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Yesterday afternoon I emailed Duran requesting a...

Yesterday afternoon I emailed Duran requesting a quote. I received a response back within 10 minutes. The price is $5000 for Tummy Tuck, BBL, and Lipo. Tonight I'll submit my deposit and hopefully secure my date. I'm aiming for the Thursday or Friday before Memorial Day weekend. Which is also the last week of school for my kiddos so I can send them with their dad for the summer and I'll recover in peace. I'm 5'7 189 lbs...(size 12) Duran informed me to lose 10lbs before surgery which is great because my goal was lose 15lbs. I don't want to have big arms or thunder thighs after surgery... so this will be my motivation to get back into shape. After kids the lowest I have ever gotten was 173lbs (size 10/12) with a waist of 29 inches which was the perfect weight for me. I was also in the military... so I had to workout lol. I'll post my before pictures once I secure a surgery date (hopefully by the end of the week). I'll also post a picture of me at 173 lbs so that I can motivate myself to get back on track before surgery.

Still waiting for a surgery confirmation date... but I'll post pictures in the meantime

The picture with truth... was after getting in shape after the kids 173 or 174lbs (goal weight) Love handles was gone and waist was decent but my stomach has loose skin from the twins. The pink dress is at 187lbs.. current weight. My arms are huge and my weight seems to settle in my hips and thighs once... I'm just huge!! Starting insanity tonight.

Changed to Dr. Fragoso-Baez

After sending a deposit for Duran and not hearing back from her... I cancelled my deposit and moved on! Communication is key!! I absolutely love her work but if you can't answer questions in a reasonable amount of time then it's not worth it! I received a quote for Dr. Fisher... big mistake!! My coordinator was Flavia worst customer service ever!! My file got switched with someone else's and I started receiving her quote information and finance information... she was approved for $3500 and wanted a tummy tuck!! After sending numerous calls to voicemail and getting random text throughout the day I called Flavia and asked them to straighten the paperwork... huge violation!! She also told me that the price of a BBL with Fisher may go up to $6500 because of tax season. Anyways... my surgeon is Baez. I want a natural look with a snatched waist and I don't want any hips added. Mine are already wide. My deposit has been sent... and I'm praying that my date is May 25th.
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