Ultherapy Melted My Face! - Denver, CO

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Wish I had better news. I WAS a 46 year old woman,...

Wish I had better news. I WAS a 46 year old woman, with a youthful/volumized, lovely appearance prior to Ultherapy. I received compliments constantly for my beautiful skin, high cheekbones and sparkly blue eyes. I had Ultherapy done by a respected surgical office in Denver, full face and neck, approx 1.5 years ago. Unfortunately, it was a very bad decision for me. At the time, I had not discovered RealSelf (or the poor reviews), so had no concerns in moving forward, as my doctor assured me it was FDA approved, safe and beneficial. I saw very little change in lift or positive result in the first 3 months and frankly stopped waiting for any drastic change. I assumed it just wasn't effective for me. It was about the 5-6 month mark that I started noticing my face looking "off"....cheek fullness diminishing, jowls forming, eyebrows/forehead drooping, hollow temples, eye shape changing(small and dull)...uuugh, my face was literally melting. It was so drastic and appearance altering! How could I be aging so rapidly??? It was not until, in a panic, I started to research options to fill and lift that I realized it was the dreaded Ultherapy that caused this damage. It is not a coincidence! Thank heavens for RealSelf and other site reviews....my story and negative results are identical to others. It has aged me 10 years, no question. I am trying to keep a positive attitude, but it is difficult, our beauty is important to us! Unfortunately, I will forever be doing fillers(as much as I can afford) with eventual lifting surgery(never expected that until much later in my life). I just hope that more damage does not continue to appear, who knows what long term effects it will cause...uuugh, will it ever end.

Happy for the women that have found benefit with this procedure, sadly that is not my experience. I hold no blame to the doctor, as I think she is buying into the FDA approval like all doctors. Just hope more info comes out about the negative effects for many women. We deserve to be informed on risk.

Ladies, consider the risk, especially if you are on the slender side with minimal face fat to lose...you risk the loss of volumizing fat, shrinking effects, face altering changes....

Ultherapy Damages your Face!

OK ladies, I am going to post before and after pics. I attempted to mimic the pose and head position of my prior picture. Granted, hair is different and without lip-gloss, but change is glaringly obvious! Never thought I'd need to put myself out to the public in this manner, but I am furious over the damage that Ultherapy has caused. It aged me 10-15 years, easily...oh, how I miss the youthful spark and softness of my prior face...

Before Picture

After Pics

Wake me up from this nightmare!

And the fun continues! After chronic eye discomfort and rapidly deteriorating eye sight, I just had an eye doctor diagnose and confirm "chronic dry eye syndrome" and "significant change in my near and far vision". From wearing 1.5 strength readers on occasion, to now needing high correction progressive(near and far sighted) lenses full-time. Her exact words, "it is unusual to see such a rapid vision change in 2 years, unfortunately, I can not speak to the cause". Oh, I know the cause, ULTHERAPY! I also spoke to her about the obvious change in my eye color, a significant darkening in the overall shade of blue. She informed me that the iris is simply a pigmentation and can be directly effected by an intense "heat source"...hmmm, I wonder if ULTHERAPY could have been that intense heat source? She is a wonderful, ethical doctor and I appreciate that she can not outright confirm the damage and vision deterioration was from Ultherapy, but her findings speak for themselves. So scary!

BS Alert!

Ladies, do not buy into the claim that Ultherapy is beneficial and harmless IF used correctly by a highly trained person. This machine is potentially destructive regardless of who conducts the treatment or at what intensity. I am a perfect example of someone that had one 'standard treatment', meaning that the 'manufacturer recommended settings' were followed, no more, no less. And my damage was significant. The high intensity laser/heat destructs the underlying tissue. It is not controlled as they claim. Your RESULT is how well your body manages the damage and healing process. Maybe you get minimal scarring and collagen production OR you get irreversible and mass destruction of the underlying cells (healthy fat, connective tissue, muscle, tear glands, etc). It is a gamble. The majority of doctors on this site and Ultherapy supporters rely on the claim that that this machine is SAFE when used properly...NOT TRUE, it's unpredictable and so many factors play into your outcome. If you read enough of the doctor answers, you will see that a few ethical ones will acknowledge fat loss and admit the machine if best used for necks only, where fat loss is desired or warranted. BEWARE!!!

Doctor Released My Pics

Hi Ladies, after much demands and prodding, I was able to get the Ulthera, Inc to release my treatment records and pics that had been obtained from my doctors office during their investigation. I put the before and current after, side by side, so you could see the major fat loss and wrinkling on my lower face and neck...now, you tell me if Ultherapy does not destroy the face. I look 68 years old in the after, not 48. To say that I am forever changed and devastated by this destructive machine is an understatement.

Hollywood is Hiding!

Female celebrities are starting to look off...aged, odd, wierd small eyes, thin jawline, changed features, morphed faces....drum roll please....ULTHERAPY. Hollywood's secret destruction, but no one is willing to be the first one to come forward and say, YOU RUINED MY FACE with ULTHERAPY....Hollywood taboo to admit...

C'mon ladies, be brave, we all see it, come forward....Courtney, Kim, Angelina, Vanessa, Julianna, Uma, Renee, Charlize, Scarlett, Brittany, Elizabeth, Jada, Brandi....and the list goes on, so, so many....so sad....

Major Misconception, Ultherapy NOT CLEARED to be used on the face!

After conferring with 'specialists' in regulations, it is glaringly obvious that Ultherapy is NOT FDA 'APPROVED'. It is only 'CLEARED' (much less regulation and studies involved in that category) to be used on the brow, neck and decolletage(chest). It is not cleared or tested to be used on the FACE. It is being utilized for 'OFF LABEL USE', for the sake of financial gain by doctors and the manufacturer. There is no adequate research or clinical trials to prove that it does not cause fat loss, bone resorption, nerve damage, eye tissue neuralgia, etc...all of which the unlucky victims of this horrifying device are experiencing.

The manufacturing company, Ulthera, Inc, makes it's money on all transducer sales, the hand piece that delivers the high energy to your face, it has a maximum amount of lines it can deliver before a new one needs to be re-purchased. Needless to say, the company encourages the doctors to use the max energy lines, 800, on each and every person, full face, regardless of individual circumstances or the fact that it is NOT CLEARED to be used on the face....all for the sake of increasing the new transducer sales...$$$$

Why is MERZ, the parent pharmaceutical company, not stepping in and regulating Ulthera, Inc after the mass complaints to their compliance department...don't they care about their consumers?

Where is the FDA on this, proper complaints are being filed, how can this be allowed to take place? 'Off Label Use' for the sake of financial gain...women and their beautiful identities are being sacrificed...melted like wax...

Ladies, please stop and re-think before you allow this device to be used on your precious faces, it is so risky! Blessings...

Continued eye damage from Ultherapy....

Since Ultherapy was inappropriately used around my eyes and temple region (not FDA cleared to be used in this area OR the face for that matter), I have experienced severe, irreversible eye concerns. It started with swollen eyelids and severe dryness...especially when waking in the morning. Foolishly, I initially assumed it was seasonal or makeup allergies taking place for the first time in my life...

This quickly progressed into eye shape change, shrinking/tight eyelids, sunken eye position and ongoing painful, dry eyes.

My optometrist did a series of standard testing and diagnosed dry eye and vision deterioration, prescribed several eye drops and first time vision correction glasses(progressive lenses, a huge leap from where I had been with my near perfect vision prior to Ultherapy).

Unfortunately, my eye pain was not relieved by the Rx eye drops and continued to worsen. I was referred to a leading corneal specialist that could provide much more advanced diagnostic testing. A wonderful gentleman associated with the University of Colorado Eye Institute.

Update: I have now been definitively diagnosed with corneal neuralgia, nerve damage to the cornea from Ultherapy, the thermal heating and disruption of my nerve cells.

Thanks Ultherapy, Ulthera Inc. and Merz Pharm...your irresponsibility with this destructive, misleading and unproven device has irreversibly ruined my eyes...I will forever be receiving specialized eye care and expensive medication to attempt to calm and halt the nerve pain, damage and rapid vision changes. Not to mention the horrible cosmetic changes to my once beautiful eyes.

As confirmed by the corneal specialist, when there is any damage to the sensitive eye tissue, it creates an overall chain reaction, one concern engages the next. Meaning the dry eye, tear gland and nerve damage creates an environment where the vision becomes compromised. When our precious orbital fat is dissolved from the heat, it changes the eyeball position(the lovely sunken eye) which strains the muscles and eye attachments. All effecting the blood flow and oxygen levels to our eyes.

Our eye tissue is so unique and connected...a miraculous gift. Unfortunately, easily destroyed when interrupted.

Ladies, please, please, warn all of your friends and family...this device is so destructive and being used off label and in absurdly high doses for financial gain....with no regard to women's health, eyes and beautiful faces.

How glaringly obvious does this need to be!!!


This is the latest cosmetic device in FAT LOSS for the body, ULTRA-SHAPE...it has an 89% approval rating on this site, clearly an effective product. It utilizes the same exact ultrasound technology as ULTHERAPY... HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound), to permanently destroy the fat cells on the body.

Basic Description: UltraShape is an FDA cleared, body re-shaping procedure that treats areas of stubborn fat on the abdomen, thighs and hips. The machine is comprised of a hand device (transducer) and monitor screen that delivers ultrasound technology(HIFU heat) to the 'problem areas' of choice, ultimately resulting in permanent fat cell destruction and elimination, a process also known as apoptosis (triggered cell death).

DRUM ROLL PLEASE: The exact same device, when used on the face, and currently being marketed as Ultherapy, WILL NOT cause fat loss...ULTHERA, MERZ and the FDA all deny that fat loss is a risk or side effect of Ultherapy.....hmmm, does anyone else find this ridiculously contradictory and ironic!!...shame on them, they should be held accountable for the manipulation, outright disregard and deceit. How can the same technology be so glaringly contradictory and have the same government agency clearance! Especially when mass complaints have been made by women that have had their faces melted off...

Ladies, you have been warned, the evidence is overwhelming, this device will strip your face of all it's precious fat, at the very least. Many of us have experienced severe eye damage, bone loss and permanent nerve damage as well...a nightmare no one should be experiencing.
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