BBL, Lipo and TT - Dominican Republic, DO

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As I am working with Phenom Beauty Consultants,...

As I am working with Phenom Beauty Consultants, they have been great in this process. I am down 85 pounds and my BMI is currently a 34 (height 5,9 weight 230). I have until December to lose at least 40 pounds (which is a BMI of 29.9) and as long as I stay on my diet I will achieve goal. My ultimate goal is to be 170 for Sx and my BMI will be a 25.1. However, both are good I'm pushing for the 170. Having the VSG has made this much easier however, it still is a lot of work on my part. I don't mind doing the work because I wanted this.

Also, I will be using Ncipla as my overnight nurse at CIPLA. She has the best reviews and is really really good. I will be staying at Serenity my deposit is already paid and I'll be with my friend there who is having surgery with Diaz from 12/15/16 - 12/28/16.

I have all of my supplies, my deposit is paid, my nurse of paid for.. All that is left to is get a few pieces of clothing and book my flight in which, I am going to do it after the semester starts. I will keep you guys post through this process.

If you have any good advices, tools or tips.. Please share !!

6 Weeks Post Op

I had surgery with Dr. Cabral on December 16, 2016. My experience was good he is a really nice man.. He is loving and he makes you feel comfortable.. I stayed @ Serenity RH and the staff was amazing the only barrier is that everyone doesn't speak full English however, the love, time & care they put into made you feel comfortable.. The food was really good and the environment was dope. We went out on outings and me and the girls really bonded. I was afraid to be there "alone" @ all.

My IG is snatchme__ if you want to catch up on my entire journey post being snatched.

Hector Cabral

Cabral's office is extremely responsive and have been helping me a lot along the way. Phenom and Cabral are a double threat. I am extremely happy.

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