34 Years Old, 3 Kids and It's Time for a Healthier Me!!! - Denver, CO

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VSG is in my near future and I am preparing for...

VSG is in my near future and I am preparing for lifestyle changes. I'm hoping to be more active and just a boost of energy to be active with my kids. I also would like to get off some meds and avoid some pre-diagnosed medical conditions due to my weight. I have never had a great self image esteem and multiple weight has always been a struggle. I'm very excited to have this procedure done to assist me in this change but also as equally fearful at the end result. I'm afraid that the loose skin will be extreme and that will lead me into another surgery.

Jan 30 is the VSG day!!!!!!

Since my initial post I have procrastinated with updating how things are panning out. Here we go...
I initially started this process in February of last year. I attend my 6 week class, got my psych exam completed and got to the 13th day of my liver shrinking diet...the phone rang the night before my surgery was scheduled and they had to cancel due to an oversight on my dual health coverage. Disappointed?? I was devastated and unmotivated. I had to follow a 6 month weight management program to fulfill my insurance requirements. So I started over and here I am with a scheduled date of Jan 30. I am on day 4 of this liver shrinking diet and I'm hanging in here. I do have headaches since I've started this LSD. My highest recorded weight was 247 and this morning I was at 236. I'm very excited to get this procedure done, but nervous about the loose skin. I haven't been working out, but plan to make it a daily routine once I'm sleeved.

Here a few pictures that aren't great, but I will try to post more soon.


These wouldn't load with the previous post

3 days Post-Op

I'm 3 days post-op and it's been horrible. I was doing ok in the hospital but the night I got home I threw up and felt extremely nauseous. I called my nurse and she advised me to take smaller sips. I've been doing that but water seems to increase that nauseous feeling. My chest feels tight and the gas can be extreme at times. I usually try to find a position to get it moving and that doesn't make me throw up. I've been doing like 5 sugar free popsicles, one sugar free jello along with sips of water. I'm just going to take it easy. Anyone else experience the same?

Here some pics before and after. No change noticed.

HW 247
BS 231.8
CW 230
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