Juicy Booty Mission!!

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So I've always wanted a rounder juicier booty and...

So I've always wanted a rounder juicier booty and after gaining approx. 30 pounds over the last year or two I'm starting to think BBL might be my best option. I have been doing more and more research and have brought it up to my other half, who does not seem too enthused about the idea. He thinks I should just go back to the gym and not mess with my body.

Here's the thing....I could easily do that and have my body back on point within a few months....but I will have a tight lil' onion booty and not the round peach booty my heart so desires. I really wish there was a safe inject-able on the market!

I'm approximately 5"0-5"1, 150 pounds, 30 and no kids. I've been researching some doctors in DR and Miami but I'm not sure which way to go. I just starting following Dr.Duran on insta but I hear it is difficult to reach her. I have also been looking at Dr. Almonte and Dr. Yily De Lose Santos in DR. There are some clinics in Miami that offer really reasonable prices, which are tempting, but I'm just not sure about their work. Vanity Cosmetics, Broward Cosmetic Surgery and a place called Image or Imagenes? If anyone has experience with the above surgeons or clinics or any recommendations I would love to hear from you. Was it worth the results? How was your recovery? Anybody had a baby after BBL? Lots of questions! Before pics and wish pics posted.
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