Disappointing, My concerns were blown off and spent $21,000 for about $6-8,000 worth of his UPSELL - Oklahoma City, OK

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Oklahoma City Plastic Surgeon

I had high expectation for this Doctor and the results. Unfortunately, I am not pleased. I do not have unrealistic expectations but feel that he did what HE wanted instead of what I wanted. My main concern was my back area that I was and am to this day VERY self conscience about. During consultation this was discussed extensively, I was clear. He then suggested a couple of other procedures to enhance the shape such as Fat grafting into the buttocks and contouring for outer hips. I originally went in for lipo to the back and scar revision from previous surgery. At my follow ups, we were not seeing the results from the back at all. My concerns were dismissed and focus was made on the "Add-on/upgrade" areas and how those results were. That is great but THAT WAS NOT my primary concern. So now, $21,000 later I am more self conscience than before and disappointed. I feel that I Spent an astronomical amount for about $6,000 worth of work. It is never acknowledged about the focus being on the wrong area. I am just told to "wait a few more months to see the full results." That was almost a year ago. His staff was very friendly though, they just seemed at a loss as to what to say after the fact.

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