Moving Forward with revision and round 2 with Dr. Leon - Dominican Republic

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Hi everyone, I wasn't sure if I wanted to complete...

Hi everyone,
I wasn't sure if I wanted to complete my journey in private or share my experiences with the RS family. Because of the wonderful advise, encouragement and knowledge that you all have so selfishly shared; I wanted to do the same. My story is pretty much like the most of you on RS, I too; wish to renew my figure, as I have replenished my mind and soul over the past year. Life has taken a toll on my body over the past 20yrs and now I want a more curvaceous figure. One that will tell the story of a powerful woman; who has weathered many storms with grace! I have chosen to have a BBL, BA and Lipo done by the wonderful Dr. Medina. My Sx is scheduled on 7/22/15 and I will be completing my recovery at My Home Caregivers & Recovery House. I must say, that I'm very pride of my self for finally putting stock into my personal desires without feeling selfish. This will be the first time that I'm traveling out of the country but I have no fears of traveling soul. However, it's always nice to share new adventurer with others. I have attached so before pics, so brace yourself and peek out of one eye :)! Please feel free to stop by and say hi. My journey is definitely getting real in exactly 10 days!!!!!!
I wish you all the best of luck and Happy Curves.

On my way to the DR!*

Hi everyone,
I'm packed and on my way to the airport see Dr. Median. If GoD is willing! I will try and keep everyone updated. I'm excited and nerves at the same time, so everyone please keep me in your prayers.

BBL Day !!!

I have arrived at Dr. Medina's surgical center and awaiting to receive my new figure. Very nervous but trying very hard to be brave! Wish me luck and added in a couple of prayers would be greatly appreciated as well. ????

Pain & Discomfort Has Become My Unwanted Companion!

Wow, the discomfort and pain is really something to contend with. Once I get past this healing phase, then I will see the sun shine from the clouds. But at this moment, I'm asking myself; " What In The World Was I Thinking"!!!! Ok, I'm going to get off of my soap box now.????
Everyone have a great night.

Back Home and Healing! However, The Journey Has Been. A Eye Opening Experience!

I'm home now, Thank the God in the Heavens! And I'm on my way to recovering physically and mentally. My journey was some what distrubing and unfortunately I had an unethical experience with Dr. Medina.

Please note:
I'm sharing my experience with you all because I reviewed others experience when making my final chose on a surgeron.

Therefore, I wanted to provide the same support and opportunity provided to me by so many of my RS sisters.

Please use my story as an tool in making your decisions, not as an reason to criticize the doctors in the DR or why we chose to seek plastic surgery out of the country.

First, I would like to state, at this point I'm not sure if I'm fully satisfied with my results because time is necessary to see the end results. However, so far; I'm happy with what I'm seeing, I'm still waiting to see if my bottocks will round out being the bottom of each bottock is still square and flat. According to Dr. Medina, it will take up to 6 months to see the true results.

Secondly, Please be aware! Don't sign any legal documents or contracts; stating that you release your doctor from any malpractice, in the event something should go wrong with you during your stay or after leaving the DR.

I was told by Dr.Medina, if I refused to sign such legal document stated above that I won't be permitted to leave the country!
I refused to sign and didn't sign this document.

If you are threaten in this manner, Please contact the Embassy and your attorney or council. Never, sign a document that release your doctor from any responsbilites of mistreatment or malpractice. This will only benefit the doctor NOT the patient.
And always register your trip with the Embassy before leaving the states.

The only documents you need to sign is the documents giving the doctor permission to proform your procedure, information stating that you understand the procedure and any orders and direction received for pre & post op instructions.
I do have more to share with you all but wanted to bring awareness to the topic stated above. Never sign any documents without reading them first and if you don't understand them. Don't be afraid to request more time to review them or contact your council for advise.

With that being said,
I believe Dr. Medina is a very talented surgeron and hope that she doesn't allow other objectives to become her main focus.

As an healthcare provider myself, it is imperative that the patient feels that they can trust they provides. They become your voice when your unable to seek for yourself! We all take an oath when becoming clinicians and I challenge Dr. Medina to keep this in mind as her practice grows. I trusted her and excepted nothing less then professionalism! However, I didn't receive such service.

I wasn't able to have all of my procedures completed but I'm not sure if I would return to Dr. Medina because of my experience expressed above.

However, I have reached out to another surgeon in the DR and plan to return after healing. I will keep you updated and wish everyone well on you transformation journey

Phase 3 of the molding and fluffing stage. Starting to feel like myself!

Hi everyone,
Hopefully all is well and everyone is either healing successfully or on their happy journey to began their transformation.
Just to provide a quick update in my healing, molding and the famous fluffing process. I have graduated to a SMALL Faja, which as some of you know; is a great achievement in its own rights. I'm also, starting to feel like myself and beginning to experiment with my old wardrobe. I'm still not sure about the shape of my button but trying hard to trust in the process.????
I have decided to return to the DR in a couple of months to complete my transformation process; by undergoing a BA. I would like to achieve a full cup size, currently I'm a 36B. I don't want anything to large, just a cup size that will compliment my physique.
I have added some pics to give everyone an idea of where I'm at now.
Talk to you soon my friends.

May need a BBL Revision Next Summer!????

Hi everyone,
Just thought that I should share some of my frustration with my RS family. I know that I'm only about 1 month post-op but I'm having some concerns about my BBL results. I was told by Dr. Medina, that I should wait 6 months before thinking about having an revision however, as time goes by; the swelling is going down and I still have flattened areas at the base of my buttocks but the top of my buttocks are very profound. I have consulted with another surgeon about my concerns and he has stated a revision may be beneficial but I must wait 9 months between receiving Lipo. I have attached some pics,, you guys let me know your thoughts.
Thank you

Revision is Required!

Revision is required due to waist line is unsymmetrical, BBL is uneven!!

Headed for round 2 with Dr. Leon!

Heading to Dr. Leon soon to have revision of BBL, lipo and BA.
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