Diminished "Smile Lines" with Radiesse Injection

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I'm having my 20-year class reunion this...

I'm having my 20-year class reunion this summer, so my thoughts have turned to the fine lines and wrinkes on my face!  After a bit of research, I decided Radiesse would be a good choice for me. I like that it lasts a little longer than other dermal fillers.  I booked my appointment at a local medi-spa and am glad I did... the lines are filled in, look completely natural, and there have been no adverse effects. 

Foolishly, I didn't realize that there would be injections to numb the area before the Radiesse was injected... I've always been sensitive to injections in my mouth, so I actually found those more painful than the Radiesse itself.  I'm normally pretty stoic, but surprised (and embarrassed) myself when a tear rolled down my cheek during the injections.  It was a little more painful than I had mentally prepared for!  I had barely slept for two nights ahead of the appointment and hadn't eaten all day, so at one point I felt faint and short of breath.  The doctor stopped and offered me a little breather and a bottle of cool water, then I was ready to resume... the rest of the injections were uneventful.

I had booked my appointment late in the afternoon, and since I normally work late into the evening, had planned on returning to the office-- but I was numb and swollen and did not do so.   I spent the rest of the evening in bed with ice packs, trying to halt any swelling and brusing.  Both were temporary, and even the mild bruising was gone in 3-4 days. 

I am about 5 weeks post-procedure and very pleased with the results.   I think it was a reasonable expense for the result.  I would definitely do it again and would recommend Radiesse to others.  When the Radiesse wears off, I may consider Artefill for a more permanent "fix"... but then again, there's comfort in knowing that the Radiesse could be dissolved if needed.   

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