Never Changing my Mind, Cabral It Is - Dominican Republic

Finally told my husband I'm going to do the...

Finally told my husband I'm going to do the surgery and nothing is stopping me so last month I called and scheduled a surgery for October 5, 2016 so that being 15 days away and not being approved for vacation time at work I recently asked if October 17, 2016 is available and patiently waiting on that fingers crossed! so I'm getting LIPO & BBL on arms legs back stomach and I'm hoping the chin (I hate that my face has no shape) so hoping to hear from the surgi coordinator very soon her and Cabral himself have Ben quick to respond to my questions on the whatapp like literally 5 minutes to respond. I think letting them know I was coming from Texas helps with the quicker responses

Recovery Houses decisions Decisions...

I'm torn between sweet house recovery, or karis recovery house?
Kari has Ben so nice and has Ben giving me all the info I need for surgery I have Ben speaking to both owners though Instagram and whatsapp.
The they both want $800 and some for 10 days but one of them gives me 3 massages for free wich means I need to pay for only 7 at $30 a piece. Uhhh I'll have my mind made up by TUESDAY for sure! And pay via western union.

Somthing fishy.. Possibly

So I have Ben in contact with one of Cabrals girls who schedule and at first she said yes to changing my date then the next day, she totally forgets who she's talking to, like even asks me for my name and we are talking though whatsapp so it was kinda weird to me.
So once I tell her who I am she's asking me once again "what's the date you want" and I again told her and no response for about 3 days now I find it little irritating that she's texting me on a daily and now she's gone completely ghost on me. The app says she's online but she has not read the messages yet I even texted Cabral himself to let him know what's going on and now patiently waiting..... Has this happened to anyone else? Or is this just my bad luck

12 days to go!

I paid deposit on recovery house yesterday, I'm going to Pure Beauty Recovery house same owner of Sweetheart Recovery ???? so i am currently waiting on my lipo foam boards to get here should be here next weeek!

7 days 6 hours til I'm off to DR

So 7 days couldn't come any faster, I recently went to drug emporium got some goodies for the trip, my husband will be going with me for the first 5 days then he leaves back to Texas only bc we have pets, and kids and his job if not he would be there the whole 10 days anyways I'm flying back alone wich worries me bc of the fact I'm
Getting lipo on my arms so I can't really be caring heavy luggage I think he will take back what's too heavy for me and leaving only dresses, sandals, bbl pillow and supplies wich so hopefully I can all shove in one small carry on if it is too heavy I will have to check it in I won't know til that day it's 8-11 hour duration of the flight from SD to Texas 1 hour layover in Miami, and dallas. Not to bad.
I have stopped taking my fit tea, sugar bear hair vitamins and only taking my birth control. It feels so wierd not being able to take my hair gummies ????
Hector Cabral

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