BBL W/lipo from Inner Thighs,arms,flanks,abdomen and Back - Dominican Republic, DO

HellOo guys... I recently had a baby & my body...

HellOo guys... I recently had a baby & my body hasnt been right since.Before my pregnancy i was 135-140. After i had my baby i lost some of the weight but not all.Ive been searching & searching..Ive researched several doctors & came to the conclusion that Dr.Jimerson was great.After reaching out/trying to contact him for consultation i was disappointed to find out i would be able to schedule a PHONE consultation but it would be atleast FOUR months before i could even consult with Jimerson.smh.As i continued to search I ran across Dr.Yily who is also great at sculpting the body into a coke bottle lol.After visiting her site & looking at her before and after pics i came to the conclusion that she would get the job done.Not only does her results look GREAT,she's also MUCH cheaper than Dr.Jimerson!!! Anyways right now i am 5'3 & about 170 pounds.I have stretch marks but i dont plan on exposing my stomach,i just want to be able to wear a nice dress and show off my curves again.I carry most of my weight in the middle of my body (abdomen,sides,back,thighs) . Im getting an Brazilian Butt lift.Fat transfered from my abdomen, flanks, back, thighs, and possibly my chin too.I emailed Yily Friday morning & from what i hear she responds within 3-7 days.I am SOoOo excited,Im So ready to have my body back!!!

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