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Im a 21 yr old mother of two, body destroyed and...

Im a 21 yr old mother of two, body destroyed and ready to get back on track! Im ready to pay Yily De Los Santo a visit!! Im planning my trip for summer 14', looking for anyone that has gone to her, tips, what to bring, extra costs you came across, & anything else i should know! This is my first surgery

What im working with

Two kids later, strech mark city lOl my biggest consirns are 1) how much down time i will need after surgery [tummytuck & bbl] 2) sitting on a plane after surgey! I hate planes to begin with. Am i going to be in excruciating pain still? 3) being unprepared finantially, i hear once you have the surgery theres lots of other little charges that no one warned about .
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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