Heading to Dr. Manon for BBL, Lipo, & Breast Lift Without Implants - Dominican Republic, DO

Hello. I am excited to be heading to Dr. Israel...

Hello. I am excited to be heading to Dr. Israel Manon in the Dominican Republic for a BBL with Lipo and a Breast Lift (no implants). I have been researching and trying to decide for years on if I would go through with this procedure. I have followed several doctors to see who's hand I like. Now that I am having my procedure I was debating if I would do a review. I know reviews can be really helpful, so I will try my best to be thorough and document my journey (and before & after photos). -T

Some background

I was in a long term relationship, got comfortable, and gained that "relationship weight." I didn't notice the weight gain at first, but eventually I started to notice. I would ask my girlfriend did she notice, and she would often say, "You look fine. You actually seem too small to me." Hearing that, I got more comfortable. Eventually, I became blind to how much weight I was picking up and losing my shape. I am 5'7" and prior to my relationship I was about 175-180lbs. By the time I questioned my weight gain I was 220lbs. We both carried on bad eating habits. We developed this lifestyle of staying in the house, eating, and not being active. This was a lifestyle change for me because I used to always be active in some kind of way.

I tend to put others before myself, and through stressing over keeping others happy I forgot about myself and I gained more weight. At 264, I was the heaviest I had ever been. I literally had a moment where I realized I had to put myself first and work on self-improvement, my own happiness, and get back to a healthier life. One where I also felt great about how I looked. I ended my relationship cut those off who felt my time should be devoted to them before myself, and started working on my goal to lose weight. -TJ

Choosing Dr. Manon

In March 2015 I had a consultation with Dr. Jimerson (located in Atlanta). His office quoted me $19,650.00 for BBL, Lipo, and Breast Reduction with lift. I think that price would intimidate anyone, so I left them alone lol. In June 2015 I had a consultation with Dr. Cortes (located in Houston). His office quoted me $10,500 for BBL only. That still was not appealing to me. In January this year I reached out to Dr. Duran (located in the DR) for BBL. Her assistant replied via email to contact them after I have bariatric surgery for weight loss. To me, that was rude, but I may have been being sensitive. IDK.

May 2016, I made it a point to get in better shape and lose weight. I weighed myself at 261.5lbs. I started with a little change in my diet. Change in diet alone allowed me to drop down to 251lbs over 1 month. I decided I needed kick it up and added activity and workouts. I am proud to say that from then to present day I have gone from 261.5lbs to 215lbs. It feels great to put the work in, and hear so many people say they see the change. I personally didn’t see the change until I started having to get smaller bras and my clothes became baggy. I originally wanted a breast reduction because of my back pain. I was measured at the undergarment store at 46HH. I refused to accept that. I was able to find a solid fitting bra that was a 46DDD. So, yeah, I overall wanted smaller boobs. Since my weight loss, I have been able to purchase bra size 44D. I see I’m losing volume, and I believe I should just get a breast lift instead of a reduction.

I had a goal of getting a BBL with Breast Lift by the end of the year, so I started saving, and reaching out to doctors in the DR. I wanted to reach out to my preferred doctors, and others I followed. I wanted to get as many quoted as I can so I could cross reference them all. I will upload my quotes for you all to see. I reached out to each doctor requesting 3 quotes: BBL with Breast Lift with Implants, BBL with Breast Lift without Implants, and BBL only. Many of the doctors replied with their own suggestions for procedures I should get. For instance, tummy tuck kept coming up. My thing is, I do not want a tummy tuck because I have not had any children yet. So tummy tuck is out of the question.

I had to be sure to look at each doctor’s hand in sculpting the BBL and the breast. Not everyone was skilled enough in both areas for me. I liked Dr. Manon’s work, and I reach out. I reached out in English and Spanish (courtesy of Google Translate lol). Dr. Manon had me contact his assistant Diana. I sent her the necessary information. I was given a quote the next day. $5,300 for Breast Lift, Lipo with BBL all-inclusive package (meaning including recovery house for 7 days, transportation, meals, 5 massages, and insurance). $4,300 without the recovery house. After long thought and review, I decided to go with Dr. Manon. I’m opting for the option without the recovery house for now. I am trying to find and compare some recovery houses out there now. I will be sending my deposit via Moneygram within the next couple of days. I needed to apply for my passport and secure a flight first, which has been a struggle. Each flight I was finding was 1 stop with a short layover, but returning 2 stops with super long layovers on both stops. I needed to make sure the returning flight would be less complicated given the fact I would be post-op. I hear it is not a good experience coming back with long layovers. Plus prices were also fluctuating between $520-$876, and I didn’t want to play $800 range games with a flight lol. Eventually, I was able to find a suitable round-trip flight. I purchased the ticket yesterday, and turned in everything for my passport earlier this week. I paid for regular processing, because the representative I spoke to in order to set an appointment said I should be ok with 4-week processing. If I haven’t received it the week before departure, I can call and expedite it. So, we will see.

I saw my PCP and was able to have him write the rx's Diana said I needed, and would have to buy for after surgery. I was able to have insurance cover some rx's cost, which is good because I need to save save save. -tj

Update coming

I've tried to do an update twice now, but got interrupted. When I tried to pick back up my whole text was deleted. I'll try again when I get a minute. -tj

SX date is just around the corner

I don't think it's hit me that surgery I literally next week. I think I've been a little distracted by trying to wrap things up at work and prepare my coworkers for my extended time off. I have been a little active in the gym and dropping 1 pound at a time lol. I'm already at the required BMI, but we'll see how we much more I can go.
I don't remember if I mentioned it yet, because I have been having problems posting updates, but I received quotes for my RH from about 3 different places. I arrive 12-6-16, and go back home 12-15-16.
Karis RH IG: @Karis_recovery_house : private rm $90/day; double rm $85/day; triple $75/day; common rm $70

Kindness Recovery: Triple Room $75.00; Double Room $85.00; Single Room $100.00; Guest any room $65.00
Airport transportation $100

Healing Heaven: quoted me 1 night free and total $911 including airport transportation and 6 massages.

Yazmin Recovery House: quoted me $495 including airport transportation.

Over the years of new following surgery in the DR I have always seen many ladies talk about Yazmin. I decided to go with her. -tj
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

My experience so far has been good. I will update more leading up to my date of surgery and post op.

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