125 Pounds 5'3 Bbl Lipo Dra Duran Nov 2016 - Dominican Republic, DO

I have a sx date on Nov 14, 2016 with Dra Duran in...

I have a sx date on Nov 14, 2016 with Dra Duran in DR for lipo & bbl. I'm panicking right now. So far i have gained 5 pounds, from being 120. I had a child 8 years ago and have strechmarks. Duran didn't suggest gain weight but i just knew i had to. & she didnt qoute me for a TT either which worries me about loose skin (although i am happy if i dont need one) I have so many people telling me i dont have enough fat but she didn't obviously she gave me a quote & date. the reason why im panicking is because im reading so much negativity about sx in DR. And i havent seen ANY skinny/slim persons bbl & lipo by her, the more i look the more anxiety i get when i cant find anything. Can anyone tell me someones profile who has had lipo&bbl by her, and was slim?

And any person who has had lipo bbl by her with no complications, bc my goodness im following dolls on instagram and i swear i feel like they all have something happen! smh

&these photos are me at 125 pound


Along with trying to gain weight, im also trying to raise my hemoglobin. i know my sx depends on it. I'm aiming for a 14. As of July 5 my hemo was at a 10.8. i started eating spinach and beets through smoothies about once a day, sometimes skipping a day. Roughly 3 weeks later on July 26 my hemo jumped to 11.2. I have now started taking supplements to help increase it more, along with my smoothies. I am taking mega food's blood builder and a multivitamin. I plan on testing my blood again on my own at a lab corp at the end of this month, i pay about $30 for a CBC. I will update the progress at that time.


i found a woman who is pretty thin about 120 pounds and went to the DR for bbl, tt. She is documenting her journey via youtube, and i find it quite informative, as she keeps it so real, i even found her on instagram through my sx page. You can either search her on youtube by the name of her channel: Mayen Garcia or search: Bbl tt ba skinny girl. She has 9 videos so far and i believe shes currently still in DR, as it looks on her instagram.
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