Dr. Hasan 2017 bbl and lipo - Miami, FL

Hey Ladies, I'm new to the site and am very...

Hey Ladies, I'm new to the site and am very interested in getting a Brazilian butt lift for sure and possible a breast augmentation . I am 22 years old, 5'3 and am 140lbs. I have a daughter and had her with a c-section. So after having my daughter and getting on the depo shot(birth control) I am really wanting a bbl. I never had hips and I really want the perfect bubble butt. I recently had a client get a bbl from Dr. Fisher and after seeing her results I immediately wanted one. She has a perfect Barbie shape now and he previous shape was exactly what I am now. I plan on getting surgery by Dr.Fisher December 2016 but I don't mind waiting until March 2017 (the latest)

My "Wish" Pictures

So here are a couple of wish pictures for the look I am going for. I
am in love with Lira Galore's shape plus I'm 5'3 with a little shape to
work with already so hopefully it works out in my favor. I was told by a
previous client of Dr.Fisher that he asks what butt shape are you
looking for so I included the four different shapes for preference for
you ladies. I was going for the buble butt(round shape) but I think I
want to go more towards a heart shape .

Deciding a Dr. + Dr's contact info

All contact information and time window listed below. Check on my screenshots as well for quotes. I hope this helps ladies. I plan on recieveing surgery between December 2016 and March 2017. Please let me know if anyone is going around there's time preferably to Duran because I would prefer have a travel or RH buddy.

1. Dr. Fisher- Ok so I thought I wanted to go to Dr. Fisher due to his amazing results but I figured I would look more into other options just to be sure. Dr Fisher quoted me $5300 for bbl and $300extra for arm lipo (1000 deposit). Best contact method is thru a coordinator which I was referred to Ana 305-262-6070 ext 232 and her email is anaily@kmetics.net(response right away thru email once you call and speak with her).
2. Dr Duran- located in the D.R. And she is my second choice because she snatches everyone's waist. I am really thinking about going with her because her results on everyone are good and a lot of ladies are happy on RS. Best contact is email info@draduran.com where they will send you a link to fill out and what's app is 1-347-779-0624 where they will send the same link to fill out in order to receive a response. 12 hours wait for link to be sent thru email and what's app and I am still waiting on quote. Ughhhh
3. Dr. Yily located in the D.R. Is 3rd choice because she has good results but their are many mixed reviews on her and I heard she is rude. For bbl is 3500(includes garmet only and deposit is $300) and arm lipo is $300 extra.What's app # 1-829-966-6102 is the best way to contact her. I send three body photos and my height and weight and got a response in 3 hours. I also received a response they email in 5 hours at drayilyplastica@gmail.com
4. Dr.Robles- I heard a few good things about her but she does not get waists super small like I like. I need a dramatic change to be satisfied. Best contact is through email info@drawalkirisrobles.com. They will send you a link to fill out and In total I received a response in about 8 hours. Bbl is $3900 and i am waiting for a response for the arm lipo.

More wish pics

Here are some more wish pics but Omg ladies I don't know what I would do without Real Self. I am on this everyday like a crackhead lol. Reading everyone's stories trying to figure out who to go to. I'm so lost right now. Plus idk the best way to find a flight. Anyone have suggestions??? Hellpppp

Dr Medina !!!!

Ok ladies so on my last post I was just trying to get quotes from my top doctors . While waiting for the rest of the quotes I had emailed DR. MEDINA about a day ago and she just responded (8/29/16)!!! For my bbl is $3700 and $300 extra for arm lipo. The all inclusive package is $4550 which includes 10 days, 9 nights in the recovery home, all transportation&food during trip, and everything needed for surgery(x-rays etc). Her deposit is $500. I have been stocking her Instagram page and I love her results. She seems really nice and I love how she shows herself in the surgery room with real clients. I plan on paying my deposit next Friday which is 9/9/16 to secure my surgery date for March 14th 2017 or next year. If any of you ladies are going around this time please let me know as I will be traveling alone.. Ughhh but I'm so excited. I've given up on waiting for Dr.Duran. I was emailed back by a coordinator saying she is on vacation and won't be able to give a quote until the middle of September. She is probably going to be so busy and I don't have time for that. I'm happy with my choice for Medina because she wiLL get your waist SNATCHED .

Life has me Stressed out

Ok so I was ready to pay my deposit with medina but I got in an accident and had to pay for a rental etc. omg this has just been a headache the last week. The $500 that I had saved was spent on a rental :-( so I will be paying my deposit to secure my date in about a month. I'm still going in March 2017, preferably The second week of March . I believe the quote that medina gave to me is good for 3 months so I'll be ok. Minor set back but I can't wait for this surgery y'all . Ready to have a bomb body!!! This is only the beginning of my journey....

Dr. Medina 2017

So here is the quote from Dr. Medina ladies. It's took exactly about 2 days to receive it. Her email is dramedina@tucirujana.com. Just send pictures of yourself and tell her your weight, height, kids(if any) and what you would like. I plan on being to her March 14th, 2017 or sometime in the second week of March. Please let me know if any of you ladies are going around this time. I plan on getting the bbl and arm lipo . I'm still u decided on the breast augmentation just because I know the volume in your bbl will mess up if your on your back plus I know with the breast augmentation I wouldn't be able to lay on my stomach. Lol decisions decisions

Imágenes integradas 1 Hello, arm lipo is us 300 extra THE FIRST 30 PATIENT THAT BOOKED THEIR SURGERY DATE WILL RECEIVED: 10% OFF IN DENTAL WORK 10% OFF IN NOSSO SPA, FACIAL AND BODY TREATMENTS (LYNPHATIC MASSAGES ARE NOT INCLUDED) 50% OFF IN PLASMA RICH PLATELETS Private Nurse, 1rst Surgery Night. I think I can do a very good job to improve your figure, so you can be the best version of you. After see your pictures I understand I can improve your body with the following interventions: Liposuction on abdomen Liposuction on waist Liposuction on lower and upper back Flanks with or without lipoinyection to Buttock (BBL) Price: US $3700.00 Recovery House included: Shared room All the Meal, Nurse 24/7, AC Wifi US$75.00 per night. 10 nights US$ 750 Transportation included: Airport Pick up Medical Check up Bring you back to the airport US$100.00 Total price: US$ 4550.00 Extras areas of liposuction are US$ 300 each one (YOU HAVE TO HAVE A PRIMARY LIPOSUCTION AREA). IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU CHECK PRIOR TO PLANNING YOUR SURGERY THE FOLLOWING: -HEMOGLOBIN LEVELS BMI (THE BMI LIMIT IS 35) Please read all the information. Some dolls pics: http://www.tucirujana.com/dt_g... YOUR QUOTE INCLUDED: PRIVATE NURSE IF YOU COME BY YOURSELF (IF YOU COME WITH COMPANION THEQUOTE WOULDN’T BE LESS). PATIENT COORDINATOR, TO BE ATTENDING ALL YOUR NEEDS IN YOUR SURGERY PROCESS. • HONORARY MEDICAL STAFF. (SURGEON, HELPERS, NURSES, MEDICAL CARE POSTSURGICAL, ANESTHESIOLOGY) • SURGERY ROOM. • SURGICAL EQUIPMENT. • WASTE MATERIALS ROOM NO SPECIALIZED AND SPECIALIZED SURGERY. • ANESTHESIOLOGY • DISPOSABLES, DRUGS, AND RECOVERY ROOM. • ROOM 24 HRS. (EXTRA DAYS ARE 200 DOLLARS) • MONITORING AND CURES POSTOPERATIVELY. • ONE POST SURGERY GARMENTS • LABORATORY (CBC, GLYCEMIA, UREA, CREATININE, TGO, TGP, TP, TPT, HIV, HBSAG, HVC, BHCG, URINE) (ANY OTHER LABORATORY HAS TO BE PAY BY THE PATIENT) • CARDIOVASCULAR EVALUATION. (ANY OTHER EVALUATION THE PATIENT HAS TO PAY IT) • EKG • X-RAY (ANY OTHER SPECIAL STUDY THE PATIENT HAS TO PAY IT) IMPORTANT NOTE: · The Administrative Process and balance of fees is due 48 hours before surgery. · Price is in America dollars. · To book a surgery date you have to make a US$500 non refundable deposit. · Prices Guarantee only for 3 month. · Any other test that is not list is extra. · If you do have Diabetes, asthma cardiovascular pressure problems, smoke or has any other diseases bring an extra US$300.00 for an specialist evaluate and approve for surgery. · The procedures will depend on your hemoglobin levels. · Is important to have a good hemoglobin level to have your surgery done. Your Hemoglobin and levels has to be over12ml for one procedure, more than 13 g/ml for 2 procedures and more than 14mg/dl for 3 procedures. · Is recommend to stay 14 days after surgery or more depend of the procedures. · Take Iron pills 6 weeks before surgery. 2 weeks before stop all that contain Vitamin A and E. · The U$ 500 deposit to secure the date of your surgery are not refundable in case of cancellation · Must remain off work 3-4 weeks. · If you don’t have a place to stay you can use a recovery house. The costs is 75 dollars a night all inclusive. Also we can coordinate transportation. · Nonsurgical guest to stay at the recovery house is US$55 a day plus transportation. · In case you need to stay extra night at the recovery house for your condition or after surgery cost US$75. · The take home medication are not included in the quote. Costs approximately 250 dollars. Antibiotics, pain medications, proton pump inhibitors, vitamin C and Iron. Other medication than those has an extra cost. · The lymphatic drainage massage should be performed, recommended are 10 massages. This has cost about 300 dollars. Massages are not included in the quote. · It is mandatory for patients to buy insurance complications, the cost is between 150 dollars. Bring it in cash. Can get in the offices. The complication insurance cover extra hospitalization in case of complication, does not cover anything that is ambulatory · . If you smoke you will have oxygen treatments (mandatory), at least 6 hours, each hour cost US$ 100. · In order to get surgery you BIM has to be less than 33. · A specific result it is promise in any case after surgery because everybody has a different body type. · You may need others procedures to achieve your final look. · If you broke your drain after you get out of the clinic, you have to pay US$25 dollars to replace it. It is not cover by complication insurance. Medication after Surgery (ESTIMATE cost US$300): LEVOFLOXACIN 750 MG EVERY 24 HOURS PER 10 DAYS CLINDAMICINA 300MG 1 TABLET EVERY 8 HOURS FOR 10 DAYS ENANTIUN 1 TABLET EVERY 8 HOURS FOR 10 DAYS OMEPRAZOLE 40 MG 1 TABLE EVERY 24 HOURS PER 10 DAYS VITAMIN C 1000 MG EVERY 24 HOURS FOR 30 DAYS IRON 1 TABLET EVERY 24 HOURS FOR 30 DAYS BANEOCIN UNGUENTO OR BIAFINE CLEXANE EVERY 24 HOURS 7 DAYS · THE DRUG WILL VARY DEPENDING ON THE NEEDS OF EACH PATIENT. · YOU ARE ALLOW TO BRING YOUR OWN MEDICATION. "BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU" 

Wish pics for Medina

Some more wish pics of my desired look. Chille I need a negative waist line and a big booty lol

2017 Duran Doll for Bbl

So ladies I feel like a wreck. After all of my research on a million
different doctors and after finally deciding I want to go with medina,
my heart is still stuck on Duran . I know I have to just wait and be
patient to get a quote from Her.I did email her and they got back to me
saying I have to wait until September 14th which is when Duran returns
from vacation, so since I haven't paid any deposits yet, it won't hurt
waiting another week until she gets back. Man I hope March 2017 isn't
already booked because I been looking up flights. I'm just ready to book
my date so that will be one less thing off my back.. Ughhh and anybody
going to Duran in March, preferably the second week please let me know
because I need a travel buddy.


Forget all of the other wish pics that I posted..Yily PLEASSSSEE bless me with this EXACT shape.. Omg I'm in fucking love. With being in the little titty comity myself Tommie just gave me lifee.. Yassss

Ok ladies.. boyyy do I have a lot to say.. So let...

Ok ladies.. boyyy do I have a lot to say.. So let me start off by saying I am officially going to Yily March 14,2017!!so I'm 6 months pre op!! I paid my deposit today through my credit union. It was a $300 deposit plus to wire the money was an extra $25 so $325 total. The $300 will be taken out of the total price which was $4050 for her all inclusive package of a bbl, transportation and recovery home for 8days ,7 nights. Now here's the story on why I picked yily .....

Ok so I was officially set on Dr.Fisher($5300bbl but missed summer special so now 6000!!!) but then started getting quotes from other doctors just to see the price difference. For bbl Dr.Medina $4550( including 10day recovery house) ,Dr.Robles 4,500(including 8day recovery house), Dr Meija $3350(only surgery) and last but not least Dr. Duran which I haven't received a quote yet because she is on vacation until wed.September 14th(ughhh!!) . So after getting all of the quotes I started doing more research and looking at Instagram and real self reviews.. I finally decided to go with Duran but I don't have time to wait on a quote plus I know she is going to be backed up on sending them out for being on vacation for a while. Fuck!! 

So for some reason I felt that I need to re-evaluate Yily because she does have a more affordable price and does great work. 3 reasons on why I chose yily :

1. First off yily does really snatch a waist and her work is very similar to Medina(mind you medina's price is $500 more then yily's)

2. Soooo many girls who have went to yily recently(2016) post under her Instagram pictures with only good and positives things about her and their experiences . I have personally spoke to girls through DM who have recently went to her and love her . Key word Recently

3.Mimi Fraust from Love and hip hop went to yily and her waist and body looks good so y'all know with this exposure Yily's prices are about to shoot wayy up and I be damned if I miss out on this deal for $4050.00 bbl including recovery house for 8 days and transportation.. Nope not today 

P.s. I have read negative things about yily but a lot are not recent and from Instagram there was sooo many bomb ass ladies with new bomb ass bodies talking about their experiences and where so willing to give me some positive insight 

.. So yea I am going with Yily and my deposit is PAID. I'm going with a friend so if any others ladies are Team Yily going in March 14, 2017 or around that time let me know and maybe we can all link up in the recovery house. Please let me know which recovery houses are good because I need to figure out which one I will be staying at next. I promise to keep you ladies posted throughout my whole journey . I hate it when ladies stay on here until they get the surgery and you don't see any damn post op pics or anything but until next time ttyl #teamyily

Recovery house rundown

Ok so as y'all know I'm having surgery with Yily and with her all-inclusive package she lets you choose between 4 different recovery houses. Once you pay your deposit Yily will send you you an invitation for your surgery date with confirmation of them receiving the deposit. After you receive the invitation, select YES you will be attending then send them an email about choosing your recovery house and they will send you a form to fill out. ( pictures of everything are above) .

So I looked at all of the recovery houses and wrote pros and cons that each had:
1. Luxury RH...PROS- gated community, 24hour security, massage parlor inside, $25 massages or 5 for $100, 15 mins from airport,free personal errand runner, door with lock and keys and safe lock box for personal items. CONS- males allowed (no offense but it's awkward)
2. Serenity RH... PROS-10 mins from Yily,boppy pillow for each girl, comforter to take to clinic,free personal errand runner, $25 massages or 5 for $100. CONS- males allowed
3. Eden RH...PROS-none found that's stood out. CONS-room beds are supperrrr close together
4. Kindness RH- PROS- 15 mins from Yily, bilingual staff, free calling to U.S.,dresser with lockable drawer, scheduled menu(good to know what they will be serving). CONS- 5 massages for $115( highest price for massages)

*all recovery homes are free to wash soiled garments. Come with 3 meals, 2 snacks and drinks.

After researching, myself and my friend Amanda have decided to go with LUXURY RECOVERY HOME because I love that they have a gated community and 24 hour security(safety first)Their massages are also goo priced and they have a safe lock box for personal items. Even though males are allowed, hopefully they separate male companion rooms from other girls. Hopefully this helps ladies. I will be sending Yily my form with information over so they can send it out to my preferred RH. Oh and I will also call the recovery house to ensure me and my friend are staying in the same room. Next up is passports and flights. #teamyily

Quote from Duran!!!

So I finally received my quote from Duran!!! I don't know why I was so impatient with her due to her being on vacation and everyone not being able to reach her. But She got back from vacation Wednesday Sep. 14th and I got my quote Friday !! I'm so fucking pissed I paid my deposit with Yily . I have been thinking it over and I've decided to go with my #1 choice DURAN!! I rather go with the best even if it costs me a $300 loss.. I'm changing my surgery date in March as well. My friend is just waiting on her quote so we can pay our deposit and book recovery houses together. I have to pay $450 total for SX date. $200 surgicoordinator fee and $250 to hold my date which will be taken off of my surgery price.. Surgery for bbl and lipo is $3900 not including surgicoordinator fee..and when you email Duran the surgery coordinator automatically responds so idk how some ladies are getting around that $200 fee..it's like the surgery coordinators are Duran's assistants.Anyways I'm so happy y'all . I get to go with my top pick .. Ladies stay positive while waiting for Duran to respond, just keep trying and you should get a response. Stay tuned for Duran's info on how I got in contact with her.

Miami Physician

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