Heading to Dr. Manon for BBL, Lipo, & Breast Lift Without Implants - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello. I am excited to be heading to Dr. Israel...

Hello. I am excited to be heading to Dr. Israel Manon in the Dominican Republic for a BBL with Lipo and a Breast Lift (no implants). I have been researching and trying to decide for years on if I would go through with this procedure. I have followed several doctors to see who's hand I like. Now that I am having my procedure I was debating if I would do a review. I know reviews can be really helpful, so I will try my best to be thorough and document my journey (and before & after photos). -T

Some background

I was in a long term relationship, got comfortable, and gained that "relationship weight." I didn't notice the weight gain at first, but eventually I started to notice. I would ask my girlfriend did she notice, and she would often say, "You look fine. You actually seem too small to me." Hearing that, I got more comfortable. Eventually, I became blind to how much weight I was picking up and losing my shape. I am 5'7" and prior to my relationship I was about 175-180lbs. By the time I questioned my weight gain I was 220lbs. We both carried on bad eating habits. We developed this lifestyle of staying in the house, eating, and not being active. This was a lifestyle change for me because I used to always be active in some kind of way.

I tend to put others before myself, and through stressing over keeping others happy I forgot about myself and I gained more weight. At 264, I was the heaviest I had ever been. I literally had a moment where I realized I had to put myself first and work on self-improvement, my own happiness, and get back to a healthier life. One where I also felt great about how I looked. I ended my relationship cut those off who felt my time should be devoted to them before myself, and started working on my goal to lose weight. -TJ

Choosing Dr. Manon

In March 2015 I had a consultation with Dr. Jimerson (located in Atlanta). His office quoted me $19,650.00 for BBL, Lipo, and Breast Reduction with lift. I think that price would intimidate anyone, so I left them alone lol. In June 2015 I had a consultation with Dr. Cortes (located in Houston). His office quoted me $10,500 for BBL only. That still was not appealing to me. In January this year I reached out to Dr. Duran (located in the DR) for BBL. Her assistant replied via email to contact them after I have bariatric surgery for weight loss. To me, that was rude, but I may have been being sensitive. IDK.

May 2016, I made it a point to get in better shape and lose weight. I weighed myself at 261.5lbs. I started with a little change in my diet. Change in diet alone allowed me to drop down to 251lbs over 1 month. I decided I needed kick it up and added activity and workouts. I am proud to say that from then to present day I have gone from 261.5lbs to 215lbs. It feels great to put the work in, and hear so many people say they see the change. I personally didn’t see the change until I started having to get smaller bras and my clothes became baggy. I originally wanted a breast reduction because of my back pain. I was measured at the undergarment store at 46HH. I refused to accept that. I was able to find a solid fitting bra that was a 46DDD. So, yeah, I overall wanted smaller boobs. Since my weight loss, I have been able to purchase bra size 44D. I see I’m losing volume, and I believe I should just get a breast lift instead of a reduction.

I had a goal of getting a BBL with Breast Lift by the end of the year, so I started saving, and reaching out to doctors in the DR. I wanted to reach out to my preferred doctors, and others I followed. I wanted to get as many quoted as I can so I could cross reference them all. I will upload my quotes for you all to see. I reached out to each doctor requesting 3 quotes: BBL with Breast Lift with Implants, BBL with Breast Lift without Implants, and BBL only. Many of the doctors replied with their own suggestions for procedures I should get. For instance, tummy tuck kept coming up. My thing is, I do not want a tummy tuck because I have not had any children yet. So tummy tuck is out of the question.

I had to be sure to look at each doctor’s hand in sculpting the BBL and the breast. Not everyone was skilled enough in both areas for me. I liked Dr. Manon’s work, and I reach out. I reached out in English and Spanish (courtesy of Google Translate lol). Dr. Manon had me contact his assistant Diana. I sent her the necessary information. I was given a quote the next day. $5,300 for Breast Lift, Lipo with BBL all-inclusive package (meaning including recovery house for 7 days, transportation, meals, 5 massages, and insurance). $4,300 without the recovery house. After long thought and review, I decided to go with Dr. Manon. I’m opting for the option without the recovery house for now. I am trying to find and compare some recovery houses out there now. I will be sending my deposit via Moneygram within the next couple of days. I needed to apply for my passport and secure a flight first, which has been a struggle. Each flight I was finding was 1 stop with a short layover, but returning 2 stops with super long layovers on both stops. I needed to make sure the returning flight would be less complicated given the fact I would be post-op. I hear it is not a good experience coming back with long layovers. Plus prices were also fluctuating between $520-$876, and I didn’t want to play $800 range games with a flight lol. Eventually, I was able to find a suitable round-trip flight. I purchased the ticket yesterday, and turned in everything for my passport earlier this week. I paid for regular processing, because the representative I spoke to in order to set an appointment said I should be ok with 4-week processing. If I haven’t received it the week before departure, I can call and expedite it. So, we will see.

I saw my PCP and was able to have him write the rx's Diana said I needed, and would have to buy for after surgery. I was able to have insurance cover some rx's cost, which is good because I need to save save save. -tj

Update coming

I've tried to do an update twice now, but got interrupted. When I tried to pick back up my whole text was deleted. I'll try again when I get a minute. -tj

SX date is just around the corner

I don't think it's hit me that surgery I literally next week. I think I've been a little distracted by trying to wrap things up at work and prepare my coworkers for my extended time off. I have been a little active in the gym and dropping 1 pound at a time lol. I'm already at the required BMI, but we'll see how we much more I can go.
I don't remember if I mentioned it yet, because I have been having problems posting updates, but I received quotes for my RH from about 3 different places. I arrive 12-6-16, and go back home 12-15-16.
Karis RH IG: @Karis_recovery_house : private rm $90/day; double rm $85/day; triple $75/day; common rm $70

Kindness Recovery: Triple Room $75.00; Double Room $85.00; Single Room $100.00; Guest any room $65.00
Airport transportation $100

Healing Heaven: quoted me 1 night free and total $911 including airport transportation and 6 massages.

Yazmin Recovery House: quoted me $495 including airport transportation.

Over the years of new following surgery in the DR I have always seen many ladies talk about Yazmin. I decided to go with her. -tj

She has arrived!

I made it to the DR last night. The flights weren't bad. Yazmin's lovely parents picked me up. I didn't have to wait at all. Got to the RH and paid the rest of my balance. The house is that Caribbean style (at least how they look on HGTV destinations lol). My room is cozy and cool with the a/c unit inside. There's also a fan mounted on the wall, which is a plus, because I packed my own small fan and I see I didn't need it. I slept really good last night.
Woke up this morning and almost forgot where I was, then realized it was real. I'm here and about to do what I've been wanting for years.
I went to Cecip this morning for exams and blood work. Everything is good so far. Just waiting on the blood results to come back. I feel pretty good about my hemo because the last time we checked back homed it was 13.5. Diana said give it an hour, but she did say to be back tomorrow morning for 7am, and no food or drink after 9pm tonight.
Ssssooooo... countdown-tj

Before weight loss photos

Y'all I can't believe I was like this and I'm posting... here goes nothing.

After weight loss photos

I was 262, and now 212. It feels good to see this- tj

Quick little reference of quotes from other doctors

Here is my list of quotes I received from other doctors. I hope this can help someone have an idea, or something to use as a reference.

Dr. Baez: BBL $3200; BBL w/BL $5000
Dr. Mallol: BBL $2950; BBL w/RH $3800; BBL w/BL $4640: BBL w/BL w/RH $5490
Dr. Cabral: BBL $4000; BBL w/BL $6000
Dr. Medina: BBL w/BL $5000; BBL w/BL 5850
Dr. Robles: BBL w/RH $4500; BBL w/BL w/RH $5000
Dr. Duran: TT w/BBL $5000; add $2000 for BL
Dr. Diaz: BBL w/BL $4800; BBL w/RH $5600
Dr. Yilly: BBL $3500; BBL w/BL $4500
Dr. Lima: BBL w/BL(w/implants) $4700; BBL w/BL (w/o implants) $4300

Today is the day

It's just before 7am and I'm at Cecip waiting to be seen. Dr. Manon's hands will perform magic today. Updates coming later.-tj

Had to take a little time

So I had my surgery as expected. I had nurse assistant Wanda stay with me from the tine i got to the clinic to the time I left. I felt ok after surgery, however, when they checked my hemo the next morning it had dropped to 7.8. I ended up getting a blood transfusion. So that kept me at the clinic until about 6 or 7 that night. I made it back to my RH, ate dinner, and went to sleep. Fatima at the RH stayed in my room with me all night which was good, because i woke up almost every 2 hours either from pain, or needing to use the bathroom.
I have basically been wanting to sleep and rest. In my mind if i sleep, time will fly lol and everytime I wake up, I'll feel a little better than before.
My RH has been feeding me good, but i get full quick, so i haven't eaten the whole meal every time. I have also been trying to stay on my pain meds round-clock to avoid any excess pain. Fatima has helped a lot with that.
Now as far as results, it's early to tell, but i definitely have better equipment than what i had before. When I first looked at myself in my faja, i couldn't see much of anything outside of all of the padding. I have since then had my faja off and washed. I like my results so far. I didn't expect to have a ironing board flat tummy since i opted to not get a tummy tuck, so i have some loose skin. So i have to get creative with my faja, compression, and workouts after all of my healing. However, i have seen some improvement from day 1.
Today I was also able to walk around and get some movement in. I'm back in bed now, and probably falling asleep shortly. I will try to update again after my follow up on Monday. -tj

First follow up appointment today

Besides the time mix up with whoever was supposed to see me at 8, but didn't get to me until after 9:30... it was fine. I ran into two other beautiful Manon Dolls. My boobies were unveiled also. I must say, I'm oh so happy about them. I couldn't help but cry happy tears.-tj

CONSTIPATION is the devil

So shortly after my last update, my body had the urge to go poop fir the first time after surgery. OMG. I was so confident heading to the bathroom because i had been taking a stool softener everyday since surgery. No bueno though. I ended up having a life changing event on the toilet. It just wouldn't come. I ended up having to send my driver to pick up a fleet enema, which passed only a little bit of what o had backed up. Was up and down all night and morning. Eventually my RH gave me a suppository that helped the rest move on out. The struggle was real... -tj
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

My experience so far has been good. I will update more leading up to my date of surgery and post op.

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