20 Year Old BBL AND LIPO DR WALKIRIS ROBLES - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hey Dolls! I'm super excited about booking my bbl...

Hey Dolls!
I'm super excited about booking my bbl and lipo for later this year! It's something that I've always wanted to do. Now that I am of age I know that it's time. I don't speak Spanish but part of package is having a bilingual assistant.
I would like to know if any of you Robles Dolls will be travelling at the same time? I would love to meet some of you all there!

I am yet to pay my deposit but I will be doing ASAP, will update you all when I've done it!

Wish pics

Just a disclaimer that the picture as my profile is not me, it's one of robles past patients.

Any way, I'm currently waiting for Robles assistant Paola to respond to my questions, she spoke to me in the morning as said she will give me a call, I guess that I'm just being impatient lol I try to remember that DR's time is 5 hours behind my local time. Whilst waiting I thought that I would just post some of my wish pics, most are from Robles previous work

Pre blood test

After seeing the requirements for surgery that Robles sent to me, This morning I went to my doctor for a general blood test, I needed to make sure that I was on track. Results will be back in about a week. What I'm being tested for is in the picture

Deposit PAID!! Date SECURED!

Today I paid my deposit to Dr Robles at Moneygram. I was slightly upset that she didn't use PayPal as I know that Dr Beaz does, I think it's because I believe that PayPal is the safest way of transferring money to people, oh well, it's done now. Super happy to know that I've got a date!! Now I feel like my journey has OFFICIALLY begun, I get butterflies thinking of it lol my heart starts to dance around.

I sent the money to Dr Robles husband as apparently she doesn't have the time to collect it. I posted a pic with the chat between her assistant and I. I doubted it at first but that was just natural instincts, I was over it in a minute.

Also be warned that with Moneygram there is a fee, i know that fees do change according to the brand and location.

I am 2 and half months away, it's not getting real!

My heart starts to race when I think of my surgery. I am so excited, nervous, anxious.. Everything in one!

I'm going with my friend so I have someone to share the excitement with!
I've stopped taking my iron pills but I'm going to start again. I need it.

I'm also going to start gym again as I've read that if you lose weight after the surgery it can affect your results *eek*

Should be buying my ticket tomorrow.. It's going to definitely be real once I buy it!

Flights booked!

Things just seem to be getting realer and realer. I booked my flight on Friday and sent over my details to Paola, I'm super excited!

Her reply was a little slow as today is Monday, so I called her on Whatsapp to confirm that she's received it and she said she hadn't but when she checked again she saw that she did.

I'm just really excited, it's just time to really save up them coins lol. But with 2months to go it's possible.


Now that I am 2 months away I need to really start taking my pre-surgery requirements seriously.

I went back to my booklet that I received from paola explaining everything and found it useful. I have put on a few pounds and convinced myself that it's ok because I need fat for my butt lol, but I do want to lose a few pounds before surgery so I'm going to change my diet and exercise more.

Here are some photos of my pre surgery requirement

It's going so quickly! Not losing enough weight!

Wow almost 6 weeks before my surgery! It's going so quickly. I'm really struggling with my weight now, I want to really lose weight before I go but it's like I can't seem to eat clean!

Thing is I have to start from now so I've got to make it work

Any RoblesBarbies for Oct 2016?

Hey dolls!
Time is flying by, didn't expect it to be going so fast.
I'm flying out NEXT MONTH! I get butterflies when I think of it lol.

Are there any of you guys travelling start of October to robles?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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