Good Morning Beauties! I'm Looking to Have BBL, Lipo to Stomach,and Back. Thinking of Doing a Breast Lift - Dominican Republic

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I am 49 years old and a grandmother. I don't look...

I am 49 years old and a grandmother. I don't look bad , but I want to enhance what I have and Look AMAZING... I am trying to decide YILY or DURAN.... PLEASE HELP!!!! I need feedback and also Top Recovery Houses. So BEAUTIES let me hear from you. I'm looking to go in December 2015. Thanks in advance.

Time is winding down. September 20, 2016

Good afternoon Realself family, the time is approaching very fast. I am due to have my surgery on September 20th with Dr Yilyly. I just found out today that Dr. Yily is no longer at CIPLA, could someone verify that and if in fact she is no longer at CIPLA which clinic is she at now? I hope that you are having a wonderful day I am so anxious I started out at 202 pounds, I'm 5ft 2in that was 45 days ago weight loss definitely begins in the mind!!!!! I made up my mind to lose weight and I have been very successful. Today September 7th I am currently weighing 188.2 pounds so I'm well on my way. my plan and goal is to be at 178 no more than 180 when I arrive in the Dominican Republic on September 19th wish me the best
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Not done yet. I sent emails to both Doctors and have gotten responses.

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