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Hello RS, I am not new to this site. I'm an...

Hello RS, I am not new to this site. I'm an American girl living and working in DR, and actually work in the medical tourism industry (but I am not affiliated with any doctors here) and am also getting the BBL done early next year. I have lots of great info on Doctors, RH, Transportation, Massage, etc. that I could share with you, but it violates the terms of RS for me to do so. But because I'm here in DR and I know how much you all need this info, you can message me with your email address (which I THINK is ok with RS) and we can talk via email if you need any help. Just to be clear, I AM NOT SOLICITING ANYONE HERE, only making my personal knowledge available to those who may need it.

Anyways, in regards to my own journey I am hoping to see either Dra Duran, Dra Baez, or Dr Contreras here in DR. I am a slim to average size girl (depending on the day lol) and I have a waist and bigger thighs but NO hips or booty which SUCKS. Shopping for jeans is a BEAST LOL. I just want to have the curves I have always wanted. Dra Duran told me I need to gain weight for my procedure so any insight you ladies could share regarding weight gain would be super helpful. I need to gain about 10 lbs. I will keep you all updated, and I'm happy to be here. :)

I think I'm stuck on Duran......

I just love her work too much to let her go, although I am still a little scared of CIPLA. She and I will have to have a long talk and figure out what we can do to make me safer up in there LOL. I"m trying to live to enjoy my ass TYVM! :-)

Ok not stuck on Duran......

I'm thinking Dr. Edgar Contreras now. I visited his clinic with one of my clients and OMG! I loved his place and he was so cool. Knowledgeable, professional, and really just awesome! I am seriously, seriously considering him. His results are nothing short of amazing.


I will tell Bernice Burgos (the woman in my profile pic) that you all think she looks great, but again IT IS NOT ME, I have not had SX yet. That is why my profile is called FUTURE DR DOLL!!!!!!!!! LOL

Wish Pic!!!

Dying for this waist to hip ratio.....

Duran or Contreras.....

I just don't know..... I have a client who went to Duran yesterday and she looks AWESOME! I can tell her results are going to be nothing short of amazing........ I'm just torn between her and Contreras.

Watching all these other dolls....

...transforming is making me anxious! Man they look so good. But this recovery is friggin BEASTLY so all yall prepare yourselves. It is NOT a joke! I'm ready to get it over with though.

My First Health Scare......

Well, last friday I had my first real live life or death situation with my health. I had to be rushed to the hospital for appendicitis! Crazy.... Beyond crazy, I was so friggin scared. I really thought I was going to die for a minute there. But I didn't, thank you God. And now I'm like damn. I wonder how this will impact my surgery date?? LOL Now I gotta ask and find out how long I will have to wait until I can get the BBL done. What a rollercoaster ride.....

Asked the question.....

Just posted the question of how long to wait after appendix surgery for BBL here on RS. Lets see what they say. Man I hope they don't say a year or something crazy like that LOL.


I don't have to wait tooooooo long, probably just 3-6 months for my appendix surgery to be healed enough that I can do BBL. Woooooo Hoooooo!!!! Still don't know if I want Duran or Contreras, but I know Duran is all booked up at the times I wanted to go. If I want March or April, I will have to go with Contreras. I don't really want April because thats my birthday month and I would rather no be fresh off the operating table on my B-Day. I need at least a month before or to just do it after. We'll see..... Duran is still my #1 choice I think, Contreras is my back up option.

Indecision continues......

Duran or Contreras, I keep going back and forth..... Contreras girls have been looking awesome recently although they been having some big ol booties and I dont necessarily want a donk. I want a conservative head turner. :)

WIsh Pic.....

I think I lost more weight :/

Not happy about that! I need to gain in order to have this surgery done because I do not have enough fat right now! Man....... I need that prescription for weight gain STAT.

Leaning towards Contreras

I love Duran but I would really like to go in March and I know she has zero available around then..... Contreras is winning me over yall! His dolls have been amazing me lately.

I'm ready already

Man I am so ready to get thsi surgery, all these beautiful dolls around me all the time are KILLING ME. It's part of the job, and I'm so happy for them but then I'm like heeeeeeeeey what about meeeeeeee??? Plus I;m so busy taking care of everyone else that I hardly have time to plan my own anymore. I remember I used to spend hours stalking RS checking out pics and posts, now I'm barely on here... just dont have the time anymore. I guess I am kinda living it in a way, being that I work directly with dolls all the time but still........ ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooooooo ready...... Contreras/Duran take me away!


March 6th with Contreras....... don't know if I'm gonna keep that date yet so I'm not putting it allllllllll the way in my review but yes, I am on his schedule. :)


Can't believe I'm actually scheduled...... wow. I'm not nervous at all, I feel great. I'm ready to go. I deal with surgery everyday so I basically know what to expect, I just want to get through it and get it overwith! And yes Dr C I'm gonna need my ass to be MAGIC! LOL I'm not going for super big, but I want a banging shape that will turn heads for sure. I need nice smooth crvy hips and a nice round booty to go with it. ;)

Starting out....

Starting to take my vitamins and trying to cut down on smoking so I can quit at least 1 month before my date. It's hard as hell because I have been STRESSED lately. Ugh.......... But I'm trying to keep my eyes on the prize and focus on my dream body until I get there. Contreras is the man, I'm not worried at all. I saw Duran today and she was like when are you coming in, I was like ummmmmm you're too popular and busy everybody wants you and you don't have anything in March. She just laughed lol. But it's true! I would have chosen her if she had more available dates, but now I'm scheduled with Contreras..... Sorry boo. I got nothing but love for you. ;)

So much DRAMA!!!!

I like Contreras and his work from the pics that I've seen, but I have also seen some girls that wanted a bigger booty than what he gave them and that worries me. I'm not going for a ridiculous giant ass but I do want to look different. I would be so angry if I spent all this money and ended up looking exactly the same smh........ Then I hear his RH is having problems too and I was planning to stay there for a week as well. It's just so annoying going thru all this, settling on a doctor, then reading stories and seeing pics that unsettle you. I feel like I need to go in to his office and talk with him personally.

New wish pic!!!

OMG perfect booty right here! Natural looking but a definite head turner.....

Too much going on.....

So many things are happening in my life right now, I don't think I can keep my March 6th date. It's just too much to deal with. I'm bringing my son here to DR and don't want to immediately be in recovery after just getting him here, plus I have my business to consider. It's just too crazy right now.

No SX for meeee......

Just wasn't ready. I'm gonna try again for this summer sometime. Yes, it will be hell in the Faja but at least by that point I'll be more settled in and have my baby here with me. My son comes 1st! Not to mention, my work. I have to have everything squared away before I undertake something so serious...... but still, I am a bit disappointed. Oh well..... ish happens.

This world is full of haters....

And when I say haters, I dont necessarily mean people who hate others for no apparent reason. But at the end of the day, hate is a choice. Negativity is a choice...... I have fallen down in life so many times, and each and every time I have gotten back p stronger than before. Does that mean the next time I fall down someone has the right to hate on me? Because to do so would imply that they themselves are absolutely perfect, have never made a mistake, and have the right to throw stones from their glass houses. Personally, I can't be bothered with the BS. I live my life to be better everyday, and that is exactly what I'm going to do. If you can't be compassionate and empathetic to my struggle, then you can exit from my life. I don't need or want you around. I built something from nothing, and I will not stop. Ever. (And I know when I get this banging body, the hate will get even realer..... good thing I'm prepared.)

Changing yet again lol

So it looks like I will be changing to Dra Bello for BBL now. Contreras kinda scared me off with the whole "you need implants" thing. Bello was very confident she could deliver my desired result without them. She doesn't do noses though, so I may still see Contreras for that because I love his noses!!

More decisions.....

I can honestly say I have been through so many doctors! First it was Duran and Yily, I briefly considered Cabral, then I was a Contreras fan, and now I am torn between Dra Bello and Dra Medina! Bello and Medina are both very good, I just don't know who to choose. I think I will go with Medina simply because her record is absolutely amazing and she is attentive, and only does 2 surgeries per day. THAT is the kind of attention I think every patient deserves.

I'm still here, still waiting

Things have gone completely haywire these last few months.... to be honest sx has been the furthest thing from my mind with all the mess that's been going on. But I miss it a lil bit lol...... Something very soothing about checking out booties all day. LMAO anyways, hope all you lovlies are doing well.

Finally got my surgery! Bello Barbie!

My experience with Dra. Bello at Centro Medico El Vergel:
I had known about Dr Bello for quite some time. She was always on my list of doctors I was considering along with Contreras, Duran, Medina, and Yily. She and I established a very good reputation and I often referred patients to her for quotes. I contacted her as soon as I got to DR letting her know that I was back in town and I wanted to come by her office and discuss my surgery plans. She said can you come today, I said sure. When I got to her office for the first time I looked around at the beautiful surroundings and I instantly felt very comfortable. Her secretary speaks perfect English and she helped me get through the process as well. i sat down with the doctor to discuss possibly coming later in the month or even in the summer but the doctor replied with a tempting offer. she said, how about today? I was unprepared but after 2 years waiting, contemplating, and debating I decided it must be a sign that this amazing woman would ask me if she could perform my surgery today. I have always felt very comfortable around her and even in our business meetings I examined her very closely and could see that she is an amazing human being first and an amazing doctor second. all those things were very important to me as I struggle to decide who I would choose to be my surgeon. some of you may think well if you work with her clearly you would go to her, but you're mistaken. I don't work for any doctor, and after other bad experiences I'm very selective about who I refer my clients to. Dr Bello is one of many doctors I work with and could have potentially chosen to do my surgery but I chose her. As I sit here happily bearing the pain of beauty and seeing this surprised and intoxicated look on my boyfriends face as he looked my body up and down, I know this was the best possible decision I could have made. but let me start at the beginning, once I told the doctor that I was ready my hemo was checked and thank god it was 13.1. then it was off to the x ray lab, and finally the cardiologists came to visit me and do the test in my recovery room. every person I encountered in that clinic was personable, friendly, helpful, and respectful of what I was going through . I waited there about half an hour talked with my mother, said a few prayers, and tried to relax but the anxiety was killing me. it was so bad I was sweating lol. The nurses came and helped me prepare, and then the doctor came. she marked me up and told me you are in God's hands first, my hand second but I promise you everything is going to be fine. I tried to interject a few words about what I wanted as far as what kind of look etc. She listened patiently and told me I understand exactly. then the nurse came and put the IV in my arm. She only had to stick me one time, and those of you who have been to other clinics may understand it was a blessing because sometimes they have to stick you 5 times to find the vein and it sucks. but again I want to reiterate every single person in that clinic knows their job well and does their job well. So that process was very quick and once I got the IV I waited about 10 more minutes for the wheelchair to take me into the o.r. it was small but very clean and modern. I remember sitting on the operating table and being told to lie down, but I don't remember anything else after that. it was really funny because when the doctor came the next morning she showed me all kinds of funny pictures of me smiling and giving the thumbs up during my operation lol. I guess my happiness couldn't be contained even by anesthesia. I vaguely remember being transferred from the gurney to the bed in my recovery room. I forgot to mention, the recovery room I was given was decorated very nicely, the bed was comfortable, the bathroom was lovely, and my surroundings have always been a paramount importance to me so my standards for a clinic were very high. I can honestly say my expectations were exceeded. but anyway, after the surgery I didn't feel any pain and I slept like a baby for about 5 hours I think. Then I woke up and called for the nurse who came right away thanks to the buzzer that they have which makes it very easy to get attention. she brought me water and juice and made sure I was OK throughout the night. I slept quite a bit but I could sense the door opening and closing as I was being looked in on which made me feel very safe. I drink some water and juice and then went back to sleep for what felt like an eternity but was probably closer to another 5 hours. I slept like a baby, it was awesome. then I awoke to a hot bowl of chicken noodle soup with fresh cilantro, nice warm ginger tea, and of course more water. I had not eaten at all the day before which was good because it allowed me to have surgery, but as you can imagine by this time I was starving. I ate every bit of my soup which was very good. the nurses continued to come by and check on me, and then the beautiful doctor arrived. she looked at me with a big smile and said you look beautiful everything went perfectly. I was so happy I could have kissed her! I forgot to mention when I woke up I already had my father on so there was no drama when I had to get up. The nurses did help me clean up a bit with anti-bacterial soap and water because I was on my period. and yes they did help me very much because as you can imagine after the surgery your movement can be very limited, not only by pain and stiffness but also by the faja. Then the doctor was off to do wonderful doctor things, and the nurse stayed behind to help me. She unhooked my Faja and noticed that my stomach was wrinkling in places so she brought me a board and placed it inside my faja in my stomach area. After that it was even harder to move around but I was grateful because I really want my skin to be smooth. then I called one of my amazing friends who is a nurse and she came to sit with me the rest of the day. she even got a chance to do a consultation with Dr Bello and after seeing me so happy and looking great she plans on seeing that go to Belo for a tummy tuck as well. after that we just set and talked until I got the all clear to be released. I called a taxi and then I was on my way. overall the message that I really want to give you ladies it don't think just because something is popular that it's the best. McDonalds does not make the best hamburgers, but it is very popular. in this case, there are huge number of dedicated, qualified surgeons in beautiful, well maintained clinics ready to offer you the a1 top notch service you truly deserve when you're spending thousands of dollars on a procedure. don't settle for less than what you deserve as a patient, a clean comfortable environment with a doctor who truly cares about you and not just how much money you're bringing them. if those kind of things are important to you as they were to me, I strongly recommend Dr Bello. On a scale of 1 to 10 she's an 11!

3 days post op

Day 3: slept with the faja open for a few hours and my stomach swole up like crazy lol. The faja has been causing the burning sensation from the Lipo to intensify, that's really been the main issue. My butt hasn't hurt at all unless I sit too long. I was in a hotel but have since switched over to a RH. Currently I'm at Virginia's and it's awesome, as usual. This is one of the houses I highly recommend to my clients along with healing haven, my home, and a few others. Any dolls who need a good place to stay should check into them. Anyway I also had a massage today which was both uncomfortable and relaxing if that makes sense lol. I think I finally managed to fix these pads in my faja the right way so that the burning sensation is minimized. Thank you sweet baby Jesus. Score one for me!

But then the damn itching kicked in...... Ugh. Lol

Anyways I'm back to work ladies. I'm on FB Karleigh Harris in Santo Domingo, DR. Feel free to message me anytime. XOXO

1 year and 2 months post op

It's been a while Realself! I've just been so busy with life and taking care of my dolls (my clients) that I haven't really had time to get on here. But I've missed Realself so much. This used to literally be MY LIFE. I sat for hours on end just reading reviews and looking at pics.... thinking I knew it all but boy was I clueless. LOL I've been through so much since 2013 when I began (do a search on here for Karleigh Harris--thats me--and you'll see what I mean). I can honestly say though, it has all made me the woman I am today: a successful businesswoman with tons of happy clients. I'm representing for Dollhouse International, which is a service I provide as a consultant that can help you plan every aspect of your recovery. Meanwhile, I'm also planning my own round 2!! I have zero idea who I'm going to this time... I'm considering going back to Bello (she was great), but also like Molina, Medina, and Jimenez Ferraras. My ,ain concern this time is getting some hips, and getting all these lumps and bumps smoothed out. I'm ready to have the body of my dreams! It's been a long time coming, but this time will be it for me! I gained so much weight after rd 1 that I really gotta watch it this time. Hopefully I'll be going in the fall. ANyways, ask me anything ladies! I'm here to help. <3
Dra Yvelise Bello

Absolutely amazing, I really am happy with my choice.

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