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Hey Dolls, Can you imagine going abroad for a...

Hey Dolls,

Can you imagine going abroad for a cosmetic procedure?! How am I going to get through customs with all that money? What do I claim I am traveling for? What do I need to do to prepare for the procedure? Am I really going to Dominican Republic for cosmetic surgery? Ya I know it sounds crazy… Right?!!!! The main reason I am writing this review is in hopes of helping you all get the answers you need that I couldn't find here for my very own self. To break it down i've decided to break down this blog into 8 major sections:



ok so first things first, let me start by telling you all a bit about myself. My main area of interest was the butt. I think most of us girls ideally want a curvaceous body with a nice round booty. That being said, I wanted liposuction in my mid section, love handles, back rolls, arms and to top it off my double chin. (why not right? Im already doing everything else!)

I did extensive research. I even went to see a few doctors here in Canada. I wasn't impressed with how aggressive they were with their work. I seen pictures of patients that got liposuction and was like seriously why didn't you get all the fat out?? I was not impressed with what I was seeing. Not to mentioned there prices started off at $2,000 for the love handle area itself. To make it even better, the love handles weren't considered a pair that was for one love handle only!! I laughed and decided I would go on real self and take a look at other doctors work. I came across all the hype of doctors in the Dominican Republic. Which takes me here and how my journey began in stalking each and every one of there lives. I promise you I looked at every doctor, every photo, and every review. It consumed my life and for a moment it was an obsession. I looked into a few doctors. My thoughts exactly:

Dr. Yily De Los Santos - Her work was good. I just felt that she over exaggerated the butt. She has this signature sculpt that she creates at the top of the butt that looks very unnatural. All her work looks very dramatic. I like to call it the ghetto Niki Minaj butt. She was X'd off my list.
Dr. Luis A. Fernandez- I seen this one picture of a woman who got lipo in her mid section and her skin appeared loose after the procedure. I have so much loose skin in my mid section and I was not ok with looking like that after the procedure. To add on top of it all, he took forever to provide me with a quote and when he did it was over priced in comparison to what I was getting from others. He was X'd from my list.
Dr. Alejandro Hernandez- His work was ok. I seen this one picture of his work on this young woman. She looked great however, her butt looked long. I didn't understand why her butt/ hips didn't pull out where they were suppose to?! I'm not a doctor but even I had an eye to point that out. Also X'd
Dr. Tania Medina de Garcia- Her work was good as well. I just thought her bbl's were overly dramatic. Her reviews and photos also sucked. She was X'd from my list.
Dr. Emmanuel Mallol - Yesssssss!!! i'm in love with this mans work. When I looked into him there wasn't much reviews or photos but the very few I came across where breath taking. This man gets it. He knows how to give a woman the perfect NATURAL bubble butt, wide natural looking hips and he tightens the shit out of your skin. I couldn't find one thing wrong with his work. So there it was, I decided to email him with a list of my concerns and praying that it would be of good price.

I received my first email back. Here is an exact copy and paste of my response:


Thank you so much for get in touch with us.

Dr. Emmanuel Mallol saw you pictures and he think "I am confident I can do a great work with her body"

The price for Lipo + BBL is US$2750.00 dollars. This price includes the following:

Blood work
Surgical procedure
One night at clinic
1 Garment
5 Massages
Follow up
In case you decided to have a Full Package the price can be US$3600.00 US dollars. Including the before plus the following:

8days stay at the recovery
Ground transportation from-to airport
Pos op meds
The flight is not included.
Airport is called SDQ
The payment is cash only.
Price in US$ Dollars

We request a Deposit in order to book a date $250 US dollars.

Now here's the thing ladies. I notice you all seem to think you're corresponding with the doctor when asking about surgery. Who you are really corresponding with via email is his assistants. When you contact a plastic surgery office in North America do you think the doctor emails you back? They have a team that does all of that for them. After all if they had to respond to the hundreds of emails they get of people who aren't guaranteed to have the procedure done that would be considered a full time job. The doctor is busy doing surgery and after care on his actual patients. He has no time to answer our abundance of crazy questions. The doctor will only take you seriously and provide you with his personal Whats app number when he meets you. The number you are given prior to surgery/ email is his assistant. I am guilty of emailing his assistant 20 times a day to ask questions on how to prepare and probably anything that came to mind. Can you blame me! ? Well I hope my review answers all the questions for you that I had and saves your from all of that.


So Prior to surgery they will ask you to start take a few different pills. These can be found at your local health food store, shoppers drug mart, Rexall and even Walmart. They do not cost much either. Please see details below:

IRON pills:
I couldn't find these hanging out in the isle at my local store. I had to personally go up the pharmacist and get him to grab them from behind the counter. They will ask you which Iron pills and you tell them 325 mg of Ferrous Sulfate. The assistant will advise you to take 1 every 12 hours. They didn't have 325 mg but they did have 300 mg and that worked fine.

These were found on the isles in my local shoppers drug mart. I got the Websters brand, mind you any brand works. Take 400 mcg at day.

I was advised to take "one 01 mg daily". No idea what that meant but I got 500 mg and took 1 a day. These were also found in the isle of my local shoppers drug mart.

Cigarette / hooka (01month pre-op)
Aspirin (02weeks pre-op)
Multivitamins (Vitamin E and A)
Birth control pills.
Nutritional Supplements
Ex.: Weight loss supplements, workout supplements , nail-skin-hair pills, etc
- Herbal Teas (moringa tea, ging-seng tea, circulation teas, etc.)

** I am a smoker and therefore quit smoking 1 month in advance.

COMPRESSION SOCKS- I sent his assistant a million emails regarding this as I noticed they have a large selection of different types. She told me to get any they all work and do the job well. I found these at shoppers drug mart as well and since she suggested any I went with the cheapest ones that were on sale LOL. They were ugly as hell, super shinny shear material but i scored a deal and they did the job.

** My biggest mistake was over packing. Ladies on your way home you do not want to be carrying excess weight. I wore the same shit everyday and the ladies in the recovery home wash your clothes on a daily. Bring flat shoes a few comfy loose dresses and an abundance of black tank tops. Keep it simple! I packed as if I was going on my honey moon LOL!


To all my Canadian girls this will be very helpful when booking your trip. I flew out from Canada. and finding a direct flight to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic was impossible. Do they even have direct flights?! Anyways I couldn't find any. When booking your flight keep in mind that you will be going to:

Las Americas International Airport (SDQ) - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

There are all sorts of connecting flights. Some that lay over in New York, Miami ext. I chose to have my lay over in Miami. When entering customs I was flipping out about the amount of cash I was carrying!! Is customs going to question me? Are they going to detect all my money under the scanning thingy? What do I tell them the purpose of my trip is?

Well to sum that all up first of all you are entitled to carry as much money as you please. The only reason you would have to explain yourself is if you are carrying more than 10, 000 cash which I highly doubt anyone is. I brought 5,000 USD and that was more than enough. I claimed that the purpose of my trip was a vacation. No body blew anything out of proportion and it went smooth.

Flight to Miami- The flight to Miami was a few hours. It went by quick. I decided to give myself a 3 hour lay over which was unnecessary. When landing in Miami you don't have to check out pick up your luggage and re-check it for the next connecting flight. You simply exit the plane and your already in the duty free section where everyone is waiting at there boarding sections. Had I known this I would of taken an hour lay over. This was annoying and I wish someone had shared this news. Anyways The 3 hours passed as I was distracted playing cards, eating and shopping.

Flight from Miami to Santo Domingo - The flight wasn't long at all a few hours. When landing in Dominican the nerves started to hit me. I was anxious, nervous, and scared all in one. Was I actually doing this?! Ladies when landing in Dominican Republic you are required to pay for your Visa. To sum it up its like a permit to stay there. I'm not to sure anymore if I paid $10.00 or $20.00 but none the less its affordable. You are then required to bring your Visa and passport to the border immigration officer. These are the serious people that question your stay and stamp your passport. I remember being so nervous at this point. What am I suppose to tell this man!!? He asked me where I was staying and I gave him the name of my recovery home. He smiled like he knew I was a typical north american abroad to get cosmetic surgery. He was super chills, handed me my documents and I walked away. Smooth sailing!! I promise it's not as bad as you all think it may be. I mean they must bring in an overload of tourist for cosmetic procedures per year this is normal to them.

I grabbed my Luggage and walked out and the nerves got worse. I was supposed to be looking for a man with a sign in his hand with my name printed on it. There he was with the cutest hand painted sign. I can't remember his name anymore but the first thing he said to me was to relax and that everything was going to be ok. He was quite the gentlemen. He took the initiative to carry out the luggage and as soon as we got into his car he offered his WIFI password. Ya that's right people have WIFI in there cars in the Dominican. He spoke perfect english and on our ride he was practically a tour guide. He spoke about the great restaurants, malls and answered any questions I had. There I was with my phone pulled out a typical tourist taking pictures of everything I seen. Dominican Republic is a very developed country and super americanized. They have clothing stores such as forever 21 and beautiful malls. Not to mention every food chain that we have in North America (KFC, Subway, etc). We landed at about 5 PM and so our driver called the doctor right away and drove us straight to see him.


Flight from Dominican back to Miami-

The flight back to Miami was fine all until I landed in Miami. Not because I was in pain, I was fine but because you are required to go through customs check out your luggage and then re-check it for the next connecting flight. The lay over going back home was 3 hours. Ladies this is not enough time!!!! The airport in Miami is so dysfunctional and so unorganized. It was ridiculous! By the time we passed immigration officers, customs got our luggage and tried to re- check back in I missed my flight. For this reason I had to rent a hotel room in the airport for a night and then take the next flight back home in the morning. Please give yourself 5-6 hours during the lay over returning back home only!!

Flight from Miami back home to Canada- I have never been so eager to get home!! The return flight felt like it never ended. Please plan accordingly ladies and take my advice in giving yourself the extra lay over time when returning back home.

** I know we all want to know how much time we are required to stay for in the Dominican for. I only stayed for 8 days. This was more than enough time unless you are of course getting anything more extensive or the doctor advises you otherwise. I also noticed a lot of women asking when you can return back to work. I actually returned back to work a few days after returning back home and I was completely fine.


Our Driver drove us straight to meet the doctor as mentioned in my pervious note. We landed at about 5 PM and so we were required to go straight to see him as I was getting the procedure done the very next morning. We walked into the Hospital. It was actually very nice and clean nicer than most clinics and hospitals you find here in Canada. There are plenty of doctors working in this hospital along with nurses and care givers. I was advised to go upstairs and taken to a room to wait for the doctor. He walked in and gave me 2 kisses one on each cheek which I thought was very sweet! He spoke perfect english (like really really good). He was charming and funny and very knowledgeable. I was so impressed at how patient he was in taking me step by step over everything that he was going to do. Ladies he spent what felt like 2 hours talking with me for this consult. This was the breakdown and what we decided:

He was going to perform liposuction on my entire mid section area, my back rolls, love handles and transfer it all to the butt. Additional areas included the arms and double chin area. Each additional area was $150.00 which wasn't included in my initial quote but I was ok with that. $150 to have skinny arms. AMAZINGGG RIGHT?? He then brought to my attention that I had very loose skin (which I had already known) and so he mentioned he was going to tighten it all up which was exactly what I wanted.

Prior to leaving he gave me his personal whats app number. This was for me to contact him had I had any complications or questions. He will also do several follow ups with you using this method of communication.

I then was taken down stairs to get my blood drawn. Just a few vials no biggie. This is done for our own safety to ensure that we are healthy going into surgery. I was then advised to fast over night. No food or fluid. Our driver took me back to the recovery home to rest up before the big day.


I Honestly didn't stress out about choosing a recovery home. I see all you ladies over thinking this part of your trip. The doctor isn't going to recommend any that aren't safe or good. I booked so last minute I told the doctor to choose what ever was available and I was put in Paradise. I will upload a few pictures of the recovery home. It was cute, food was decent and the employees (doctors, nurses, cleaners, cook and massage therapist) were amazing. I have no complaints.

Ladies don't cheap out on getting the entire package and let me tell you why. I have read reviews of women saying they are staying in a hotel or they'll be fine because there boyfriends are coming with them. Who are you all kidding!? If I didn't have all the assistance in the house my recovery would of been hell. Something as stupid as plugging in your phone to charge or getting out of bed was blessed because of these heaven sent women taking care of me in this home. And Yes your boyfriend can do all that assisting for you but this is what he can't do…

He won't be able to properly clean your wounds to avoid infection, or de- clog your drainage (a tube sucking out excessive fluid out of you during recovery/ which I will get into more detail about in the day of surgery section). My drainage got clogged so many times and thanks to my doctors in the recovery home I was able to get it cleaned and rinsed on a regular. The employees were so patient and mind you I was the annoying girl pressing my buzzer a million times a day.

If you end up at a hotel you'll end up bothering the doctor all day long and he has no time for that! He's too busy in and out of surgery all day long. That's what the doctor in your recovery home is there for to ensure that you're doing well and you heal properly.

Included in your package is a massage therapist. She specializes in Lymphatic Massages. She comes once a day following surgery and massages your skin to help it heal quicker and drain the excessive fluid. It is painful as hell but she is there to bring your skin back to life. This is a very important part of your recovery so once again don't cheap out!

I have to shout out my favourite doctor that was at the recovery home taking care of us. Gabriella was amazing and super sweet. If any of you end up there you will understand this. She puts her heart into everything she does and goes over and beyond.

Also one last thing. I have come across some ridiculous people on real self. Talking about infection and trying to blame it on doctors. Can I please explain to you all that infection occurs after surgery due to poor hygiene and lack of care. Infection can occur anywhere whether you are in canada getting a procedure or in the USA. I actually got an infection from a cosmetic procedure in Canada and was in and out of infection control and it was entirely my fault. Also I have read about girls showering after the procedure! You can't shower in the Dominican. They use wipes to clean your body during recovery. This is why you stay at a recovery home to ensure that you get the proper care that you need!!!!!


The next morning we woke up to head over to the hospital. The driver picked up my friend and I and our new Roomie who we met that morning. We were all scheduled for surgery. This is my absolute favourite part and how impressed I still am until today is unreal. We have to get approved by three different health care practitioners prior to getting surgery in my case 4 because Im a smoker:

Nurse- She asks us brief questions, checks our blood pressure, heart rate jots down a bunch of information.
Cardiologist - She comes in to check your heart rate and pretty much everything the nurse does. She then jots down all her notes and approves you.
Anesthesiologist - He comes into the room right before surgery, checks all the above, jots down notes and takes you through the entire procedure.
Pulmonologist- because I am a smoker I was required to get this test done. This is not mandatory for everyone and I was charged an additional $150.00 for this. The doctor comes in and makes you breath into a tube to test your lungs and oxygen levels. I wasn't upset about having to pay this fee at all going into surgery knowing I was approved and healthy made me feel really good about the entire thing.

You're then given your hospital garments. The doctor will then come into the room and mark you up and calm you down. They then put you on a wheel chair lock your stuff up in a cubby in your recovery room of the hospital and roll you down what seemed like the longest hall way to get into the surgery room. Once in the surgery room the anesthesiologist will talk to you and calm you down and before you know it you're in a daze. I woke up in-between surgery but never once did I feel the slightest bit of pain. I remember smiling and laughing at certain points but then would knock back into a daze. I don't think we were under General anesthesia as I wasn't completely knocked out. It was more like local anesthesia but I could be wrong. And I was ok with that General anesthesia scares me!

What to expect when waking up from surgery:

Waking up from Surgery was Helllll!!!! Every patient spends an entire night at the hospital. This is for everyones own health. I woke up with two tubes coming out of me. One being your urine tube and at the end of it was a bag full of your pee. Good news this bag is taken out the next morning.

The second being your drainage tube. I had no idea I was going to have one of these and let me explain to you what this thing is. So this tube is wrapped up internally and pretty much lines your waist. It pulls out of the body from the front and back through very tiny incisions and connects into one tube externally pulling into this container that is the size of a CD in shape and a few inches in thickness. The main purpose of this tube is to drain out all excessive fluids. This baby is taken everywhere with you during your recovery. The nurses at the hospital will flush this container out for you when it's full and the doctors at the recovery home will continue to do so throughout the week. As each day goes by you start to notice your body is draining less and less fluid. Which is good news!! Also I feared the idea of having it removed and the doctor made jokes about how painful it was. It was actually harmless and didn't hurt the slightest bit. I laughed at how fearful I was when removing it because I actually felt nothing.

You will also wake up with a faja on (also included in your package deal). The faja is a compression garnet that is used to tighten everything up and help you heal quicker. The best way to describe this thing is that it looks like compression shorts connected to a corset the hooks up on the front with straps over the shoulders. One piece body suit. The compression against the skin feels soothing in some weird way and when its not on everything just hurts. It feels super tight at first because of all the inflammation but after the first week everything starts to get better.

At the hospital you are hooked up to an IV until the very second you leave. After a few hours from waking up they will finally bring you water very small amounts at a time to not shock the body. They will also inject pain meds into your IV as required. Only the next morning will you get food. I was given soup and a juice box. Yet again small amounts so you don't end up puking.

Also I need to mention this to you all. After surgery you may be required to get a blood transfusion depending on your hemoglobin levels. My friend actually required one because her hemoglobin level was lower than the normal. This doesn't mean you're dying, it just means they want to speed up your recovery and help you get better faster. Keep in mind ladies liposuction is a serious procedure it drains your body. Depending on how low your level is you may need 1 - 2 bags. Each bag costing $100.00 (don't quote me on that it may be 150, can't exactly remember). Bring extra cash with you and don't cheap out!! This is your health we are talking about.

Ladies day one is the worst part. Liposuction is a painful procedure your entire body feels stiff and sore but I promise you if you can get through this day it only gets better!

The doctor will come visit you the next morning in the hospital. He brings you all your medication. (Which is also included in your package). He will go over each and everything and complement you on how amazing you already look. He will make you laugh I promise that.

You then get discharged from the hospital and taken down the elevator to get into your drivers car to get back to the recovery home. The ladies at your recovery home will help bring you upstairs and get you in bed. You will then receive what will feels like the best lunch of your life.

The doctor will do follow ups throughout your stay and continue to do so when you leave.


Ladies it has now been three months since my procedure and I couldn't be happier. I first off want to talk about the incisions the doctor made on my body for lipo openings. I was so worried about where he was going to poke me and whether or not it would be noticeable. Prior to flying out to the dominican, I tried researching this and I couldn't find anything online. Im sure you all have this question and so here is a breakdown:

** Keep in mind each incision is super small. To put in into perspective it's as if someone took a permanent marker and dabbed a tiny dot onto your skin. It is actually mind blowing how he could perform all of this with such little markings. Here is a breakdown:

My arms- He punctured my elbows which healed with out being the slightest big noticeable.
My belly button- which you can't notice at all.
Two small incisions on my lower hips - one on each side
I have one on my spin on my upper back, mid back and at the top of where my butt crack starts.
One under each butt check. The tinniest dots.

The only ones that are noticeable at this point is the one on my lower right hip. This incision is where my drainage was pulling out of a was slightly bigger than the others. I actually purchased silicone gel sheets which you can cut up and place over your scars purchased at my local shoppers drug mart. These have been working amazingly and I strongly advise you all to purchase them. Although, I have been tanning I still use my silicone gel sheets over the tiny scars to ensure that they do not get exposed to any sun light so they heal best.

When getting a BBL you are advised to order a "booty buddy" or whatever this pillow is called. In all honestly guys after leaving the recovery home in returning home I sat on my butt the entire time. The entire plane ride, the entire next week at work, even laying on my bed and up until today. I have taken no extreme measures in avoiding this. Yes, I did loose a bit of volume but I was ok with that. This is not advised, so please do not follow in my foot steps. However, if you do decide to sit on your butt temporarily just know its ok.

Also the doctor will advise you to continue getting Lymphatic massages to help with drainage. Although you don't have the tube in you to drain fluid your body will find other ways to dispose of it. It is very important to get a few a week. It shouldn't be hard for you to find someone in your area where you live that offers this service.

The Faja that you are originally given right out of surgery will get loose on you. You are inflamed and therefore will go down in size. The doctor recommends that you go down a size and order a new faja online. I personally bought myself a pair of spanks and wore that instead but its best to go with his recommendations.

As time goes on I notice my results getting better and better. They say it takes 6 months to fully see the results and I can't wait. Also ladies my chin from the lipo has turned out great. Im loving the definition in my jawline. If you have that little bit of fat that bothers you it is well worth the extra $150.


I hope you all find the courage to pull through with this if it truly is something you want. To improve your confidence at a fraction of the cost for what doctors charge us in North America is well worth it. Not only are you going to blossom like a beautiful flower but you will notice the confidence build you will gain. We only have one life right?! and for that reason we all deserve to feel our very best each and every day of it.

Dr. Emmanuel Mallol is amazing and if any of you are struggling in choosing a good doctor, I promise you he will not let you down. There are a few things he did that I thought were very impressive and showed a lot about his character. Well first off he gave me my dream body but during our consult I complained to him about my arm pits. You know some of us woman have that armpit bulge that sits right where the bra lines up to it . Well he performed liposuction in that area for free and didn't charge me extra. I can now where tank tops and have that perfect fit armpit look. Also I had a belly button piercing that stretched out my skin over the course of years and asked him to stitch it up. He said sure and did just that. That is proof that this man loves what he does and will go above and beyond to ensure our happiness. He truly cares about his patients and his follow up messages will assure you of that.

It is one thing to practice as a doctor/ Surgeon and have a PHD yet another to practise and have an art behind what you do. This man doesn't only liposuction your body he sculpts it and I think thats why I fell in love with his work from the very beginning. He is a true artist in what he does.

I plan to go back to see him for rhinoplasty. I don't seen any reviews here on his facial work but I can promise you all I will keep you posted! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away! Wishing all you dolls the best in your journey xo!

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