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Hi BBL Sistas. I have decided to brave up and go...

Hi BBL Sistas. I have decided to brave up and go for this BBL surgery!! Its something I've always wanted to do but in the UK it sooo expensive and they don't inject as much fat as in DR. I have always wanted curvy hips as I have wide shoulders. They seem to be getting wider as I age and hips seem even more narrow!! I only gain weight in my upper body. :( So I'm hoping Dra Duran can work her magic and balance me up!! I am travelling alone as Im still not sure whether to tell anyone. I know if I do everyone will try to talk me out of it!! So as soon as I have booked a date I would love to find a buddy. I cant wait to be able to buy dresses without trying them on knowing they look good!
Hopefully I will get a date from Duran for the ending of July-Aug but it seems that wont happen as the days are ticking by and responses to emails are slow! Does anyone know the quickest way to get a response from Duran? She has sent me a quote but no potential surgery dates.
Also whats the latest on CIPLA? Is it still closed?


I received a quote from Duran, Yily and Cabal. But I'm leaning more to cabral! Communication is slow with all three, however both Cabral and Duran have said they have spaces for August 2013 surgery date. Now I'm just seeking a buddy to do this with! I would love a UK buddy to do the whole experience with and also calm my nerves on the 9+hr flight! LOL! I need to get this plan into action fast


Just been reading so many review seriously worried me.. apparently student Dr's in the Dominican Republic are being allowed to secretly operate on patients instead of the chosen Dr without consent!! WTF!! I don't know whether the reviewer is a scaremonger but it has really put some scary thoughts in my head..I am a relatively newcomer to this site so please if there are any vets that vouch whether this is true, please let me know. This procedure is nerve racking in the hands of an experienced Dr. let alone STUDENTS!! I appreciate they have to learn these procedures, but I am not will to have my body used as a learning ground. Sorry!!

Pre op pics

Just a couple of pre op pics

Haemoglobin levels are low :(

Things are not going to plan atm. My haemoglobin levels are low 10.1 and I've just found out I have high blood pressure!! I'm just hoping it's because my body knows I'm a little stressed! I will get it check out again on Monday and find out if I need meds to keep it under control.

Does anyone know whether I can get my haemoglobin levels up to standard within 3 weeks? I am taking 27mg iron supplements every 12hrs with vit C and orange juice.

Dra Duran August 2013

Hi Ladies,
I emailed Dra Duran yesterday and received a reply within 30mins!! My main concern is my blood pressure, however she put my mind at ease and reassured me it would not be a problem. My GP also advised my BP is not high enough to be on meds but I was still unsure. Dra Duran has eased my worries!! So that's one less thing to worry about.
With regards to raising my haemoglobin levels, I have upped my iron intake and added 2 sachets of Spatone iron rich water to my daily supplements (UK's equivalent to PurAbsorb).So hopefully this will be enough. Ahhh I'm SUPER EXCITED and NERVOUS at the same time!! Date's confirmed 20/08/2013...exactly 3 weeks away!!! OMG!! LOL.

I have most of my supplies already packed, clothes packed, booking my flight this evening and I haven't found a place to stay yet.
WOW this is REALLY happening!

Wish pics

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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