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After months of researching doctors, price, and...

After months of researching doctors, price, and location I have decided on Dr Yily in the Dominican Republic for BBL. I currently weigh about 133 and 5'5 height. I contacted her for a quote and she wants me to gain 10-15 pounds before sx.

I want to look into securing a date and all the details that come along with it but would love to have someone to talk to in the same process! Any future Yily 2016 Dolls?

I started my research about 1 year ago for BBL,...

I started my research about 1 year ago for BBL, after about 6 months in I was decided on Dr. Yily in the Dominican Republic. I contacted her office, got a quote and was happy with it. I gave it time to sink in before making it official with paying the deposit and I changed my mind. I was reading several reviews of girls that were unhappy with their experience and it was unsettling thinking about getting surgery done in a different country.

I ended up going with Dr. Salama in Miami, Florida. I paid my deposit and secured my sx date for February 9, 2017. I still weigh 133 pounds and am 5'5. I spoke with his assistant and she said I should gain about 10-15 pounds for better results. I've tried protein powder, ensure shakes etc. I'm thinking about ordering some Apetamin to increase my appetite.

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