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So Ive been lurking this site for years... and i...

So Ive been lurking this site for years... and i mean YEARS. Since i was 18-19... so a long ass time. LOL. And I've been researching my literally little booty off: comparing quotes, doctors, locations, results, damn near everything. Good thing is, I feel super prepared though... prepared enough that I already know the only 3 doctors I would consider getting my procedures from: Dr. Baez, Dr. Guererro, and Dr. Goico. Dr. Baez is, as has been for a while, my top option. I love the results she gives.

The procedures I'm interested in getting is Liposculpture, Breast lift (no implants), BBL, and an arm lift. Hopefully with the lipo she can take some fat off my chubby knees as well. Being 14 and being afraid to show my knees? Or my arms? I don't even own a pair of shorts. For once I want to be happy when I look in the mirror and not pick myself apart even before I walk outside the door. I wanna feel confident and not have to second guess everything that I wear... that idea sounds wonderful.

I plan on financing everything myself, and asking for a quote in the next couple of months when I'm close to saving the amount I want. Living with the parents has its perks.

Damn it! Might be switching to Villolobos!

I'm obsessed with his breast lifts. They honestly look amazing and his lipo/bbl work looks super natural. Argh. I already sent in my quotes to Diaz and Baez, but I guess I'm gonna send one to him as well. So many decisions!!!!!!

Got my quote from Diaz. ????????

But he quoted me for a tummy tuck as well. I hope he can just do aggressive lipo on me because I'm not trying to tack on a tummy tuck with everything. And I decided to get a small implant. I want my boobs to be fab, but natural looking. Even put a picture of me now. Ugh. I can't wait to get this surgery and actually start living. ????????

Finally! Correct quote from Diaz! Praise!

Finally got the correct quote. Was going back and forth in my head about the breast implants and decided that if I'm gonna be in pain then why not do the whole shebang! And it's settled; he is officially my doctor. ???????? I have a question about sending him a deposit. I tried to do it using xoom but it denied me. Now I have to open
A case! Argh. Did anyone else have this problem?
Dr. Manuel Diaz

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