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Destination Beauty Bangkok with Dr Dalip Had...

Destination Beauty Bangkok with Dr Dalip
Had surgery yesterday. Stayed in iCU overnight as hospitals rule is if surgery goes over 5hrs must got to ICU.
I have stiffness and small bits of pain in my breasts. Hurts to move my arms.
I can not sit up or even adjust my bed angle without my stomach muscles spasm.
Sorry no photos of tummy yet.

Huge improvements

Yesterday they helped me get out of my bed to help me go for a walk. Although my stomach muscles spasms were painful trying to get up and I didn't want to because they were so intense, I got through them and managed to walk a couple of laps of the ward. Doing this has made me so much better I can now get myself out of bed and go to the toilet myself.
Small improvements in my arm move ability is I can scratch my face and touch my hair.

Day 3 photos

Discharged from hospital

Yesterday I got discharged from the hospital and am back at the hotel..
I feel really good. Only on pain medication at night time for the last couple of days.

Feeling awesome

Wow I can't believe how good I feel. I did a lot of walking yesterday 1.5hrs first thing in the morning and another 1.5hrs at lunch time and for the first time a didn't have nap.

Feeling great

I am amazed at how good I feel I have no pain and I have been sleeping on my side the last couple of nights.
Today I saw a large improvement on my odd shape breast which gives me confidence that it's all going to be ok.

Had better days

Today for some reason just felt a bit tired. Went for a big walk to shops to get food and then lay in bed all day. Will get again to go for a walk to find some dinner.


Finally a lot of the swelling has gone down. Looking good so far.
Some boob pics too.

Little infection

Damn it I have a little infection on both breasts where the stitch caused irritation.
Nurses have cleaned and dressed and I am on antibiotics.

Everyday you see improvements

The nurse cleaned up my infections and put some tape on my incisions to make them heal nicely. No stitches around my nipples anymore.

Without compression garments

Just wearing a crop with no padding. Boobs are still quite high and stiff. Both are round now.
Tummy still has a little bit of swelling but looking good at this stage.

Not much happening

My tummy looks great in the mornings before eating, drinking and walking around.
I'm feeling rather stiff in the bottom of my boobs and a little in my tummy.
Nurse is going to take off tape on Thursday and most likely reapply more.

Infections still clearing up

4 weeks post op today. The middle bump between my boobs has gone down.
Apart from that I feel no other progress.
The two little infections I got from the same stitch on each nipple are healing says mr local dr and nurse.
They look crap to me. Time will tell.

5 wks

Finally there is less stiffness in my boobs. Not sure if it's just the timing or whether that's because I've started tummy sleeping again.
Infections are still clearing up.

5wk tummy scar

6 weeks

Right breast has dropped, left breast still a little higher.
Infections are healing well.
Hardly any stiffness.

Tummy scar

7 weeks

Boobs are feeling good, a little stiffness.
Infections still healing. Oozing has stopped.
Tummy got very swollen after Christmas lunch and beer.

8 weeks

Honestly I don't feel much different. My left breast hasn't dropped completely so the nipple sits a little higher than the right.
Infections still healing, not weeping just the skin still healing over.

Tummy at 8.5wks

I really hope this is just a stage that it needs to go through. A big waiting game.

Tummy at 8.5wks

I really hope this is just a stage that it needs to go through. A big waiting game.

Tummy at 8.5wks

I really hope this is just a stage that it needs to go through. A big waiting game.

9 weeks po

Nurse says that my infections are pretty much just skin now. I'm so glad to be on the other end of healing from those spitting sutures.
I think I'm still waiting for drop and fluff. Really not sure but they still sit quite high.

Spitting sutures

When you think you are finally healing up after your spitting sutures another decides come up.
Really makes you feel down.

10 wks op

Battling emotions of just wanting to be healed.

Before and Afters

Just a couple of before and afters


Emotionally better this week.
Right breast is healed from spitting sutures.
Left is getting there.
Starting to see a really big difference between the two breasts.
It's still early days though. Wait and see.

12 weeks

Still just waiting for time to pass.
Left breast still healing over from spitting sutures and needs to drop a little.
I guess tummy needs time. But of dog ear on left side.

13 weeks 3 months to date

Hmmm boobs looking weird. Left infection site almost healed.
Dog ear on tummy tuck and lumpy tummy.
Still early days though. Photos sent to surgeon for 3 month check up.
Looking great in clothes though.
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