37 Year Old with 10 Year Old Son. - Detroit

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Ive been approved for the gastric sleeve surgery.I...

Ive been approved for the gastric sleeve surgery.I meet with the surgeon on 4/22/15
I have had all my blood work and am making a appt to have a EKG then I will be making appts for the nutritionist,exercise couch,psych doctor,breathing doctor ect...I have a list of all the people and tasks I must complete Im hoping to have all these appts complete by May.I havent got a surgery date but from what I hear if I complete all the requirements it should be arout 3 to 4 months.I have been over weight all my life I have lost only to regain...I admit alont of my problem is poor choices,not enough fruit and veggies,to much junk and definitely portion control.I am scard to death about doing this!!! I want to be a success so bad Im scard of complications like not being able to drink enough liquids or not able to eat enough protein...Will I still want to eat am I going to be able to master this new life change.I was told no alcohol what so ever...so no more enjoying a cocktail or two with the girls?I want this so bad I hate hate hate the way I feel abd look:( I am 5/6 and weigh 290 I wont even look in the mirror anymore because I hate the person I have become...I want to eat to live not live to eat...I just keep asking myself can I adapt to this new life style?I also have a few questions to people who have been sleeved....do you have to chew your food 35 time?How long does it take you to eat a meal?Are you able to drink 64 oz of water?Do you have a hard time eating enough protein?Does anyone occasionally Eat junk and how does that feel in your new tummy....I guess I need to hear how the end result is from my fellow over weight people that have had this survey and now live this new life...Thank you for listening to my rant:)All opinions and comments are welcomed and appreciated...
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