40 Years Old - 120 Lbs, 5'5, Want to See Abs, Get Rid of Flank Fat, and Have Fat Grafting to Buttock Area - Denver, CO

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Hello! I am hoping you Real Selfers can help me! I...

Hello! I am hoping you Real Selfers can help me! I realize I am generally thin (120 lbs), but I have lovehandles and "chub rub" on my inner thighs that won't go away (no matter how hard I work out), and although I know no one is judging me, I haven't been in a swimsuit in public for decades because I am self-conscious and am not happy with the way I look. I am ready for a change.

I wish to have a HI DEF vaser lipo done to my upper/lower abs, flanks and thighs. And I'm going to have a BBL/fat grafting to my butt. I was planning to have the procedure done in October. I am really struggling with my decision to have the doctor I've chosen in the US, despite his knowledge of this procedure (because he is unresponsive to my follow up questions and I've read really mixed reviews on this site). I would LOVE to go to Dr. Hoyos in Columbia but I am very hesitant to fly that far (and be away from my family for the recovery time), nor do I want to deal with having an overseas doctor/going abroad again if there are any complications that arise post-surgery.

Can anyone recommend a VERY good and very experienced VASER HI DEF surgeon in the US? I am in CA, but will go anywhere in the US for this surgery. THANK YOU for your help!! I've attached photos so you can see what I want to have done/my problem areas.
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