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After months of researching doctors, price, and...

After months of researching doctors, price, and location I have decided on Dr Yily in the Dominican Republic for BBL. I currently weigh about 133 and 5'5 height. I contacted her for a quote and she wants me to gain 10-15 pounds before sx.

I want to look into securing a date and all the details that come along with it but would love to have someone to talk to in the same process! Any future Yily 2016 Dolls?

I started my research about 1 year ago for BBL,...

I started my research about 1 year ago for BBL, after about 6 months in I was decided on Dr. Yily in the Dominican Republic. I contacted her office, got a quote and was happy with it. I gave it time to sink in before making it official with paying the deposit and I changed my mind. I was reading several reviews of girls that were unhappy with their experience and it was unsettling thinking about getting surgery done in a different country.

I ended up going with Dr. Salama in Miami, Florida. I paid my deposit and secured my sx date for February 9, 2017. I still weigh 133 pounds and am 5'5. I spoke with his assistant and she said I should gain about 10-15 pounds for better results. I've tried protein powder, ensure shakes etc. I'm thinking about ordering some Apetamin to increase my appetite.

Can't wait for next week

I'm at 145 pounds now and will try to gain as much as possible by next week, my goal was 150. I didn't think I was going to be able to do it but I kept thinking about how much better my results will be and I gained 12 pounds in about 3 weeks! If you guys want tips on gaining weight lmk and I'll make a post about how I gained. I decided on staying at their recovery house for a week. After adding the costs of hotel, caregiver, transportation, food, supplies, etc it wasn't that much less than staying at the RH and it's less stressful to have everything all set up already through them.

Posting some inspiration..

More inspiration pics

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