29 Years Old, 5'3" 150Ibs - Dominican Republic

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I have always complained about my body. I have...

I have always complained about my body. I have wide shoulders and no hips no butt. At times I feel ok with my figure but when I gain weight it all goes to my back and stomach area emphasizing my lack of butt and hips. When i take pictures i look like a board lol . Its sooo annoying! I try to be happy with myself but I can't help but see the truth. At least in my eyes. So, I am barely starting to actually try to make my bbl a reality and today I sent in a consultation request to Dra. Duran. I hope I get some feedback soon.



Surgery date with Dr. Duran November 14, 2016!

I haven't added anything until now, just have been lazy. So, I got my quote just a few days after I sent in a request to the Surgi Coordinator from Dr. Duran. My total for surgery only(BBL and Lipo) will be $4100. I sent in my deposit last week and have my date confirmed. I can't believe I am actually going to do this. I just pray everything will be fine. Reading so many different reviews really makes you think and ask yourself is the risk even worth it? But, I think I have seen more worth it than not worth it reviews so that keeps me in this. Now my second step is to slowly start collecting pre-op and post-op items. Also, I need to find a primary physician to start getting my what I would call physical and make sure I am completely ready for this. I will try to start posting pictures as soon as I can for anyone who decides to follow my BBL journey. Thanks :)

Change of plans. Cali, Colombia with Dr. Leonardo Ramirez Buritica

So, it's been a while since I've wrote anything on here but wanted to update my change. I changed plans and am going to Dr. Buritica in Cali, Colombia. I will be getting bbl and lipo and I have kept the same date. Hopefully all goes well.
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