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Hello dolls and future dolls!! I'm a 34 yo mother...

Hello dolls and future dolls!! I'm a 34 yo mother of one and have never been happy with my weight/ body, after a lot of back and forthing I have decided to get a TT, lipo and BBL. I have had a couple of what's app convos with Dr Molina and sent him my pics, he has advised me to lose 30-40 pounds!! At first I was a bit hurt but after thinking about it, not only will increase my chances of a good safe surgery but it will also give me better results. I have always struggled with my weight and I can't seem to even lose a pound right now ???? If any of you ladies have any great tips to add the weight loss, I'm currently working out and watching my calories but if any one has also struggled with weight lose and can offer any tips I would be very grateful Thanks for reading x
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