BBL, Lipo and TT - Dominican Republic, DO

As I am working with Phenom Beauty Consultants,...

As I am working with Phenom Beauty Consultants, they have been great in this process. I am down 85 pounds and my BMI is currently a 34 (height 5,9 weight 230). I have until December to lose at least 40 pounds (which is a BMI of 29.9) and as long as I stay on my diet I will achieve goal. My ultimate goal is to be 170 for Sx and my BMI will be a 25.1. However, both are good I'm pushing for the 170. Having the VSG has made this much easier however, it still is a lot of work on my part. I don't mind doing the work because I wanted this.

Also, I will be using Ncipla as my overnight nurse at CIPLA. She has the best reviews and is really really good. I will be staying at Serenity my deposit is already paid and I'll be with my friend there who is having surgery with Diaz from 12/15/16 - 12/28/16.

I have all of my supplies, my deposit is paid, my nurse of paid for.. All that is left to is get a few pieces of clothing and book my flight in which, I am going to do it after the semester starts. I will keep you guys post through this process.

If you have any good advices, tools or tips.. Please share !!
Hector Cabral

Cabral's office is extremely responsive and have been helping me a lot along the way. Phenom and Cabral are a double threat. I am extremely happy.

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