Duran Doll BBL + FULL body lipo ❤April 2014❤5 months❤ Dominican Republic, DO

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*Treatment results may vary

Well im kinda new to Realself. Been stalking for a...

Well im kinda new to Realself. Been stalking for a while now lol finally made an account last month to start posting. Just had to get the guts up to start my very own blog. I wanted to share my journey to my sx.

I am 25 years old, im a July-baby a cancer! Not a mommy yet but I can't wait to be one day. Don't really wanna talk you guys head off about my life story lol but at age 12 something traumatic happened to me. I turned to food to cope with the pain. About 2 years ago, I broke out of that shell and started letting go alot of the pain/anger from the past that built up inside of me. Im loving life now & taking it one day at a time so now its time to work on my outer appearance.

I am 5'7 so ive always carried my weight different. I never looked like what the scale reflected. I am posting my pic kinda nervous lol but here goes. I started my weight-loss journey in April from april to now I have lost around 52 pounds. I want to lose another 20/30 pounds before surgery. (I will update with more pre-op pics as I lose more weight) I wanna get to about 160-165 for surgery. I have PM'd a few girls about my diet plan..hoping it works as well for them as it has for me. I have been struggling with a good exercise regimen :( I really need it because I wanna tone my legs but so far I am happy with my results because I have completely changed my eating habits. It feels so good to eat healthy & feel healthy.

I have received quotes from Dr.Duran, Dr.Baez, Dr.Robles & Dr. Yily they all are amazing Doctor's and I narrowed my choices down to Duran, Baez & Yily. Baez & Duran are sweethearts but Yily won me over. I feel that she is best for the results that I am looking for. I love love LOVE her tiny waist's her sculpting is amazing.

I am getting a BBL, Lipo to the back,flanks,abdomen, & Breast lift with implants scheduled for April 30th 2014 along with 3 other beautiful dolls (I feel way more comfortable going to DR now that I have traveling buddies). I was going to go in March 2014 but this January will be my first year in nursing school (im studying to become a pediatric nurse) I thought I could go to DR on my spring break but i read its not good to sit on your BBL till a couple weeks after right? So it would have been uncomfortable and painful rushing back to the states & sitting in class all day while im trying to recovery so the end of April is much better because i'll be all done with school/finals ect. IMPATIENTLY waiting for April lol xoxo

*THINKING of switching to Duran, & Wish Pics*

Having a change of heart today LOL ugh I *think* I am going to make the change to Duran. I love the amount of cc's she injects into her booties! I just don't want to leave DR disappointed you know. So I may reconsider yily. I still want my sx for 4/30 thats for sure. Anyways my wish pics

I LOVE Bernice Burgos, Bria Myles & Tattedupholly's bodies. They are my height. Tattedupholly seem's a bit taller but still these are what im aiming for . :)

Made the switch to Dr.Duran

So as I stated in my previous post. I had really been thinking of making the switch from Dr.Yily to Duran. I had already received a quote from her a couple weeks back on whatsapp, I wasn't really considering a breast lift then and now that I want one I needed a new quote. I'm impatient (ughhh) lol so I came across one of the future Duran 2014 dolls and saw she had CALLED duran about her quote so I decided to go ahead & do the same. It was around 3pm she asked me if I could call her back tonight at 10pm

I called her at EXACTLY 10pm LOL & I directed her to my pics on whatsapp. Got my revised quote & now I just need to set up my sx date/deposit with Elizabeth (her assistant). If you have a international plan you should give her a call. If not be careful because you may be on the phone with her atleast 10 minutes & that could do some damage to your phone bill.

Also I think I need to give myself a small break from thinking about my SX. I think about it 24/7 its driving me crazy. My biggest fear is my hemoglobin levels not being up to par for surgery. I've had anemia in the past. I've started taking my vitamins but i'm still worried. :( I have 8 months to prepare.

**Wish pics ** Soooo many amazing bodies out there but I am picking women with height + build similar to mine.

Best airline/site to book flight with?

Hey dolls. This is my first time on a plane. I know I will be nervous but I will get through it. Anyways about to book my flight this weekend.

What's the best airline to fly with I just want to be as comfortable as possible ? What airline did you guys book with ?

I eat sleep & breathe about my surgery ahhhh lol

Ugh my surgery is on my mind 24/7 it's getting to the point where it's hard to even focus on other things my mind ALWAYS drifts back to my sx :( lol I need help. It also does not help that I can't talk to my family & friends about it. I want to so bad but I feel like they will be super against it. Especially my family ! Especially my mother !!!!!! I usually tell her everything so it's hard keeping it a secret from her. It's kind of hard not having a support system with this. I'm such a emotional person. I just wish my sx date would hurry up. just thought I'd vent !

Question for everyone traveling to DR for surgery

Does anyone have the complete list of drugs we need for post op/recovery ? Also if we choose to buy them from DR.Duran how much would that be ?

Started taking my vitamins & FINALLY exercising !!!!!

As I stated in my earlier posts. I've been on a weight loss journey since April. I've lost an additional 4 pounds since that post think that was a week ago. So that brings my total weight loss so far to 56 pounds. I started noticing I was sort of hitting what they say a "plateau" my weight loss has slowed down BIG time. I've always struggled with exercise so I FINALLY found the strength to just push myself to work out. Diet alone is not going to get me to where I want to be. It's so easy to give up when the scale isn't moving and go back to my old eating habits but i've come to far to just turn back now !!!!

For the past 2 nights (since sunday) .. I have been running up & down steep hills in my front yard. My house is on steep hills. I have like 40 steps to climb to actually get to my front door. I know its crazyyy my whole neighborhood is built like this. But I have always taken the easy way out and parking around back going through the back door like my neighbors do. Super lazy lol.

I started researching the benefits of walking/running up & down hills and it burns almost THREE times as much as calories as walking alone on a flat surface. It tones your legs, glutes and even your core. Sunday I exercised lightly I didn't walk up and down them long. but yesterday (Monday) I pushed myself soooo hard. I took 5 pound dumbbells with me outside so I could also tone my arms. I started climbing up & back down the hills with my 5 pound dumbbells. I did this for a whole 20 minutes. I've never sweated so hard in my life. It was soo intense I threw up after my workout. My whole body was even shaking. Every night I am going to push myself to do a little more. Since I did 20 minutes yesterday I will do 30 tonight. I will probably keep it at just 30 minutes because with my diet plan that I have lost so much weight with already I eat superrrrrr lightly throughout the day so I don't know if I should be doing intense workouts.

I also started taking my vitamins. So far i'm only taking folic acid, biotin, iron and calcium. I'm missing my b-12. I want to be fit and healthy for my SX ! I really needed to start working on myself on my own and then have Dr.Duran finish me off you know. Because i do not have high metabolism, its realllly easy for me to gain weight with a poor diet/no exercise. & there would be no point of me getting surgery if I can't maintain my results. Bklynbeauty & Lolajae are some of my SX inspirations. Both fit & healthy before SX. I love it !!!!! I have 8 months left.

For Njexcited!!

A view of my house and my neighbors house's. I live in ! (VA) its not the south but kinda country compared to upnorth lol.

Bernice Burgos

At work obsessing over her body :( lmao. I wonder who her surgeron is. I really am wishing I can get this. She is my height 5'7. Her measurements are 36-24-40. I'm gonna show this to Duran while she is marking me up for sx LOL

Do you guys feel comfortable taking so much cash to the Dominican Republic. ?

Bk's beauty's update has me worried ! I really thought we could pay Duran with travelers checks or something. it's looking like she only takes cash! I don't want to take so much money with me to DR. I'm afraid I will lose it or have it stolen. I haven't read any reviews of anyone getting robbed thank god for that but im still worried. Im gonna have to superglue it to one of my bodyparts or something lol !!!

Side/Back Pre-op pictures.

I haven't added any side/back pre-op pictures. A BBL review isn't complete w/o them so here they are. I always get super uncomfortable uploading pictures. Most of the women in my family are pear shaped and as my weight is coming off I see that I too will be pear shaped. I have big thighs/legs. But I don't have any booty :( ! Thick thighs with no booty is yuck so thats why I need duran to hook me up lol along with this waist. My measurements as of today are :

Bust: 38
Waist: 32
Hips: 47

My body is constantly changing as I lose more weight so I will update again. Im losing the most inches off my bust & waist thats good n'all but my hips/legs are barely changing ugh. I wanna tone them up, its been a week since I started hill climbing soooo. I'll update my post op pics as I get smaller and more toned. 8 months left !!!

New Duran before/after pictures !!! ????

She posted these on her instagram. I am in LOVE !!!! Even more excited to become a duran doll.

Think I want to get thigh lipo.

I think I want to get my thighs lipo'd because I carry alotttttt of my weight in my leg area. I think it would help me get more cc's . I know duran is sick of me & these revised quotes lol. I'm so indecisive at times grrrr. :(

This is cute lol

Came across this picture. Barbie got a BBL lmao. Too cute !

Stephanie santiago's booty 1200cc's

I love stephanie santiago's body !!!! I remember seeing on a instagram hashtag of her new #stephaniesantiago where she had did a blog/review on make me heal and later deleted it. I guess because ignorant ppl were trying to "expose" her smh anyways she went to Dr.salzhauer (i looked at his reviews he is amazing) and he put 1200cc's in each cheek. Her booty is HUGEEEE lol if 1200cc's gets you this. I would be fine with it. We all know from Durandoll's amazing results that duran can go well & beyond 1200cc lol.

Supplies list for BBL/BA ????

I hate being unorganized. It drives me crazy lol I know I have 8 months but I just like to plan way ahead! Does anyone know where I can find a supply list for a breast augmentation ? I already seen a BBL one. Thanks soo much in advance xoxo

Decided to put off my breast augmentation. just going to get my BBL +upper body lipo/ inner thigh lipo !!!!

I decided that im going to wait for my breast augmentation ! I'm going to go back or maybe find someone in the states.. My boobs are not really that bad, with a bra and a push up bra they look good. I'm going to wait because I don't want to mess up my BBL by laying on my back. I thought about buying the descana (sp?) breast pillow for recovery but one review here who tried to use it said that the pillows instructions says you are not supposed to use it right after surgery -___- . other's suggested putting pillows under you so you don't have to put alot of pressure on your butt when combining the two. I just don't have the patience or pain tolerance to be going through all that during surgery lol & risk the possibility of messing up my BBL (the main reason I am taking this journey) plus i'll already be in pain from the BBL and lipo to my upper body and inner thighs. so i'll hold off on them.

Okay I really want my new boobs on the first round with my BBL. LOL !!!!!!

Lmaoooo I know ya'll are thinking this indecisive b**** is getting on my nerves. But I really want my new boobs. So if Duran gives Bkylnbeauty the ok to use the descansa breast pillow I will get my new boobs along with my BBL.

Why are ppl quick to say someone is hating on them here..

This post is NOT intended to offend anyone but it seems like some ppl want things superrrrrr sugarcoated for them or take advice the wrong way & if its not what they wanna hear you are labeled as being a "hater" or " jealous" that's CRAZY!!! . I know it has been a lot of negativity on here but the majority of us on here are not here to be negative in any way. Stop labeling everyone as jealous or being a hater ! especially If someone who has already went through surgery is offering advice. Take it !! they could be saving you from making alot of the mistakes they made post-op xoxo

Post op drugs. amoxicillin

Hey dolls. I noticed one of the drugs that the doctors list that you need for post-op is amoxicillin with clavulanic acid. If you have a penicillin FAMILY allergy do not take this drug. Ask your doctor for an alternative. I have a penicillin/penicillin family allergy and I am always prescribed cephalexin (generic name) when I need a antibiotic the brand name is Keflex. I am a pharmacy tech so I know a little about meds. If you have questions you can ask me & I can ask my boss he is a pharmacist and is realllly nice and helpful xoxo.

I may be pushing my SX date up. !!!!!!!!

So I may be pushing my SX date up. I can take a 8 week semester vs the regular 16 week semester. The worst part is that its accelerated & my classes can be like 4-5 hours :( vs the normal 1-2 hours. . The 8 week semester would be from January to march. I'm still thinking about it b/c I might go crazy in a 4-5 hour class once my ADHD kicks in lol okay I'm lying I don't have ADHD but I hate sitting still lol !!!!!

Does Duran use Laser Lipo?

Sheesh ! These updates with Cabral & now Yily burning patients due to laser lipo has me so scared. sending prayers up to @lisaandra34 her story made me so emotional. Does duran use laser lipo ?

Officially Moving My SX date up ! ???

Yesterday I received some really good news !!!! God is so good ALL THE TIME ! Growing up un-loved was hard I could have easily made some bad choices because I had no guidance from absolutely anyone but i like to think God was always there watching over me. I'm proud of who I am today & I'm getting better 1 day at a time. I'm so ready to make this transformation !!!

I'm moving my date up just by a couple of weeks almost by a month, I have to ask Elizabeth is the date available to switch too !!! I'm still eating healthy, working out & taking my vitamins so I can be as healthy & fit as possible.

My measurements are also down I'm now at 37 bust. My waist is a 30 & my hips just 46. Those things barely budge exactly why I'm getting inner thigh lipo !

I also found extremely cheap plane tickets on JetBlue. It's crazy because I thought my hometown airport (Richmond International Airport) would be super expensive flying out of but JetBlue had some as low as 189 wowww.

Me !!!!

Curvy2cute gave me the courage to post myself. Just wanted to give you a face behind my blog. lol i'll probably delete it.

Wish pic.

Im just up can't sleep. Daydreaming about my sx. I Love her body. I feel like a creep lol. Bria myles.

Questions for you dolls. Planning !!! Help please :)

Got a few questions loves. Duran does not really include detailed information with her quotes & it takes her years lol *sigh* to respond so im kind of lost with a couple things.

1) How do we go about hiring a personal nurse to stay with us overnight at cipla ? (because i heard the horror stories about the cipla nurses not responding till hours later when you need them )
2) How many massages are we supposed to get during our stay in DR?
3) Duran provides your first faja right ..? When do you buy the 2nd one ?

For everyone traveling to DR for surgery !!!

I think everyone traveling to DR for surgery should read up on this. Some of you probably have but for those of you who haven't take some time to read it. Especially the section about Cosmetic Surgery.


Should I Tell Someone ?

So as I stated in my very first blog. I am not telling anyone about my plans to have surgery in the DR. Like absolutely anyone i'm not even telling anyone where I am going ! But lately I have been thinking what if something goes wrong (GOD forbid) .. how will my family & close friends know. Should I atleast tell one person close to me ?

Got a chance to talk one on one with Dr.Duran !

Superrr happy because I finally got a chance to talk one on one with Dr.Duran and ask her questions about my SX. I talked to her through facebook message and to my surprise she responded fast throughout the day. I sooo needed this feeling reassured about a lot. (i'm a cancer i need lots of reassurance LOL) . I am 100% confident in choosing Duran as my surgeon now.

I decided to wait on my breast augmentation. Instead i'm adding my arms & inner thighs . So all together i'm getting a BBL & full body lipo. I'm ordering the blood builder from amazon. I want my hemo levels to be at 15 !

Can't wait for April !

Duran dolls.

Some of Duran's work that I love theeeee most. I love the booties you can you see from the front. I need that.

PS: anybody else wanna shop for clothes soooo bad for their new body ? Lol lord I'm past ready for my sx.

I need her waist !!!!!!!!!! Tattedupholly is baddd !

I loveeeee tattedupholly's body ! She is tall & super thick. She is probably the most realistic wish body for me. I'd give her stats about 5'9 170'ish. She is thick all around but has NO waist. Her body is everything I need that lol.

Happy Friday the 13th !!!

I'm superrrr superstitious lol so wishing all my dolls a happy Friday the 13th. Don't let Jason get you lol mwahhh have a great weekend everybody.


Good gawddd hats off to the surgeon who sculpted yaris . her body is everything.

LOL !!!!

So remember I told you guys I haven't told a soul about my surgery I am only planning on telling my sister on my father's side. Well today my bestfriend was going through my photo's on my iphone while we were grocery shopping and I have all these pictures saved for my wish pics and pictures of some bad ass vixens of whose bodies i admire and my bestfriend asked me was I gay ? Lmaooo i died laughing in the store im like whatttttttt I played it off so well. Wish I could tell her the REAL reason why they are in my phone ......

For NJexcited

I saw this girl on ig she looks like you lol well reminds me of that pic you posted of you. She's bad

This Yily VS Duran madness has to stop !

The craziness I have seen on here the past few days is just ... smh ! Why must everything between women be a competition ? Neither surgeon is "better" than the other. They both are great at what they do. I've seen amazing results from BOTH sides. I hate how ppl are making it seem like yily is the devil and duran is the angel. Even though Duran is my surgeon and I love her we all know she isn't perfect i've seen bad reviews on here about her as well. No surgeon is perfect !!!!!! Just do your OWN research and choose the best surgeon for YOU , for your body type for what you are looking for ! I got love for all my future yily and duran dolls. I'm just as excited too see you guys results as I am to see my own. Much love !!!!

Wish pic !!!!

Love it !!!

Where to buy lipo foam & lipo board ????

Was able to come up with a complete supplies list. Huge thanks to mayda !!! & vambi's amazing Facebook group (duran dolls join if you have FBI it's so informative ) . I know where to purchase pretty much everything on my list except lipo foam and board. Where can I purchase this dolls ?

Should I Believe this or someone just trying to scare me ?

I will keep the person's username out this to avoid drama but they only have a few posts which makes it hard to believe. I don't know if its true or if someone is trying to make Duran look bad. Makes me want to disable my private messages all together smh! I am still staying loyal to Duran. Maybe i should messagel her about this?

They said...

I saw one of your comments on here to husband224 and I want to tell you his story is true. I was over when his wife was there. When I first saw her I thought she had lipo to her thighs because she walked funny and with the pain on her face scared the hell out of me because I was suppose to get lipo done. I had surgery with Yily, but after my surgery I saw husband224 again and he showed me pictures of her bed that looked like a murder scene because it was soaked in blood. He also show me a picture of her and she was so pale that she look to be near death. That day I actually found out what really happen to her and I was so shocked that I asked for her information to keep I touch with her because I almost chose Duran too because she has done some great jobs on some ladies. Now Im not telling you what doctor you need to have surgery with that's your business but his story was true and if you plan on having a lot of work done over there take someone with you to help care for you because the staff there is not the best at all. I didn't have a bad experience because I bought my husband but I couldn't have done it with out him. I just witness so things while I was there. I also had another friend who was going to yily but got turn down because she had too much skin after having gastric and she went to Carbal and he burnt her with lipo. So just be aware."

Test your Hemoglobin Levels At Home !

For those who don't healthcare insurance or want to check it from time to time without having to run to the doctor's office. Its only 40$ enter your zipcode on walgreens they will tell you which walgreen's in your area has it stocked.

Have no'one to doggy sit :(

I've been so busy planning it never occurred to me that I didn't have a doggy sitter. Since im only telling my baby sister who lives in a dorm (no dogs allowed) I have no'one to watch them. Leaving them home alone is out of the question. lol yes my dogs are my "kids" since I don't have any real ones yet. I have a yellow lab (she's a baby) and a yorkie !

Medications you do NOT want to take 2 weeks before surgery.

Hey dolls so im here studying on this beautiful sunday. & found this in one of my medical books. Just wanted to inform you guys on medications you do NOT wanna take before surgery. If you are taking any of these meds please discontinue them at least 2 weeks before surgery. Not saying that it will kill you but it could definitely lead to some complications. I am not gonna list them all but here are some of the most common ones that we all take.

-Alka-Seltzer & Alka Seltzer Plus
-B.C Tablets & Powders
-Pepto Bismol
-St.Josephs Cold Tablets

These vitamins/herbal supplements can cause abnormal bleeding problems and can affect your cardiovascular system.
-Fish Oils (Omega-3 fatty acids)
-Garlic-Gingko Biloba
-St. John's wort (all types)
-Vitamin C (more than 200mg daily)
-Vitamin E (more than 400mg daily)
-DIET PILLS (extremely important for those of us trynna lose weight before surgery) !!!!!!!!!!!!

It also says "it is extremely important that if your patient should come down with a cold, fever, rash or new medical problems close to surgery date you should notify the surgeon immediately )


Is deelishis bad or whatttt. We are the same height id love to look like this in jeans.

It's being reported that another girl died under Cabral :(

It's being reported on the groups that another patient of Cabral died due to an overdose of anesthesia.

They are saying the anesthesiologist overdosed on the amount of anesthesia.

This makes me sad & even more nervous for my SX. I'm not blaming Cabral it's just why every time something tragic happens it's with one of his patients smh. R.I.P to the girl who passed :(

lmao what the hell ?

This had me in tearsss lol im soo goofy yall. Idk what kind of booty this is. def one of a kind.....

Duran's Assistant Elizabeth !

Hey dolls if you have any questions about your sx or trying to schedule an appointment after you got your quote I recommend contacting Elizabeth

Her facebook: Elizabeth Belen (she responds to her messages quick)
Her Number: 1 809-565-5348 Call between 10am-6am (Weekdays)

Look i LOVE her ! She is sooo sweet and pretty I swear she looks black lol but she is dominican. She speaks really good english and she will help you get as prepared for Sx as possible.

Taking a break !!!!

Omg I use to love this site soooo much it was sooo addictive not so much anymore. Just so much drama so I'm taking a break till I'm at least 1 month pre-op but I'm still excited to see ( in the order y'all are having sx) Vambie, BKbeauty, Mamacita, Naturallycurlee, NJexcited, Mayda23, & Msbigbooty results. Best believe I'll be stalking all of your blogs everyday till and after your SX lol . Sorry if I left anyone out. Also s/o to Mayda23 & Msbigbooty who I'm getting to know personally ! Beautiful girls inside and out. I'll be on the groups from time to time. Add me on Facebook my email is Eyeishaa@gmail !!! Mwahhh xoxo God bless everyone.

Hey dolls !!!!!!!

Hey dolls. I'm back after 2 months. I really just needed a break. I miss you all. Currently catching up on you all's updates. Im so happy that Mamacita & BK Beauty are to the flat side safely.

Im still #teamDURAN all the way. 5 months till my surgery. !!!! I am done with my weight loss journey. I'm just maintaining. I decided to keep my weight at 180ish because I want more than enough fat transferred to my booty. lol

I'll try to update mostly on the weekends. because I work alot during the weekdays (grinding for my sx money lol) & the holidays are approaching (my FAVORITEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE time of the year)

Love you all !!! xoxo
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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