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Was quite a long story and i think i just made a...

Was quite a long story and i think i just made a bad decision that might had impacted my life from a perspective. To start off, i'm not a native english speaker, sorry my lackluster english but i try to make it clear and understandable.

I'm a 18 male with an underbite that have just started my treatment last week, my orthodontist suggest that i went with the braces option to fix my underbite through the movements of the teeth and I agreed and went with the treatment
I had skeptical thoughts about the orthodontist suggesting that my underbite can be fixed with braces alone since they are traditionally fixed with jaw surgery for people who have fully developed their jaws. Nonetheless, i went with the braces, and within a week, my bite shifted from an underbite to a edge to edge bite.

I had 4 pre-molar tooth extractions for the braces which now im starting to regret it. Previously i have consulted with an oral surgeon, he told me that my upper jaw is undeveloped and too high upwards, he said to treat my underbite, he would perform a double jaw surgery by bringing my upper jaw front and downwards and lower jaw backwards.

Afterwards i realized that the reason I my upper teeth is not visible when I smile or talk is due to my upper jaw that is undeveloped. I believe that even my bite is fixed through braces, the skeletal issue still lies in it and i won't be able to see my top teeth when I smile or talk. Is it still possible for me to pick the surgical route with 4 pre-molar extractions already done?

As you can see from the picture, my top teeth is completely submerged and hidden and i not sure that can be just fixed with braces at my age.
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