Dermabrasion Worked

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I can't remember the exact cost since it was so...

I can't remember the exact cost since it was so long ago (1880's), plus some of the fee is outpatient facility and anesthesia. I had a general anesthetic so of course I didn't feel anything. I don't remember pain afterward, I don't even remember if I had pain pills afterward, but probably did. I was raw afterward. I took two weeks off work to heal. The scabbing was off between 7 - 10 days. Then I was red for months. That can be hidden with makeup. It took a couple of years to build my skin pigment back up so I wouldn't sunburn so easily. It did wonders for my skin. The small acne scars were gone. The medium acne scare were either gone or much smaller. The large deep acne scars were much smaller, but not gone. People still said my skin looked smooth 20 years later. I am just now having to look into doing something again as the aging process is catching up to me. I plan to try the fraxel repair, then the endotine facelift.
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