Bulbous Tip, Widened Nose, 12 Months Post OP + Breathing Problems in my Left Nostril. SHOULD I GET REVISION?

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11 months post op and I'm disappointed in the...

11 months post op and I'm disappointed in the final results! I thought my nose would look smaller but the tip is HUGE and ugly... It still looks somewhat disproportionate, just in the opposite way(before it i had a small bump on the bridge with a pinched tip) Now, i have a more curved bridge and a larger wider, bulbous tip because he removed so much from the bridge of my nose. Also I can barley breathe out of my left nostril. My Surgeon & my uncle (who is also a ears, nose & throat doctor) said that my black eyes/ swellling post op was the worst they've ever seen. Both my eyes were shut tight and i ha really bad racoon eyes. But aesthetically other than the ugly tip I'm happier with the rest of my nose... I do not blame my surgeon at all. I still have trust in him. I'll be 22 in October. I'm a new student and defiantly cannot afford to pay another 5-10$ grand or beg for anymore money from my family. I dont have expectations to have a perfect nose, i just dont know if i cant live with the bulbous tip without it constantly being on my mind, or ever being fully content with it, if theres a chance of improving it. I Just very much so regret getting the tip widened because he recommended it! What is wrong with me nose and is it worth fixing ? I'm very very scared it'll look even worse !! Thanks guys

Very knowledgeable but spent barley anytime with me pre or post op

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