Finally Getting my Breast Reduction!!

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Hi, I came across this site a few months ago and...

Hi, I came across this site a few months ago and decided I too wanted to document my story. I am really excited because today I set the date of my surgery (Breast Reduction/Lift). For as long as I can remember, I've always had large breast. I've always had Full C-D Cups and was completely content with them throughout my teenage years. Over the past couple of years my weight fulcuated up and down which cause sagging of the skin and left my poor babies looking unattractive. I became really insecure about my breast and alway hide them behind larger shirts and sports bras. I can honestly say my confidence took a big hit and I became depressed about how I looked in the mirror. I even felt unattractive every time my bra came off . I am currently 170lb on a 5'1 frame with 38DD. My decision to have breast reduction also has a lot to do with my overall health, as i frequently get sharp back pains and my shoulders hurt from all the weight on my chest. Sometimes i can't lay on my back because i find myself choking from my own breast weight lol. My boyfriend is extremely disappointed because he loves the girls but I hate the fact that i sometimes find myself hiding from him when i change my clothes. I want to feel sexy again and confident and I'm hoping this surgery will help me get my sexy back! Two week till surgery and I am super Excited!!!


It's almost time and The excitement is turning into nerves lol. I wanted to be prepared for any and all outcomes. so I've been not stop researching what to expect after the surgery. I have to admit I'm a bit nervous. I've never experience pain, never had an major surgery so the anticipation is driving me crazy lol. But less hen a week away sheesh! If anyone could give their honest option how their experience went after their surgery... Will greatly appreciate it! Thanks

In pain but Happy....

I had my surgery this morning, I was a nervous reck but got through it and decided to update on my progress so far. The entire staff that attend to me was awesome! The nurses were so sweet and made me feel comfy & my anesthesiologist was great, I was a sleep in no time lol. I woke up in the recovery room swollen and groggy with a burning pinching feeling in my cheats area. But my doctor was awesome and warned me about the pain. The bummpy car ride home & nauseousness was probably the worst part. My boyfriend has been wonderful and has been attending to my every need:) So far the only pain i have is tightness of my chest and a pinching feeling along my girls. The Pain medicine is a wonderful drug lol Surprisingly i had no drains when i woke up and I'm pretty happy about that. I have my follow up tomorrow morning will update with some picture.

Swollen & in pain.

So I've been bed rest for 4 days straight. I've had a lot of pain, swelling and tightness around my chest area. I find sleeping has been the hardest part, I wake up with neck and back pain requent and haven't had a good night sleep. I've taken all of my pain medicine and I feel I need more. I want to call my doctor to complain and possibly get more pain med but I'm not sure if that's a good idea. I should be off my med's by now. Today was the first time my boyfriend assisted me in bathing because I just haven't felt good enough to leave the bed. He got a good look at the girls and seem freaked out. I know I'm still in the healing process and my girls are not looking their best but I just want to feel better already. If anyone can recommend anything at this point please comment. Thanks

5 days post op pic

These are the girls 5 days post op.


Worth it!

Hi ladies! I woke up this morning and feel so good about myself. I'm 8 days po opt today, I'm healing great and I feel even better. I visited my doctor on wed to remove the tape and stitches, I thought it would be worst then it was. I'm still sore and have to sleep on my back elevated but the girls look awesome. I am so pleased with my results, I can honestly say all the pain and sleepless nights were so worth it. Lastnight I took off my compression bra and put on a size small sports bra and it FIT!!! I was so happy, I never could fit in a sport bra comfortable and without some of my boobs hang out lol this was the best christmas gift I could have ever gotton myself!

10 days post opt

I'm 10 days post opt & felt yucky with the surgical tape around my scars that had been there for 4 days now lol. Also i just wanted to see my scars, pretty scary but hoping they will heal nicely. I purchased silicone scar sheets and silicone scar treatment ointment. I removed the old tape, cleaned the area and applied the silicone strips and just added blue surgical tape to secure it. I still have swelling and continue to massage and ice. I've added vitamins to my daily intake to heal faster, vitamins I'm taking ( A, C, D & bromelian). I will update ima week to see how my silicone sheets progess and if the vitamin helped. Thanks!

Almost 3 weeks

My healing Method.

Hi everyone, I thought I share some info on things I found to be helpful during my healing process.
I can honestly say going through my breast reduction was harder then I thought, but worth it. I took 2 weeks off from work and boy did it need it! Lol I'm glad I took the time I did and not rush back to work. 2 weeks Pre op, I began taking vitamin C pills & stocked up on green tea, veggies, chicken & lots of post op wound dressing. my two weeks consist of taking my medication, eating a lot of protein drinking green tea & Sleeping! Lol I did not try to do much & honestly I think this helped me heal faster. I gave my body time to recover. Also I think my scars are healing pretty nicely, I did use the silicon strip but only for a day before they gave me a rash & I immediately stop using them. Here is my wound dressing routine. I only use paper tape to cover my incisions. Exactly how I show in my pictures. I apply bacitracin ointment under the tape. I bath with Deil antibacterial body wash & massage my breast in the shower. I normally bath with paper tape on the incision marks to keep them protected. I always wear my compression bra, & like to put gauze pad over my nipples because they are sensitive. I change the tape every 3-4 days, apply new tape & keep the area dry. Idk why but the tape makes me feel like my scars are protected & so far my scars are doing pretty good. Hope this helps for those wondering how to dress your wounds post op. Also, I'm a C/D cup for those wondering my size.

Scars up close

Scar update

Idk why I never updated this post lol. Anyways my scars healed up almost barely noticeable.
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