soon to be 43, mother of 4 and 2 grandkids! mommy makeover!!!!! - Dominican Republic

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I,ve been creeping here for 2 months lol!! Even...

I,ve been creeping here for 2 months lol!! Even though I have been wanting this for 20 years, I'm so nervous. I still have so many questions. I think the response we get from Sasha is automated, cuz on the both emails I asked questions and they weren't answered. On my quote it said I had to choose between a breast lift or BA! I think I need both. I haven't picked a date yet, but I was thinking 6/15 or 6/16. The quote said I had to pay cash. How will I do this its $6,000? Also the RH is included, do I have to call and make the reservation or do they do it? She stated silicone implants, but aren't there different shapes to choose from also where will the incision be? When can I start exercising? Also, how long before I can have sex? Sorry had to ask. PPL say when they see Yily they feel rushed that's why I want to know as much as I can before I go. Supplies that you wish you could have brought with you? Which cream is best for the scar? Did you take Arnicare pills with other pain killers? My main concern is after BA or breast lift did you lose sensation???? How do you know what size butt to choose or does she tell you, I don't want a HUGE butt lol! I know it's alooot of questions you don't need to answer all of them. Any help is appreciated. Thank You Dolls!!!!!!!

Hi Yily Dolls!! Please Advise!!!

Not sure if this is where I can post questions sorry!!! I'm looking to get the procedure done end of March, but I haven't booked the date. OMG I'm super nervous.

1. What pain killers work the best

2. Which scar cream is the BEST!!

3. What do you wish you would have brought 

4. What not to bring

5. If any what regrets do you have

6. Did anyone stay more than 10 days and why

7. I'm scared of the breast scar, what's your opinion

8. When can I dance again

9. Did you really have all that cash on you, what did you say at the airport

Yily Barbie Bosses

I'm having mixed emotions. One day I'm soooo excited and another day I get depressed wondering what if I die or look worse than now. Anyway just really need your support. How did you Barbies's travel with all this cash, like where did you put it? On your bra, purse etc..... also I'm leaning towards Tropical Recovery House what is your opinion or any other good ones. Thank you

OMG!!!! I fly out tomorrow and I'm soooo nervous. Like I just wanna say FK it I don't wanna do this!! I need some support....

Tomorrow I will be. Yily Doll!!!

I was really nervous coming down here, but once I was in the clinic today all the nerves went away to the point that I wanted to get the surgery right then and there lol.
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