28 Year Old, 1 Child, NEED A BODY MAKEOVER - Dominican Republic

Hello Dolls, So I am researching and wanting a...

Hello Dolls,
So I am researching and wanting a BBL, TT, and a full body Lipo with Dra. Medina. I have been wanting this for a long time, just have to continue to save for it. I'm very unhappy with my bod at this point. I am so happy I explored and found RS to aid in this journey. I will keep you posted.

I want this, but is afraid

Hey Ladies,

Since I have been doing research on this journey of wanting TT, BBL, and full body Lipo, it's all I have been thinking about. Right now I'm in the stage of saving and getting items I thing I would need for the pre and post-op. I haven't made a deposit yet, but will do soon. I am wanting to have my procedures done in Dec/2016 or Jan/2017. I am afraid of the what-ifs, I suppose. Will keep you posted
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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