put my pants on this morning. Im waiting to call the taxi so I cant go see Dr. Anna for clearance and I cant wait to go home. At first this was great. Love my results.My pictures probably didnt show it all but everyday, My body was becoming more shapely. I was happy.

I was getting great post op care. Then idk what happened. I dont know if a family disagreement happened but that one person who knew what she was doing is gone. I wish someone would have let us know she was leaving. i literally feel like a rent a room for the weekend. Atleast in a hotel, you have a phone and people who speak english.

Everything happened way too fast. Yesterday morning i was taking pictures of myself and sending them to my mom. This morning, I cant put my clothes on and I cant stand.

Do I regret the surgery . No. I loved my results. Even tho its only Been a week. But post op care is just as important as the surgery and I had no Idea what i was doing when i had an emergency yesterday LOL. I find it a little funny because I thought i was so badass; then all of sudden I cant find the nurse and it consistently goes downhill from there LOl. maybe its bad karma. Idk..

do i recommend this recovery house? absolutely, if you speak spanish, familiar with Domincan Republic, or you know what your doing.

Me. I knew only what the doctor had told me. Which is dont lay on your butt. The rest I decided to stay at a recovery house, so they can help me recover. I assumed they knew what they were doing because they were at this for a while, "everything included" , good reviews and a great beginning. Its random that one of the owners disappeared and the other one had no idea what to do ... :/

Ill update every week from now on after I go home. See what i still have left Aha.

11 days po?

quick pic in clothes :)


Preop 39-33-41
Postop 38-29-44 and I lost 4lbs so far , NOT Dieting.

Im still really really swollen. :D booty needs to stop shrinking. Ever since the plane I went down 2 inches!! Damn plane!

but check out those arms

look how big my arms are lol... i mean they arent anybigger than before surgery but thats what makes them look so big! lol monster arms. like whats good with that. Yily, im coming back lol

3 weeks post op

I still wear my garment 23/7. The Bf gives me 1 massage every other day. My lower abdomen is very very swollen, and the only place I lose inches from are my booty.

My measurements are 39-29-43.
I do not sleep on my back, Mostly sides and stomach which is probably why my tummy is so swollen. I do clean and lift more than should too.

I been super super super itchy. :( But i dont know why. Im still in the same post op garment I been wearing since day one because I have bought several different garments and i feel like none of them are as good. They are stiff and dont go pass the booty, or go pass the booty and are too lose on the butt.

Today I will start wearing my squeem :) See if the waist shrinks any.

4.5 weeks PO

hey ladies n men :)

I went back to work Tuesday so I started sitting... and yes it does make a difference. I have little flat spots and my butt went down half an inch after keeping its size for 2-3 weeks. Mad but not mad.

Im sick so i been coughing alot. So my tummy tuck is super sore where the abs are because i been coughing alot. My tummy super swollen and still at a huge 29-30 inches.

I am also the queen of doing things im not suppose to... I drained my own seroma ... 3 times..... yup. But i didnt die . and i feel better.

I had a huge seroma. Dr.Anna had drained it for me before. So i knew how. They also gave me needles in DR. So when i went to a walk in here in the states they said they dont know how to drain a seroma that size and to see a PS here. Well the soonest he could see me was in 4 weeks ... so i go mad and drained it myself and i was ok. I got 75 ccs out.,. then i did it again three days later and got 30 ccs.. the seroma is gone :) and my tummy feels better but still swollen.

Im a nursing student so i know how to do things and make sure it doesn't get infected but i also know its foolish to do it yourself so dont so what i did lol Im bad.

I also been using my size small squeem but its not working i mean after i take it off my waist is a 28 but 30 mins later and its a 29-30 lol 31 sometimes.

I also still where my garment faithfully. It just makes me feel comfortable. I love it but my thighs too fat and its uncomfortable there.

my scar got less bumpy this week. i do nothing special to it ...

my weight has been stable and my face feels super fat and my arms and feet lol ewwww. swelling needs to go away. i got a double chin

5 weeks post op

The soreness automatically went from 6 to a 3 the day it hit 5 week post op.

My scar is healing ok. Its not straight. Wish it were straighter but its ok. And lower :D

my butt needs to be bigger! one but cheek is more fuller than the other. I need more projection.

My waist is needs to be smaller . I think thats it. It won't get smaller even with a squeem. I think i need to diet for that to happen lol.

i sit on my butt. All the time. but i try to sit more on my thighs . and only in the car is when im like what ever. but i still dont sleep on my butt or lay on it. Not even for a second lol.

cant wait till 3 months to see my final results. Atleast the booty is still at 43 inches and not shrinking.

I dont diet at all or watch what I eat because Im so scared my body will eat my booty lmao i made up that theory myself lol. At 6 weeks i will diet because i heard your butt has enough blood supply by then.

My seroma is back and I think its because I over do it. I work 12 hours a day and between my full time and part time job, I go home and clean and get the kids a meal then head out. My PCP said to take it easy. but HOW?? LOL so I guess ill be draining it ..... but ill see :P

6 months post op

Hi just posting up my 6 months pictures. I still weigh about the same 155. My measurements are 38-28-43. I'm not crazy about my results which is why I don't update too much lol it'll just be a bunch of complaining but it's better than before :) def dreaming of round 2 with Duran for more booty, I got a quote for 4000 so might be going in December, just thinking about it but not planning anything serious yet ...


2 years post op

Hi Everyone, this is me 2 years post op . It's a huge improvement from before surgery :) but it not perfect .

She didn't lipo my tummy so it's still bulgy . And I still have many many stretch marks starting from underneath my belly button down to my pubic area.

My hips / butt cheeks are uneven and I didn't get any projection. My but also looks very square and has a lot of cellulite which I didn't have before .

My scar is very thick and noticeable 2 years later and you can't really tell but I have dog ears.

When I sit there still extra skin

I love my belly button so much !!!! Can't feel it but love it . :)

I did lose 20lbs since going into surgery .

I'm sure she did the best she could and I definitely look better than before lol I get compliments all the time from girls and guys do it was worth it for the price. But I am thinking about Round 2 but I would not go back to her.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Yily is awesome, her assistant Yira speaks fluent english and is just as awesome, but the other staff, such as the nurses that will be "watching" you after , will suck! I strongly advise you travel with someone. Shes honest and works fast. She answered all my questions, my husbands questions, even stupid questions and she never looks annoyed. You dont really see her after surgery, only the morning after , she asks more questions, asks how you like it so far. tells you what to expect and not to expect. Another thing that sucked was waiting for everything, She is soooooooo busy. The staff is running around like crazy, I witnesses the phone go off and no one around to answer it. EMAIL IS THE BEST!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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