20 Year Old London Doll Road To DR.

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I'm 20 years old from London, UK. And have always...

I'm 20 years old from London, UK. And have always wanted to have a bigger butt and wider hips. I am 137 pounds 5'2 currently smallish frame nice sized buttocks but I feel I would look better with more curve. Firstly wanted to go with a US doctor but I found out about DR. Couldn't believe the results. I am interested in either Cabral or Duran !

Looking for a sx buddy

I will be going next year , hopefully when I get some time off university . Really don't want to go by myself. Also don't know how to tell my parents . But I need to make this change . Just need to find a doctor that can give me the best results and that is safe! Also thinking of adding boobs , but I might do that on another round

Appetite pills

I've been taking appetite pills and have gained a considerable amount of body fat , I can see rolls lol . Found my magic potion for when it's time to start gaining properly !!! Will upload a pic when I can bare to look in the mirror again lol .

Research research research !

Getting my note pad out on this boring Monday night ! Lol I defo want to add boobs to my wish list . But I really don't know who to go to ? I want Cabral or Duran to do my bbl but I need to look at there BA's. Comment pls xx


Spoke to Dr molinas just a few minutes ago !! He is the sweetest man ever. He even wanted to know my name first off before watsapp consultation. Fast reply took 1 hour to reply ! He gave me a positive response. Told me at the weight I am at I can achieve good results , also said i will be able to achieve a similar look to my wish pic 'phat rabbit in white'. I'm so amped. He said I can gain weight if I would like which I am going to do because my weight seems to fluctuate at times.

Back at it again !

Trying to choose doctors AGAIN is frustrating . I need to buy plastica book also thoughts are all over the place .
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