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Thanks for you answers. Since been to Dr, he game...

Thanks for you answers. Since been to Dr, he game me a compression garment. Which it's really giving me a idea of my shape and can differently see my butt now.. also has me doing massage treatments.
But garment is so uncomfortable. Small he says I have to keep. Can't sleep, just lay, it's so tight

that's no doctor srry

That's not dr..

7 weeks after bbl, lip on stomach, back, love handles. breast lift w/o implants

Well it's been along 7 weeks..
I have been waiting patiently to see my results.
Breast look and healing great. Lipo is ok. Stomach a Lil hard, skin still kind of numb. Which its seems it will get better over time from what i read. can see I have a lil shape.
But, butt is no what I wanted.
I only had 300 cc in each cheek.
Which I know I had more fat to put in than that..
Dr states he wanted to avoid infection that why put in that amt.

I feel embarrassed cause I know once I take garment off. I'm going to have some explaining to do.
Looks good with garment on but soon as it's off Butt drops :-(
Wish I had some here to post a pic. But clearly my after pics I was swelled. Now you can tell swelling is minimal.
Want a revision on butt, asap.
Don't want ppl to think my butt deflated?
Any suggestions

7 weeks post op- bbl, breast lift, lipo

Healing great, but I have some flaws of lip in back and like stomach could of been done more aggressive .
Butt could of used more fat.. 300 cc Dr said he didn't want to risk infection. Why would he say that after doing lipo? Know he got more fat than injected. . Smh
Revision soon... any suggestions??
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Haven't really interacted with Dr besides before surgery and consultation. 4 days after surgery seen nurse who took off tape and couldn't explain too much of what was going to happen next.. then find out have to do massage 7days and garment 3months. Suppose to see Dr Thursday to take stitches out. Wonder if he'll take stitches off breast from lift too.. no one specified and that's problem. Real bad communication. .. ugh

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