28 Yr Old. TT, BBL, BL+A - Dominican Republic, DO

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This body needs some TLC. After 3 csections, being...

This body needs some TLC. After 3 csections, being stretched to the max (twins), and breastfeeding 3 boys, I really want a TT and BL/A. I'm 5'3 and 144lbs. I look fine with clothes on but without it is No Bueno! Can't wait for Cabral to snatch this waist and give me an ass that breaks necks!

I haven't gotten any info from Cabrals office on what to do leading up to surgery. All I've done is book the date and stalk RS all day.

Recovery House

So it looks like I will be traveling alone which makes me very nervous because I don't speak Spanish. My husband wants my MIL to go with me because she speaks the language and is a plastic surgery pro but she doesn't like the idea of me getting procedures done in D.R. so I doubt she will go. As of now I have decided to stay at Marias Recovery House. I've heard good things but if anyone has stayed there please let me know about your experience. I'm sending my deposit tomorrow. I'll be there April 27th- May 5th. Hopefully 1 week is enough healing time before flying home.

It's my Birthday!

Today is my 28th bday and (2 Chainz voice) All I want for my birthdaaayy is to buy my supplies, All I want for my birthdaaayy is to buy my supplies!

Lol but seriously, I need to get on my vitamins and start getting all my post op supplies together. My mother works in the same building as a plastic surgeon in GA so I asked her if she can get the hook up on some garments and ish.

I've been asking myself a lot of questions about this surgery lately. Like, Am I going to be embarrassed to admit I had work done afterward? I pretty open about wanting it done but everyone thinks I'm crazy and don't need it, so will I feel ashamed later? It's going to be obvious to those that know me. Should I be spending this money on my kids instead? Am I being selfish? Am I setting a bad example for my sons about how important a woman's looks are?
There is so much going thru my head. What if I get botched? What if I spend all this money and my ass looks the same? Aaahhhhhhh!!

Communication Rant

In my experience so far communication with Cabral's office has been horrible. I had an easier time reaching Cabral himself than I have getting an email response from his office. I've called them numerous times just to get a proper quote and confirmation sent and it seems like they take down my info and throw it away once we hang up the phone. I understand they are busy and I don't expect a same day response but I do expect a same WEEK response! It's making me question if I have made the right decision choosing this doctor. I am in no way questioning his talent and I don't blame him for his staff but I am worried that any questions I have leading up to surgery will go unanswered and I will be unprepared when the day comes. Not really unprepared because I do tons of research but you like the comfort of knowing that the office is there for any questions or concerns you may have, ya know? On top of that, what if I have a complication afterward (knock on wood)?!! Will I be able to get ahold of them? Will I be ignored once I'm off the table? I don't expect personal care from Cabral at all but again, will I get a response if I need one? It's all very frustrating. I would look at other surgeons, Yily and Durans offices have been great at communication, but this is my only available time for sx and now everyone else is booked. Let's hope that things get better and it was just a busy week for them. I'm really not a bug, I don't want much from them but with a language barrier there I just want proper confirmation!!............. Okay, rant over.

6 weeks to go

So my VitaMedica vitamins arrived today. From what I understand they are the best because they are specifically for surgery recovery. You take them 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your procedure. I think I'm going to take an extra iron supplement along with it just to raise my levels as much as possible.

This week I am ordering my Arnica tablets, lipo foam, boppy pillow, and this cute little personal safe to hold my valuables in. I'm sure you've seen it but I'll add a pic anyway.

I'm stuck on what I should do as far as the faja and compression socks. I dont want to pay $200+ for the one at the hospital but I also don't want to order the wrong one. I have one that I bought to wear after I had my last baby. It still fits on the smallest row but it is a little loose. I figure after all the swelling and lipo foam that it will be tight enough to wear after sx. Only thing is that it is shorts length and most all of the pics I've seen after sx show girls wearing knee length garments. Does anyone know if it will still work? I'll add a pic of the garment. I don't even know where to begin with the stage 2 garment either. Hooks seem like it will last longer but zippers or plain compression are hidden better under clothes. *Sigh* It's too much! I'm open for any and all input.

The cost of this surgery is so much more than I was expecting. My $6k sx is closer to a $10k sx when all is said and done. SX, flight, RH, garments, nurses, supplies, massages, etc etc. I wish Cabral offered a more inclusive package like Yily does. I've read other girls say that a lot of times the quoted price goes out the window once you are in the Dr's office and you end up paying even more. If that happens then I have to kiss my boobs goodbye. I don't even want to think about that. *Positive Vibes*

Before Photos

This is the starting point. I am 28, 5'3 and 144ish lbs. I have 4 kids including a set of twins. 3 c-sections. I've lost my shape due to the repeated weight gain and loss and my boobs are DONE FOR after breastfeeding 3 kids. When I say done I mean done. They are sad pancakes. They look droopy in a push-up bra. I have decent butt volume but small hips. Love handles and back fat are my biggest issues and my stomach has a pouch that won't budge. I think this sx will improve my overall shape. I look decent in clothes but I hate to be naked. I want my confidence back.

Bad B!***

Let me tell you what...I'm coming back from DR a whole new woman. Ok! Some ppl backpack through Europe. Some people climb a mountain and meditate. Well this is my spiritual journey. It's the biggest thing I will ever tackle ALONE. Traveling to a foreign country, making life changing decisions, facing a dangerous situation, meeting new people. This is more for me than just getting my ass done. Lol. Of course I'm gonna come back confident because my body will be bangin but also because I went on a journey this journey by myself. I don't even like to go to the corner store after dark. So yes, I'm coming home a confident ass bad bitch inside and out. Let me have a little extra spending money while I'm there. (If I'm able to get around) I'm getting my teeth whitened, maybe a little filler in my face. Lmao. This is my one chance so I'm trying to do it all!!! Im gonna buy Amber Rose book to read while I'm there and get some inspiration from Muva. I've spent my whole life being quiet and shy, hiding behind my man and afraid to be myself. It's time to change and enjoy my life!


So a few girls have had their money stolen recently which had me really worried about protecting my belongings. First of all I will not be taking anything valuable with me. Sorry Gucci luggage, this trip isn't for you. No jewelry, you can't come either. The main thing that we all have to worry about is our cash. For the first few hours, maybe even day, we are carrying RACKS (aka thousands of dollars.) We are in a poor country and easy targets. You need to get that money to the doctor ASAP. Don't go to your RH first, try to go straight from the airport to the doctors office and make your payment. While you are in possession of large amounts of money you need to hide it. Do not carry a purse that can be easily snatched. Try a body wallet that fits under your clothes. Put money in your bra, socks, even panties. Only carry a small amount in your pocket or regular wallet to pull out in front of people.

Now today someone posted that a girl was robbed at gunpoint outside her RH. My advice is again, only carry a small amount on your wallet that way if you have to hand it over to a thief you won't miss much. There was talk of nurses stealing another girls money. You can't have your goods on you at all times so try hiding cash in your pill bottles or rolled up in a pair of socks.

Obviously don't go anywhere by yourself. I hope I can find a buddy at the damn airport! Let's ride to CIPLA together. Safety in numbers. The driver won't set up both of us, right?

Anyway, that was on my mind so if you guys have any tips let me know.

30 days!!

Is this really happening? I still don't believe it. I feel like something will happen last minute that will stop me from going. (Knock on wood) I have all my essentials except a pillow so I guess it's time to start gathering all those extras that I probably won't even use. I need to choose a RH TODAY. I'm picking up my deposit tomorrow that I had sent to Maria's and I'd like to just send it right back out. I hear good and bad about everywhere so it's a headache.

I have a doctor appt tomorrow to get blood work done. I hope my Hemo looks good because I had to stop the iron pills. They made me feels terrible.

I've suddenly become 10x more uncomfortable with my body. Maybe because I've been focusing on all the negative things that I want to change. I just keep adding little procedures I want done to the list. I'm so excited and nervous.

I just can't....

Long story short, I'm not going to CIPLA. I just can't. Waiting on a May date with Baez.

New Date: May 24th with Baez

That is all

Look what I got!

You guys probably thought I was joking about the book. Lmao. I found it for $11 new on Amazon so why not, it's going to be inspirational! Also got my lipo foam, security safe, and money belt. Good way to start the day!
Dr. Hector Cabral

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