49 Years Old, 2 Kids Needs Breast Implant Revision

I went from silicone implants with level 4...

I went from silicone implants with level 4 scarring to these in 2008. I was so relieved that they weren't rocks on my chest, that I never really paid attention to how far apart they are. It seems that they weren't spread out so far when I first had them put in. Now I have a huge gap between them and I can't push them together. I have Mentor teardrop with 275cc. My DR recommends medium profile Mentor with about 475cc. I'm nervous and excited about the change. Hoping to finally have a decent looking chest.

Surgery Day!

Surgery today went well. Some grogginess and pain but otherwise good. I am only taking one fm the prescribed pain pills, with an option of 1-2. So the pain isn't tremendous.
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