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Dominic is faultless - London, GB



Doctor Review

3 Nov 2016

1 day ago

Dominic is faultless - London, GB

Technical prowess, exemplary listening skills, an artist's eye for aesthetics and a soothing bedside manner - Dominic is a dream. Let's be frank. You get one shot at facial surgery, you want to make damn sure you've done your homework first. Dominic embodies an elegant balance... he's a nurturing and reassuring presence as well as a skilled, industry-leading surgeon - shaping the field and lecturing internationally on his technique and craft. Lovely light-filled rooms on Harley Street, and a five-star team flanking him actually make it a pleasure (honestly!) to visit. The team pretty quickly become invested in your story, they track progress with excitement at each of the follow up sessions, and the care feels so genuine, you virtually start dreaming up reasons to return. Above all, the point worth driving home most clearly, is the incredible way you feel after enlisting Dominic's help. Refreshed, alive... like the best version of you. The you you were a decade ago when you probably took the glow of youth for granted (Wilde was right, youth is SO wasted on the young). For me personally instead of looking back ruefully to the past, I just keep running one phrase through my mind. Thank God I did this. Thanks Dominic.