Liposuction to my entire back and stomach with...

Liposuction to my entire back and stomach with fat to butt and hips with dr Cabral... Staying at serenity rh looking for a SX buddy can't wait to turn into a complete Barbie.... Please give your best advice on post op care once you get to the USA 4/3-4/13 I'm already really curvy but these back rolls and stomach are just crazy

Mission to lose weight

I want to make sure I'm down 30lbs before surgery mainly to tighten up my arms and legs before surgery. Which I think is achievable by April of 2017. I will be posting preop pictures of my body every month to see if I'm making any progress before surgery.

Wish photos

Changed Doctors

So after long consideration I decided to change to Cali Colombia and go to Dr Plaza I will be contacting him again in January for a quote for March 2017.... In the mean time I'm looking up flights and trying to find a recovery house to stay at... he has recommended that I stay for 14 days
Hector Cabral

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