Muñeca de Cali,Colombia Henao is my doctor now and my flight for Cali is booked and ready

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I love Cabral. I called on whatsapp and he...

I love Cabral. I called on whatsapp and he answered. We spoke for a few and I sent him my pics shortly after and he responded sooner than expected. Duran was much harder to contact though she was my wish also , just for discouraged with her whole process and surgicoordinator helped a lot. It just seems as if Duran is too busy ; I want someone I can connect with and who can personalize this experience for me and give me the results I want. Lol. I will say tho Yily is amazing too but I'm not too sure about her results. They waiver. With Cabral I'm guaranteed snatch so Ima do that. Plus I've seen him do dolls with my size stomach and no tummy tuck so I'm aiming high with that one lol.

Anyway I'm going in January seeking more buddies. I have one but the more he merrier in my opinion. My plane ticket is booked and serenity recovery house is my choice. I have a massage therapist there whose so awesome ! I need to review her separately so I will next post ! Dm me tho if interested in buddying up. ????????

Henao doll now

Changed my mind and now my flight is booked for January 3,2017. I'm beyond excited. Need a buddy please so Dm me if interested and stable enough to stand by our plans and decision. So excited to be in Colombia in January. ????????????
Hector Cabral

Changed my mine to Henao and I'm so happy with my decision ! Cali Colombia doll

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