Nola Queen 2k16...Coming Thru in Need of BBL,TT, BACK LIPO - Dominican Republic

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Dra.Robles can most definitely give me the results...

Dra.Robles can most definitely give me the results Im looking for from all her current and previous patients pictures and experience with her/ staff...Can't wait to have my own experience..all my blood work excellent..Hemo 14..continue to keep my levels high with vitamins, Beets, Blackstrap Molasses...Pack and Ready

Made it to the" FLAT SIDE"

My experience with Dra.Robles with no complaints...when i tell you over here at Virginia's RH they take good care of you...meals/ medication/to the washing of your clothes...Lets get back to Dra.Robles..did everything i wanted very pretty and soft spoken did everything i needed done!!! Team ROBLES

P.O. Update... Dr.Robles

Loving my results no complaints

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Dra. Walkiris Robles

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