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Ok ladies. Thank you for your patience. I know I...

Ok ladies. Thank you for your patience. I know I have been giving my two cents on some of your posts but I did not want to post until I had at least one quote. I have tried to be patient and wait on these doctors but I decided that SPAM was the best way to go lol. I finally got a quote from Dra Duran this morning. I asked for liposuction of back, stomach, flanks, inner thighs and of course BBL. She told me that she was not sure if I needed a mini tuck but she would decide that once I saw here face to face. So the quote that I put is with the mini tuck. I am hoping that I will be able to just get liposuction so I dont have to worry about the extra downtime as I will need to report back to work RIGHT away to recoup the money spent. Anyways... a little about me: I am 34, 5'8", and 177 pounds (unfortunately I gained 3 pounds this month from my sugar addiction). I have no children and possible vanity after the surgery will make me think twice about having them lol. I would like to lose a minimum of 15 pounds before the surgery for my self or lets just say I definitely dont want to gain another ounce. I am not comfortable at 177. People refer to me as skinny-fat which is why I adopted the name fatgurlslim some time ago but I call it a little chubby lol. My brother calls me piggy because Im a foodie lol. My weight fluctuates but I am usually around 163.

Quotes: I have only received one quote so far. I am awaiting two others and I will continue to update you guys when I get the others. I am not a patient person and I sometimes feel like the doctors should be waiting at their computer for my email like I wait at mine for theirs lol. I have heard both good and bad reviews for all the doctors that I am researching. No one is perfect and no two experiences are the same. Thank you to those who suggested I use the web form to contact the doctors on their websites. That was a great tip and it worked. I dont know if I would get in trouble on RS but I feel like I want to give a shout-out to all the ladies who helped me lol. Ha!

Journey: So when do I want to go?? Ummm I am thinking late August/September (Like August 30 - Sept ??). I havent decided if I am going to do the recovery houses or if I am going to get a hotel and hire a nurse myself. As far as the buddy thing is concerned, who wouldnt want a buddy but I dont want to look for one when I have no deposits and am still unsure about who my doctor will be. And it is perfectly fine if my buddy and I have different doctors but we will have to have similar dates. I micro-manage everything so I dont mind doing all the research as far as travel is concerned.

Questions: I really appreciate all of the ladies being open with their experiences and journeys. I dont know if I would be this committed if you guys didnt share. Some of you have included me in every update and I thank you. I still have a few questions about the journey or your return home. You can inbox me or post to this forum. I dont mind giving out my email.

*When you returned home and had to see your primary care physician for any issues, were they concerned? (Im only asking because many PCP seem to have attitudes with the girls once they return from their surgery journeys or are mad)
*When you filled out your paperwork for work as far as not being able to conduct certain job functions, was there a problem with the paperwork being filled out by an international doctor?
*Did anyone have any difficulty with the plane ride home? was it painful? (Especially those who live on the west coast and had multiple legs home with the extended sitting)

I am sure I have many more questions but this is only my first post. I am very resourceful and I am willing to help anyone any way I can. I have even started to gather some supplies. Even got a Boppy at Kmart for $23.

I will post wish pics ( I actually want to use some of you guys pictures as my wish pics lol) and before pictures soon... I am in lazy mode today but wanted to get the ball rolling with the review. Dont know what I am leaving out but I am always up for some suggestions. Yay me!! and Yay you for making the decision to be the best you that you can be. Cant wait.

Yilys Quote has arrived

I actually wanted to update you guys yesterday but you wouldnt believe that it took 2 days to approve my first post. Please bear with me as I am sending this post from my iPhone.

So onto the quote. I emailed Yily on Monday at 2:53 am and got two replies by 10am the same morning. One was just a response to my FOURTH email and the other included instructions etc. Let me cut right to the price $3500 for liposculpture and BBL and a $1000 if I need a mini tuck. The one thing I liked about Yilys email is that it listed the available surgery dates at the end of the email so there was no guesswork. Unfortunately the date of late Aug/Sept is not available. This doesnt mean I wont be flexible but it does give me some time to think about who I want. I dont have the money to waste $250-300 so I need to be sure. I wish Durans email said when she was available so I didnt have to keep calling asking about this day and that day...

I will update you guys later about my plan as far as recovery houses are concerned. I want to get your feedback. Think I might hotel hop. Any thoughts so far??

Dates Available?..

So I decided to call Durans office to make sure the Date of August 27ish is available. I only picked this date because I am off the first week of September from work and it is easier to take off a few days earlier than to come back a few days late. Also I dont know how I will feel when I return and I want the option to return to work and then callout without looking like I am trying to extend my "vacation". They frown upon these things. Anyways, There must be a problem with the phones because I was disconnected 3 times. Smh. Ummm these calls arent cheap lol. Just called again and got transferred to someone and we are having a hard time communicating. Am sure my verb tenses are wrong and that I am speaking in the third person. Where is Durans English speaking assistant? Will wait a few minutes and call again....

Ok scratch that. Multiple calls back to back and finally Elizabeth answered. She says that I cant have August 27 but I can have September 2nd. Ohhh No! I need to come a couple days before that. Smh. Hmmm. I told her that I would call her back to see if there are any changes. She says I was lucky to have that day because the doctor is booked. *screaming inside*

Why am I so partial to those dates other than the work thing?.. Well I checked the airfare for Aug 27 - Sep 3 with a 9 day stay from each day and guess what, the airfare fluctuated more than $200. If I leave on August 27 or 28, i can fly Jetblue roundtrip for $442. Its a direct flight with no layovers. Smh. Glad I didnt book the airfare first. Uggghhh.

Before Pics...

Here are a few before pics... Smh. Uggh

Before Pics

I know that people are a little less likely to invest in you without pictures lol. Im a real person who wants to be vastly improved. Already worked on inside. Time for outside lol.

The Game Plan (so far)

Ok. I have decided to silence myself. I looked at my first couple of posts and decided they were way too long. Nobody got time for that.

So here is what I am thinking... I am only staying in DR 9 days. Hopefully no more and no less. I have been reading all the reviews for the recovery house and I am leaning towards possibly getting a hotel or staying at a bed and breakfast and hiring a nurse. So i went to the airbnb site and even checked craigslist. Here is what I found: the average cost of the rooms were $55. I was thinking about putting a test ad on craigslist in the employment section to see how many bites I could get for a nurse. Im thinking I will alot $150 for a nurse. Of course I will budget a tip in. I want to see if I can actually pull of logistics like this now so I wont be in over my head in September. If all else fails, i will put four recovery houses in a bowl and swoosh the paper around and leave it to chance. Would love feedback lol. Please be gentle. Ha!

Oh and I would love to have a buddy. I must warn that I am extremely sarcastic and micro manage lol. Anyways, am going to take a break from posting until I have something new and wonderful to say

Decisions! Decisions! The Great Tummy Tuck Debate

It appears that I have taken 3 steps forward and two steps back (Homage to Paula lol) in my doctor decision. I so love the results of Dra Duran (and Yily for that matter) but I decided to do research on Baez and Dra Robles. I received my quote from Robles today. Dra Baez emailed me with recommendations already but not with a dollar amount lol. Based on these two doctors assessments, they recommend that I go for a mini tummy tuck instead of just liposuction. Even though I have no children and have never been pregnant, my skin elasticity is not that great. Dra Duran and Robles noted that it is my choice but they dont believe that I would be happy with the results. I would tend to agree with this. I usually dont take no for an answer but what I havent shared is that I decided to contact a surgeon in my area who offered free consultation to see if they would recommend a mini tummy tuck or if I was a candidate for lipo (not that I didnt trust Duran). I am impatient and wanted to know if I should take the $3800 with me to Dra Duran or plan on spending the $4700. Smh. Anyways I went to the consultation yesterday, thank goodness it was a one day turn around lol. The doctor told me the SAME THING. He said that skin elasticity had a great deal to do with genetics and based on how the skin on my stomach sags now, that while liposuction would allow me some improvement, the residual skin would cause a ripple effect. He also noted that the subcutaneous layer of fat around my stomach was not that thick (forgot how he measured) but a mini tuck would bring about the best results. I so hope his office doesnt keep calling me to come back for a followup. Anyways... I digress.

A mini tuck it is... It is the only way I will achieve the small waist and flat stomach that I want. Who wants to wear spanx AFTER surgery... not me.

Ok now what you have all been waiting for... the Robles quote. LOL. So Dra Robles has an all inclusive plan that includes garment, recovery house, some medicine, surgeries (tt and bbl with liposuction of armpits, back, and waist), transportation for a grand total of $5200. If I opt only for surgeries it is $4300 and then I would have to pay for my own recovery house and bring $400 for medicine and transportation. WOW. Who wouldnt do the all inclusive in that case. SMH.

Supplies and More Supplies

I have collected so many great tips from the women on here. I believe sarahtransform was one of the first posts I read and it helped me out a great deal. I have compiled a list of supplies that I am starting to gather so far. I have a medium sized duffle bag that I am throwing items in from time to time. I have also printed out a supply list so that every time I get something on the list, I cross it off and then throw the list back in the bag lol. Inbox me other items I may have missed. I was just telling someone else that I think I am the only one who didnt know that Chux Pads were the incontinence pads or puppy pads lol. Also you dont have to spend alot of money on supplies if your money is tied up in paying for the surgery. I made a suggestion to TS that she go to the dollar tree and get the puppy pads. They come three in a pack and purchasing 10 would be more than enough. I am not sure where everyone is located but if you have a dollar tree or a big lots in the area, you will surely complete most of your list.

Chux Pads ( I would recommend buying a cheap shower curtain liner for $1 that you can wipe down and place as first barrier between you and sheets) -- Kind of just came up with that just now lol
Compression Socks
Body Wipes
Flat Shoes
3 to 4 Maxi Dresses
2 Cotton Tanks (White ones because the color ones may irritate your skin) - Wife Beaters - These are used under your fajate to make sure the zippers and material dont rub too much.
Toothpaste -- I know so obvious lol
Travel size mouth wash
Antibacterial Wipes to wipe down the facilities like a clorox
Female Urinal (because it will be hard to sit on toilet or pee. this way you can pee standing up and reduce the risk of peeing on your garment. I am getting mine off amazon for like $5)
Flip Flops - Shower shoes basically.
Protein Powder or already made shakes. Im actually bringing my portable brita so I can make my own shakes and dont have to carry so much around or bring water bottles
Boppy Pillow to sit on although you could also go to dollar store and get a blowup inner tube. Same effect.
Antibacterial Soap (you will have to scrub before surgery)
Cough Drops (If you are getting a tummy tuck like me, then you wont be able to cough for a while)
Neosporin for drain holes etc
Safety Pins (Drains)
Lanyard (Drains)
Dish Detergent/Laundry Detergent so you can hand wash your garment if needed
Light Snacks like granola bars
Open front house coat like nanas
Blanket (Travel Size) am hearing that some recovery centers ran out or that the women were cold after surgery with the blankets given.
Scarf or satin bonnet to cover your hair because you wont be able to lift arms above head after surgery to style.

I would also recommend that you dont overpack. I dont know if I will have a travel buddy but for now I am going by myself and I thought "Who is going to pick up your heavy luggage on the way back??" Ummm.... no one! I am sure you can find a willing passenger or a bell-cap (luggage handler) for hire...but less is more when it comes to clothes. I will probably travel in the same sweatsuit I plan on returning in. No reason for me to bring jeans etc. I might even get a pair of scrubs so I can adjust the string waistband and feel like I am in pajamas. I am sure I have left some things out but baby steps my friends...

Wish Pics

So I have still narrowed it down to Duran or Robles. I have a date set with Duran for September 2, 2014 but have not been able to move it back a few days to the 28th. Am considering a walk-in. Also I tried my little experiment of trying to do the hotel and hire my nurse etc and its not working out correctly. Lol. Guess a recovery house it is. I have read through hundreds of reviews and I cant decide which one to go to. Plus the recovery houses seem somewhat expensive. They do provide meals but from what Im hearing it consists of broth etc and that the food pictures are just for show lol. Anyways....

Since a one night clinic stay is included the day of the surgery, do i check into the recovery house the day after the surgery or the day before? Im planing on flying in around 5pm the day before I am to report to the clinic at 7am. Dont want to pay for an extra day. Is that day included? Need to do more research if I dont take the Robles package,

So here they are... Wish pics... Just grabbed a few off google lol

Supplies Supplies Supplies

so I have decided to take a cue from the other women on RS. I have started buying supplies and I wanted to share what I have purchased thus far. I will also list the store I bought it from and the price so you can get an idea of the bargains you can get out there lol.

Dollar Tree: (And Yes of course everything is a dollar)
4 pack Chux Pads 22x22 - 5 packs - $5
Dr Sheffield Antibiotic Ointment - 2 tubes - $2
Super Maxi 16ct Pads - 2 Packs - $2
Satin Bonnet - $1
Assured Dressing Bandages 6ct - 2 Packs - $2
Paper Tape to secure bandages - $1
50ct Alcohol Prep Pads - $1
8oz Hand Sanitizer - $1
3in Wide Rolled Guaze - $1
Disinfectant Spray - $1
3in1 Cotton Set (10cotton balls, 140 Cotton Swabs, 10 cotton pads) - $1

Big Lots:
Attends Premoistened Adult Washcloths - 48ct - $2

10oz Tide Ultra - $1.24 (To Wash Soiled Garments)

Conways (just closed last week):
2 Housecoats (front snap with pockets) - $4 each - $8

Oops... Got cut off

So As I was saying lol...

Boppy Pillow with Floral Cover - $22 (Managers special)

Bobble Water Filtration System - 300 bottles per filter - $8

7 Pack of Wife Beaters (A-tanks) - $10

So September 2nd it is

I have been back and forth about making my decision because the original date I got from Duran didnt work with my schedule. So I contacted other doctors to see if I could get my August 28 date that I was dead set on. After much soul searching and much research, I decided to suck it up and keep my original September 2nd surgery date. So this is it everyone! Decision made. Spoke to Duran today and Im sure Elisabeth is tired of me calling the office lol. Looks like I will be a fall Duran Doll!! Hooray for me.

The countdown began...paused the clock

I didn't realize that it has been over three month since I updated my profile. Everything is going great. I have been in the gym and although I had some initial weight-loss success, I haven't been as consistent as I should be and have actually maintained. I would blame it on the state fairs and amusement parks but its all me LOL. So here is a quick update... I decided to have a consultation in NYC to keep my options open. Most of you already know this as I have inbox/texted you. My consult was on July 9th. I thought (money aside) that maybe I could do my tummy tuck here in the states and then just have full body lipo/bbl in DR a few months later. I know this is not the most economical route but based on the death of Rachene Hutchinson in DR the week of July 4th, I felt that it may be the safest route. I know that any surgery carries a risk but I wanted to make sure I exhausted ALL my options before I hopped on the plane to DR.

The consult went very well. This one was the most thorough. The doctor said he had availability the first week of September. Of course that worked into my vacation plans plus it is much easier to get FMLA when the paperwork is coming from the US. Anyways...the doctor's physician assistant called me the following day and told me the doctor would be calling me AND sending me an email. To make a long story short...the doctor was concerned with supplements I was taking and asked that I stop them immediately as they may cause issues during/after surgery. He also stated that he wouldn't feel comfortable doing the surgery until they were out of my system for 3 months. So here is where I'm at: if he was concerned with the supplements then I should be concerned about them no matter where I have my surgery. He said if I stopped taking them on July 10th then the earliest I would be able to have my surgery would be October 10th. Hmmmm...

The bottom line: I am pushing my surgery back until October 14th, 2014. I want the best results possible and the likelihood of the least complications... so I am thinking TT here on that date and BBL/Lipo January 26, 2014 in DR. I budgeted for both ways and have already adjusted my leave for whatever option I choose. I may still decide to do the TT/BBL in DR at the last minute but it definitely wont be until after the 10th of October. I am glad I had a consult here. It has definitely made me even more OCD about my health and opened my eyes to things I didn't consider. Plus with the new date, I get to see more results of many of my realself friends in the meantime and live vicariously through you guys...

Am having bloodwork done on the 29th of July to see where my hemo is at since i have been working so hard on it and a consult with a new primary care (hopefully they will be more supportive of my surgery aspirations). My current doctor is on a "you don't need this/that" kick. Story pending... Countdown starting again... October transformation, here I come... New before pics coming soon. Im so lazy with the pics....

It may sound crazy but....

Okay I know it has been a while since I posted. I will try to make this as succinct as I can. On 10/13 I went to my pcp and was cleared to have surgery at NYEE. My hemo was 14.1 and my ekg was good. My doctor faxed all the necessary paperwork over to NYEE and gave me a copy. My new surgery date was 10/20... Only a week away. I went home anxious after the visit...and yes I should have been ecstatic. When I got to work the next day, I decided to do the unimaginable... Yep, I decided that I was not going to have my surgery at NYEE and that I was going back to my original plan of having a tt, bbl, and lipo in DR. I just didnt know if I could pull it off so last minute. I called my parents on Tuesday 10/14 and told them that the plan "may" have changed. I then called NoCabralBarbie and asked if she thought I could pull it off and if it was crazy lol. Of course she said yes but she said do it! I called my girl Doll2014 and said that I was working on changing EVERYTHING and she was/is very supportive. First let me say that this will not work for everyone and that I can say God was truly on my side. Let me also say that I put in the research before hand and all I was doing was moving up my timeline SUBSTANTIALLY! So here is a quick view of how it went down:

10/13 cleared for surgery. Changed my mind about where
10/14 gave friends (those two crazies) and family a headsup (just my mom,dad, and bro)
10/15 called Maria Isabel and asked about Monday being open for surgery. It was open. Bought a plane ticket at lunch time for $444 ( the last ticket at that price). As a matter of fact the price went up to $1124 right after I bought my ticket.
10/16 called the bank (mines requires 24 hour notice for large withdrawals) and informed them that I would be collecting $6500 in various denominations and that I would retrieve it on 10/17.
10/17 dropped off pets. Suitcases had been packed for months. Picked up cash and waited...
10/19 boarded my flight to DR. The flight was late and there were two in air medical incidents that made me rethink the whole process but alas I arrived safely. Maria Isabel met me at the airport. We stopped for food and I arrived at Cipla.

Bu the way, the wifi sucks here so this is the 3rd time Ive written this review up to this point so im over it lol. Anyways... Here is the NEWSFLASH you have all been waiting for. I MADE IT TO THE FLATSIDE. I had my TT, BBL, AND LIPO DONE ON 10/20 at CIPLA by Dr. Cabral. I am still here til Friday and bored but I wanted to update you guys and tell you I was good.

I also want to say a special thanks to sarahtransform and nocabralbarbie because i know I asked you guys a million questions and from day one, yall have been more than helpful. Also I would have updated sooner if I wrote as well as londonmale2014 (he is the best writer. Check out his review too lol).

I promise to update with more details and of course what you all care about (PICTURES. LOL. IM A LURKER TOO). Let me say that recovery has not been easy! It is definitely a mental process and your will must be strong. When I got here my hemo was 13.9 before surgery. After surgery it was a 7.8. All surgeries pose a certain risk and complications... It has been a long and daunting week but Im alive and well and bored lol. If youre at Cipla today, hit me up lol. I will go into the day by day later and why it was not possible for me to stay at the recovery house. The nurses here have been good to me and the staff has been more than kind.
Pics coming soon. Today is the first time Im wearing clothes lmao.

More pics coming...

Thank you to everyone who reached out to me. Pics have been sent to all those who ask. Have lots of Cipla pics. Be patient with me lol. My waist is getting smaller by the day. I am still nursing my lipo burns but they are improving with the Silvadene cream that Dr. Cabral prescribed. I also got a backup from my PCP. I go for drainage today because I am retaining a lot of liquid in my abdomen. I will also get a massage today. My TT scar looks good so far and I am pleased with my TT so far. I will post more pics at my one mont update on 11/20. Cipla is all ready for Christmas. It is decorated beautifully

The random pics didn't upload

Here are some random pics to hold you over lol.
Dr. Cabral

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