Labia Majora & Minora Reduction - Detroit, MI

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I had surgery on my labia majora and labia minor...

I had surgery on my labia majora and labia minor to reduce them both in size. I am still having moderate discomfort and some pain that is usually taken care of with tylenol. At this point I am not sure what to expect. Today is day 6 of post op, and there is still quite a bit of swelling. Especially on one side of my vagina. There is a little 'hard ball like' structure on my left labia minora, and I a praying it will go away. I am wondering if this is common or if anyone else has had this problem? I will be sure to keep an update as to what is going on post-op.

Pictures from pre-op to day 5

Here are pictures from pre-op up until yesterday (day 5)
Farmington Physician

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