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Hello all dolls and future dolls! Thank you so...

Hello all dolls and future dolls! Thank you so much for your reviews, for the past 3 years I have been researching and I am finally getting it done myself!

***A little about me***

I am young, not to give an exact number, but I am younger than 26 years old. I have one 4 year old child, natural vaginal birth. My regular physician does not have any worries about my health, except for my weight. When I got my blood test done everything is okay except for my vitamin D, it's very low. My hemo is usually always around 13, so I'm good with that.


Prior to pregnancy I was always around 160 pounds. Up to a year after my son was born my weight fluctuated around 180. I was very happy with my weight loss progress during that time, I was still attracting men even when I was pushing my son in the stroller! lol. Unfortunately my pregnancy eating habits stayed with me which caused my massive weight gain. My heaviest was actually at 220 during the recent summer. For the past month I've been eating better so my weight dropped down to 200.

***Body wise***

I am not comfortable with my body anymore. Ever since my massive weight gained, I stopped going out because of how uncomfortable I was and even stopped hanging out with my friends because I was embarrassed. Sometimes with the right clothes I actually look thinner than what I am.

I carry my weight EVERYWHERE! I would say it's actually evenly distributed now because before when I was thinner most of the weight actually went to my lower body. To make a joke, I think it's because my lower body can't take anymore fat so it gets in where it fits in lol.

My main problem areas are my arms and mid section. My waist is very wide but from the side you would think that I would be thinner, *sigh*. I am actually okay with my thighs, in the past it's usually easy to make them smaller, but my booty I want bigger ;) Who doesn't want a big booty?! Maybe next year or a few months after my BBL I will get a BA, I've always dreamed of having big boobies.

***BBL Plan***

So as the title says I am going to the King of Barbies, Dr. Cabral. I got my quote last year ($3,800) when I was suppose to have gotten it done. Something came up last minute so that's why I wasn't able to do it last year.

As stated above, there was a time I was at 220 so when I contacted Dr. Cabral for a new quote, he told me to lose weight. Now that I am at 201 with clothes on (weighed today), hopefully within the next week or two I will be at 190. I contacted Elizabeth to see if she can give me a quote with me at 201 so I can set up a date within April. My weight has steadily been going down so I'm confident that by the time I land in the DR I should be at the appropriate weight. Hopefully they'll approve!

Sorry for the long post, this is my first one so I'm trying to give you as much information as I can. Toodles!

Supplies coming in

A week or 2 ago I started ordering supplies for my trip. I got almost everything. The only things I need now are tank tops, Bromelain tablets, big underwears (is this necessary?), maxi dresses and faja(s) but I will buy in the Dominican.

***Supply List***

If I'm missing anything please let me know. I looked at the list from and from there I went online to Walmart and ebay to purchase the items.

***Walmart $60 free shipping***
30 under pads (chux?)
56 maxi pads
14 tablet omeprazole
Gogirl urinal
Burn gel (can never be too safe!)
Hiblicens 4 oz
3 anti bacteria bar soap
48 adult disposable wash cloths
250 Arnica tablets

***Ebay $50 free shipping***
Ab board shaped like baseball bases like a squarish triangle
Ab board rounded square
Anti embolism stocking
Traveling money belt

***CVS from last year I forgot how much***
Arnica gel
Arnica cream
Arnica tea

***Dollar tree/$0.99 store***
Anti itch cream 2 bottles
2 disinfecting wet wipes

Bunch of old gauze from my house
A few chux I took from the hospital

Still waiting for Elizabeth for my 2nd quote. I'm trying to hurry up and get approved. I'm going to be out of work soon and I'd prefer to get the surgery before I start a new job so I wouldn't have to request any days off immediately after being hired.

Surgery date set! Anybody wants to exchange?

Today I scheduled my appointment for surgery with Dr. Cabral. OMG! He is fully booked until the last week of May! My surgery date is May 27th -___- I so wanted something sooner but I have to settle.

If there's anyone who wants to switch, message me!

Other than that everything is going good. I have all my supplies except for maxi dresses and tank tops. Since my surgery date is 2 months out I guess I could save up more money. I've had enough this whole time but I guess you can't be too safe.

That's it for now, till next time!

Lipo foam sheets for the abdomen?

***Lipo foam sheets?***

I'm not sure whether or not I should get lipo foam sheets for my abdomen. I'm going to get some for my arms but for my tummy I'm not sure if I need it. I bought 2 lipo boards but would that be enough for the tummy?

I seen online where you get three 8.5"x10/11" sheets for $20. I'm assuming I would put one on each arm (2), one for the front abdomen (1), one for each waist side (2) and one for the back (1)? Is this correct?

I've been reading reviews but I haven't read anything about their foam sheets. And even if they do, they just mention it but do not get into details. If you have any reviews where they do talk about the foams can you give me their username and I can read their reviews? Many thanks!

***Recovery House***

Got in contact with Maria. I'll be staying at her recovery house, she said she has availability. She told me to deposit $100 via Western Union or Money Gram, I asked her if she has PayPal but she hasn't responded yet. I'll ask again tomorrow.

Good night everyone!

Plane tickets?! Check! ;D

*** New surgery date! Yes! ***

I gave Elizabeth a call today during my break and she was able to change my surgery date from May 27th to May 19th! I was so ecstatic! It just works out so much better than the date on the 27th.

*** If they try to give you May 27th as your surgery date, REFUSE IT! ***

- Elizabeth told me May 26th is a holiday for the Dominican Republic.
- You're suppose to come down the day before your surgery so the blood in your body can circulate after being in the plane for a long time. That means you should be coming down on the 26th if your surgery date is May 27th.
- Because the 26th is a holiday, it f****** caused the plane ticket prices to go up! Then, what made it worst, was that the only cheap tickets available would have me arrive in the DR either at 3 AM or 11 PM. AND most tickets were like 20+ hours each way with 1-2 stops! WTF -_- like, no lie, one of the tickets I saw would have me stay in MIA (or another airport, depending on the airlines) for a 16 hour layover! A layover! Not even like the actual flight! Got me so heated when I was trying to find myself some tickets.
- Anyway, so because it's a holiday, the clinic would be closed. If you're coming down the day before, that means you would be carrying all your cash, including surgery money, for more than 24 hours. Until you go to the clinic the next day. That is no bueno for me, I aint trying to carry around that much cash for that amount of time. Especially after I read on IG that some girl recently got robbed INFRONT of the recovery house she was staying at. I heard that her surgery money was stolen too because she still had it on her since they did not go to the clinic immediately after her flight. I hope the woman's okay, I actually never saw a follow up on IG. If this is incorrect, let me know if I'm wrong. I only read briefly of what happened, I do not want to be spreading false info.
- If you're thinking like, "Oh, I'm just going to come down the 25th instead so I can immediately go to the clinic once I get off the plane." Well, of course you could do that. But you would also have to think about paying the recovery house for that extra day and most likely the plane tickets would still be the same price.

*** Anyways... Got my plane tickets! Cheyah! ***

I had a mini anxiety attack today during lunch because I FINALLY BOUGHT MY PLANE TICKETS!! OMG it is getting so real. It's a little surreal to even think about it sometimes, it even causes me to get super nervous lmao.

The ticket prices for May 17th - May 27th were so much better than May 25th - June 3rd. The flight times were so much better too! With my old date, most ticket flight times were like 16 - 30 (yes, 30) hours for ONE WAY. Now with my new surgery date, the flight I booked today was for 15 hours outbound, which is still long, but at least the layover is only 4 hours. Coming back is only 7 hours with a 2 hour layover. Since I talked to a representative over the phone she was able to secure me with aisle seats.

*** Just some thoughts ***

I'm pretty sure I have everything I need. I'm going to write a check off list for myself so I can make sure I have everything before I leave. I have to go to Forever 21 to buy some camis to wear under the faja. I'm still on the fence about buying the foam sheets. I think I'm going to buy a total of 6 sheets, but I'm worried about when it would arrive. I bought some maxi dresses on Wish, I'm also worried about that too because it says it usually takes like 18 to 28 days to come in.

I have gotten in contact with Maria, she said she does not accept PayPal. She said I would either have to use Money Gram or Western Union. I'm going to use whichever is cheaper. Lucky for me, my bf is going to pay for my recovery stay so that's saving me ~$700. She said she has availability for those dates, I just have to hurry up and put in my deposit.

That's it for tonight. Good night everyone!

Lingering cough

About a month ago I got sick cuz of the people I live with. Today I still have the cough. I went to the doctors today, lungs clear, heart's okay and throats fine except for some sinus drainage (I think that's what it's called?). She prescribed me cough syrup but I'm not going to take it. It's not that serious.
The doctor said it's some sort of post viral cough and to let it run its course and only worry if I get a fever or cough worsens and such.

I'm pretty sure Cabral won't postpone my date cuz of it. I probably won't mention it cuz I'm literally fine and it only happens sometimes. It's not like I'm dying or coughing uncontrollably, it comes and goes.

My weight loss been going good. It's just happening a little slower than expected. I'm only 191 with clothes on. I hope to be like 180 when I arrive. I'm thinking about doing a protein shake diet, probably start 2 weeks before my date.

Wish me luck for my weight loss!

Btw if you want to follow me on ig my user name is cee.z_doll I haven't posted anything on it yet. I'm sort of unsure about what to post. It's not like rs where this is specifically meant for sx reading. I'm not sure if I should post things even though I don't have any followers. I just made the account just so I can view drs results.

Png not uploading? Had to convert to jpeg

Everything Always Happens Your Last Work Day Before Vacation

Tomorrow my flight is at 10 pm and I won't arrive in SDQ until 1 pm. I'm worried about if my flight would get canceled/delayed. The weather said in SD it's like thunderstorms BUT AT 80 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT o_O I live in Cali, our weather is almost literally the same all year around and with no humidity. This is going to be a totally new experience for me.

I still need to pack, I'm so bad. And I gotta get my vagee waxed tomorrow and I gotta get some camis. Why must I be a procrastinater!

I'm sort of on the fence of whether or not I should bring my smart phone or if I should bring an old phone. I am totally worried about losing my phone!

Like my caption said, at work everything goes wrong the day before you leave!! Omg it's like the past few weeks have been super smooth and now that today was my last day until I come back on the 31st everybody trippin and they need hella shhh from me.

Well I'll make an update tomorrow when I'm leaving. Maria texted me today to confirm I'm leaving tomorrow and she said she'll follow up with me again tomorrow. Can't believe the day is almost here!

A Few Hours Away!

Over here in the A.T.L. it was funny getting off the plane, since my phone time zone was still in Cali so I saw that the time was 3am when it was actually 6am. I was hella pissed. I was like Tha fu** I gotta wait here for 7 hours now instead of 4?? Lol, I'm surprised my phone didn't update it automatically though.

I'm here at my gate. I'm still early cuz it doesn't leave until 10 am & it's only 7:20. So I still got an hour & 40 mins. Right now it's just me & 2 girls. I think one of them might be getting surgery, she was here before I got here and then she went off somewhere probably to grab something to eat.

I gotta say this airport is so nice! And it's hella huge! I had to take a train to get to the right terminal. It goes from Term A-F so I'm here in terminal E. OAK & SJC are good but don't compare to this. I wonder how does SFO look? I actually never went through SFO cuz I never wanted to deal with the Peninsula traffic.

Where are my jitters? I swear this whole time I have not gotten nervous once. Even when my bf dropped me off at SJC I still was unfazed. I told him I'm going to send him a sexy pic post op ;) (can we use emojis on our post?)

I'll be landing in SDQ at 1pm. Wish me luck. I swear it's weird knowing that in one more day my body is going to change. My sister, bf & coworkers are excited for me. So glad I have them to talk to. My sister is now going to be researching too. She'll have to get the gastric & then get the makeover after she loses weight. Shout out to the beautiful Omayra82martinez she is an Almonte doll who got the gastric sleeve before her surgery. She is looking lovely!

That seems to be it dolls. Wish me luck. When I get home & have a keyboard I'll write a more thorough experience. Just trying not to waste my battery. Xoxo

Consultation in SDQ

Hey everyone, so I'm here in Santo Domingo. Omg I love it here! The humidity's a b**ch though! Where I lived & visited it has always been dry.

I arrived at 1:20 pm and got picked up by Leo, the driver at Maria's Recovery House. He is super cool, I really like him. I don't get why does everyone say the driving here is crazy. I really didn't notice anything, I mean sure the people do some illegal stuff. Like this motorcycle going straight across traffic & through cones just to get on the other lol. But it's not that bad.

I did my tests & consultation today so tomorrow I will be having my surgery. I have been writing down my experience in my journal so once I return home and use the laptop I can post a more thorough review.

So far everything is good. There is a inconsistency with pricing -_- but I'm not going to bring it up. Idk I feel a certain way about complaining cuz I view it as being cheap and for me it's embarrassing.

Well wish me luck tomorrow! Xoxo

Waiting for Surgery

Hello all, this is going to be a short & sweet update. I don't like typing using my phone, I'd prefer to use a keyboard.

I'm here at CIPLA waiting to get surgery. Dr cabral said probably in about 4-6 hours hell be able to work on me.

I have personally seen a few post op dolls from cabrals ig here in the DR. Their results are phenomenal. I am so excited for mine.

Maria's recovery house is good. There is about 8 of us total but I've only met 3 of them. The staff is wonderful too they are so friendly and bubbly. Couldn't be happier.

I'm going to take a nap and wait for my time to come. Toodles ;)

Post op

Hello everyone. I am 2-3 days post op. I love my results. I have stated multiple times I hate typing using my phone so I wont go in that much detail in regards from my last post to now. I was up during surgery, luckily I'm not one of those people who will be scarred for life & such so I was okay with that. I'll get more in detail with that later cuz I mean looking back it is like "wtf?! O_o " lol. I love my lips! My are so huge. The swelling is going down, I am so excited to see how it'll look in the end. Btw it was a fat transfer to lips. My ass is huge! I took a pic but it does me no justice. Smh. Now I know what girls meant when I use to read their posts. I like my tummy too. I have no burns or anything, unless they're on my back. I haven't seen my back post op yet buy the nuses here at Maria's have and they never mentioned anything. I took a video of my tummy after the nurses gently cleaned it at cipla. Even though I didn't speak English they were very nice to me. Actually everyone there at CIPLA is hella nice and it's surprising how many know very good English. I am do glad I didn't get a tummy tuck. I didn't think I needed one and now since I've seen my tummy a few times (not alot, i live in my faha) without my faja it's actually looking very good. Haven't gotten any massages yet. I'm not sure when I am suppose to. I'll ask the nurses later today cuz there's a doll here who had her surgery 1 day before me and she hasn't got her massage yet either. I go in to see Dr. Cabral Tuesday so I'll be asking him questions about my post op. Sleeping is a pain. No matter what position I get in I still feel very uncomfortable. I've manly been sleeping on my tummy. Whenever I lay on my back or sit on my butt, my butt gets hella sore. I am not looking forward to my plane trip! Post op care here at Maria's is great! Most nurses know enough to go by and even if not the wifi is good so you can get a translator. I room with 2 girls who speak Spanish so sometimes if needed they would translate for me. They are such dolls. I love talking to them. I should be getting out pictures shortly of my post op body and Maria's recovery. It'll just take me a while. I usually stay in my room cuz of the ac. When you go out to the living room it is so warn & humid. I can't take it That's it for now. Remember to also follow me on ig cuz I've been posting pics there too.

Sorry I've Been MIA

I was casually scrolling through my last update and I made alot of typos haha. One of the big ones was when I said the nurses at CIPLA treated me good even though I didn't speak English haha. In that sentence I meant "even though I don't speak Spanish". Silly me. X)

Recovery is going great. I'm back home. I landed in San Jose last night. I haven't been able to use the lap top so a detailed experience will be typed up soon I promise!

I am still super swollen. I feel like a robot, I'm hella stiff. I can't move that much because of swelling and my garments.

Im now wearing my stage 2 faja. I absolutely love it at first I thought it was going to be the devil reincarnated but it's my best friend. I feel like I'm going to fall apart when it's off. I have a xxxl cuz of my thighs, hips and ass, then I gotten the waist taken in to a small. I just got it taken in to a small yesterday but without the boards I'm already at the third hooks with the great ability to breathe. With the boards in I'm at the 2nd row of hooks. I guess in 2 days I might be on the 3rd row with the boards in then I gotta make it an extra small.

I love my shape, it is everything I have asked for but I wish my butt was bigger. Im very grateful because I am looking 1,000% better now than before but I still want that ridiculously big ass. I'm waiting for the fluff fairy.

Hopefully tomorrow or the day after I'll make my update via lap top. Thanks for reading.


With Instagram since I don't have to write alot I like to post there sometimes. My name is beautiful_cabraldoll I've changed my IG name.
Dr. Hector Cabral

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