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Okay I was reluctant to start writing a...

Okay I was reluctant to start writing a review/blog before getting this procedure but I see all of the ladies here are joining in on the same journey. First of all I'm 27 with 1 child. I chose Dr. Baez because she seems to be the most consistent in price AND communication. I feel communication is key if you can barely get in touch with your doctor before your surgery what makes you think it will get better after? Especially if something goes wrong!

So my procedure of choice is BBL/TT, my eyes are still open for other surgeons because from what I see Dr Baez is very moderate with her BBLs.

Have any of you ladies noticed this? Anyone else out there giving Yily & Duran providing small waist lines?

My date is set for November I am going with Yasmin's recovery house. Besides Armonia they seem most credible!

Anyone going to DR around this time?

Changing Dates

Anyone going to Baez in November who may want to buddy up or change dates?
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