I am now 58 - Disappointed! - Palo Alto, CA

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I had an Obagi peel when I was 41 (I am now 58),...

I had an Obagi peel when I was 41 (I am now 58), for hyperpigmentation on my upper lip and other areas. Using Retin-A and Obagi products to prepare for it made my skin red, flaky, dry - it was awful to have to look so bad two months in advance of the procedure. I think they shortened the preparation time since then. My face puffed up horribly (I was unrecognizable) after the procedure, then gradually the skin shed, like a lizard sheds its skin, over what felt like a loooong time, maybe two or three weeks. Some areas did not shed, but rather the skin "stuck" - I was told not to pull at the shedding/peeling skin or it could scar, so I was fastidious about not doing that. My skin looked refreshed at the end of the process, and the hyperpigmentation was gone from my face, but guess what? It reappeared on my neck, where it remains to this day! My friend, who had this done at the same time as me by the same doctor, had it redone a year later. I will not re-do it, EVER!
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